There is more than one incident in the Bible where God didn’t hold back much of His anger after Israel either disobeyed Him or completely turned away from Him. I have written a post a while back called “God’s Tolerance In The Old Testament”, which was not so much about His tolerance for Israel, but for us all. Why His laws were so strict to Israel was for two main reasons. One, Israel was His chosen race, so therefore He held them to a higher standard and He showed them great things in their presence. Secondly, it was to offset the effects of the sin committed by Adam and Eve. Because they ate from the literal tree of knowledge of good and evil (the book of Enoch clearly states the trees of life and knowledge were real trees), they brought onto this creation sin and death before its due time. As I explained in that post, somebody was going to eat from that tree at some point. As I have also explained all over my site, our creation has lived once before and nearly all committed a great crime in the eyes of God. The written proof is in the shadows, but Romans 8, 11, and Jeremiah 1:5 are undeniable. Another thing to look at is the tree of knowledge of good and evil itself. It was a sin for Adam and Eve to eat from it. Jesus is the foundation of this age. He was destined to live sinlessly and die for our sins before sin was invented in this age. So before Adam and Eve sinned, Jesus was destined to die for the remission of sins. See, the tree of knowledge was destined to bring sin and death onto this creation because our creation in the previous age had already sinned. The serpent, Satan, tried to corrupt this creation so early that Jesus might not have had the ability to be born if this creation was so thoroughly corrupted. We could have already destroyed eachother by then and God would have probably cut His losses. To head off the effects of Satan’s corruption of this creation so early, God came up with strict laws and harsh punishments to give for the breaking of such laws to push away the complete corruption of the world long enough for the Christ to live and die for our current and former sins. These are the reasons for God’s laws being so strict and the punishments being so harsh. It is a similar reason why God was so hard on Israel.

As most of you know, soon after the Israelites witnessed the ten plagues of Egypt and the dividing of the Red Sea, Israel made themselves a golden calf and gave into debauchary. These weren’t the only miracles they saw and that wasn’t the only time they disobeyed Him within that journey. They ate manna from heaven and drank water from a rock. They saw God lead them in travel by a cloud at day and pillar of fire by night, so they knew He existed, and they still disobeyed Him. Then you have the books of the Kings, Judges, and others filled with stories where Israel made idols and thoroughly corrupted themselves. Then God would send a messenger, whether it be Isaiah, Ezra, Zechariah, Elijah, or others and tell them what was about to happen to them and they came true. The prophets told Israel if they turned back to Him, He would let up His anger and restore them. Then finally after suffering a while, Israel would apologize and find their way back to Him, so He showed them mercy and delivered them from the hands of their enemies. Again, fulfilling the prophecy of God’s messengers. Israel had everything at their disposal to have incredible faith throughout the generations, but time and time again they gave into the Baals and disowned the Lord God.

The reason why God was so harsh when Israel turned away wasn’t because He just wanted to punish them. It was to humble them before Him so He can carry out His plan for them and the entire world. If they didn’t turn back to Him, the Messiah would not have been born. If the Messiah couldn’t be born, this age would have been for nothing and I guarantee you that none of us in this generation would have been born either. This creation would have killed themselves off long before this generation if evil had that strong of a stranglehold, not to mention God would have probably ended it Himself. Satan knew very well what he was doing in beguiling Eve.

I know some Jew-haters will also point out these things Israel did to justify their hatred, which is laughable to me. These people have lived after Christ’s sacrifice, but would they have been any different back then? I guarantee you not, because their understanding of the Bible is so miniscule that there is no way they would have done anything different. Israel was God’s chosen race, but God selected what souls to put in that flesh. In those times, those of Israel would be more faithful than those of other nations. The Israelites, at least generally, were the best people in God’s eyes in that time. Do you really believe fools (and they will be proven to be fools) would have been more faithful to God than Israel? Hogwash! These people… all they do is to look and study to have their hatred validated. For example, I have had someone tell me he doesn’t really hate Jews, but not long ago I went to his site to check it out and yes, he’s not just a Jew-hater, but also a white supremacist. Gee, I love those guys. According to him… see if you could follow this… the New World Order run by Jews back in 1948 created the state of Israel to subsequently launch a base to eventually control the world. I’m assuming he was calling the United Nations the NWO. Sounds believable, right??? If anyone disagrees with him, he is quite adamant in stating that he’s been studying this for forty-three years. Within five minutes of reading this pulitzer-quality stuff, I thought to myself “what about the battle of Armageddon?” What of the battle of Armageddon? Well it’s a place. In Hebrew, armageddon means “mountains of Megiddo”, which is in northern Israel. This is where the nations aligned with Satan meet for battle. Now let’s look at the current enemies of Israel. The UN body is… yes, the same UN that re-established Israel in 1948, Syria, Iran, Russia, China, Islamists throughout the Arab, Asian, and African world, and marxists… these aren’t holy people. All these enemies of Israel will be those aligned with Satan meeting at Israel’s northern border. If YOU are against Israel, you are aligned with SATAN! There is NO explaining this away. 43 years…. five minutes to tear it down biblically. You can drive in the wrong direction for 43 years, you still won’t find the right destination, and you are exactly what I first accused you of being.

As I tried to explain time and time again, I don’t want Jew-haters here. They are not welcome and their comments won’t be approved. There is no logic that a fool will taste test. A fool will find what’s right to be repugnant. If you decide to futily contend with one, all you’ll get is Zionist this and Zionist that, and the first part of foolishness is to hate Jews, Israelites, or Israel.

Psalm 129:5 “Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.”

Don’t contend. Don’t discuss. Just ignore and move along. Don’t waste your time.