This is the final day of my forty day fast. Years ago when I read about Jesus, Moses, and Elijah fasting for forty days, I wondered if there was some loophole where they could eat at night or something, but I knew that couldn’t be the case. I thought it was the most incredulous thing (and it is) and there was no way I could ever do it. Years ago, I tried fasting after promising Him I would for just a few days with mostly disastrous results. I would feel the hunger, but my biggest problem was dizziness to the point of fainting. Last July I felt it in me to start fasting again and since then I have fasted pretty often. I still had problems with dizziness, but I endured because I was more determined to keep my promises. The longest I have fasted was seven days and I did it three times, twice in December before Christmas. With my health, fasting wasn’t an easy thing.

One night I had a vision where meteorites fell from heaven on a cold winter’s night. With gloves on, I picked one up and it turned into several tiny Christmas presents. This vision came to me around a couple of months before Christmas, but I knew something big was happening for Christmas. I thought it was going to be something I’d like. On Christmas day, I received the worst news I have ever had in my life. I won’t say what it was. It’s very private and the explanation of it all is beyond the ability for most to believe. I barely ate that day, even though my favorite food was there to consume- turkey and all those great fixings. Turkey, gravy, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, gravy, long grain and wild rice, mac n cheese and others. If you find it weird to have Uncle Ben’s or Zatarain’s wild rice with mashed potatoes on the same plate, try it. You won’t go back. Anyway I had a small plate, but I prayed to God, saying that I won’t be eating for a long time. My life, which has known nothing but struggle, crashed with the worst news I could have ever received. I had it in my mind and soul a calling to fast for forty days, but I wouldn’t give in. At that point though, I was content to die. I prayed for death countless times from this. On the fifth day of fasting, I had the door of enlightenment come upon me as to possibilities as to why this event happened. I also had the calling become very strong to fast for forty days. It was as strong as when He first called me to read the Bible. During a prayer, I fought the impulse to relent to this call since it was such an overwhelming task. Imagine forty days without food. The discipline it would take is incredible, and I knew I couldn’t fail Him again, so I fought it as hard as I could. On my knees I said to the Great Lord God, “okay, I will fast for forty days, but can I start when Lent comes? Is it okay if I eat now?” Immediately the Holy Spirit came to me and I rejected my own question without a breath between. Immediately I sprung up to my feet and I said “no, I won’t eat until I have finished my forty day fast for you, my Lord.”

When taking this in at that time, I knew there was a reason I had to fast for forty days and I had to do it then. I don’t know why the time must be now, but it’s clear He did not want me to wait any further. During this time I prayed constantly about needing help from Him to take on this great task. His help was not shorthanded. I had less dizziness from this fast than when on two day fasts (or on the second day of a longer fast). As I wrote in “My Fast For Him”, I have very bad health problems which include hypertension. Early in the fast, I took two or three blood pressure pills but stopped.

I had my temptations. I missed out on my birthday, not to mention Christmas leftovers, New Year’s, and yes even the Super Bowl. I fought them with discipline and His help. There is no question I felt His guidance and help throughout this whole process. I had nothing solid. I had no ice cream, shakes, soup broth, or smoothies during this period. I have kept my word and this gift is a required one for Him.

The worst news in my life on the worst day of my life was something He used. Recently, with patience He let me know that with a certain type of people, He must tear them down so He can use them how He sees fit. Since this day and age is polluted by sin so much it is an unavoidable fume, I had to really be brought down in order for Him to use me. This one thing was the one to do it. He will still keep His promise because He can never lie, but He will do everything He feels He must do to prepare His servants for their journey. There is nothing He won’t do to get His elect ready to obey Him. Just ask Jonah.

My Lord, it is an incredible honor to fast forty days for You. It’s a greater honor that You made me do it. I don’t know what tomorrow will look like, but I know big changes are on the horizon. I know difficulty will be with me for the rest of my life, but You will be with me longer, and I with You. Lord Y’shua, thank You for everything You went through for all of us, especially us. Thank You for never sinning. Thank You for enduring Your fears. Thank You for keeping silent. Thank You for every smite You took; for every bit of spittle that You let hit Your face; for every lash; for every drop of Your blood; for every hammering of those spikes; for enduring all the mockery and not getting Yourself out of it when You had the ability to. Thank You for Your life, death, and Your victory over Satan. You are most worthy to be on His right side and You are most worthy to be our Lord, forever and ever. Our Lords, we love You with all our hearts, our minds, and our souls. We need You. We glorify You. We praise You. We bless You. We serve You. We do these things and will do them far beyond the limits of our lives. You will always be our Lords and we will always be Your servants. These days and this life is for You. I now ask that You forgive our iniquities and delay us no longer. Please do not be slack, but be as the Peregrine. Be no longer silent. Tell us what we must do. Help us help You. We love You both more than we can ever say and more than our very own souls. Without You, I couldn’t have done this. Without You, I can’t do this. We are nothing without our everlasting Father and our everlasting Lord. Throughout eternity, from our lips to Your ears- WE LOVE YOU! Amen.


14 comments on “MY FORTY DAY FAST

  1. Sherry McCartney says:

    God will bless you I know he will.I loved the prayer you prayed, God loves it when we fast I fell it really shows determination on our part and he will honor us for it. I have fasted a couple ten days at a time. I did fast forty but I did eat an evening meal every day working every day this is what I did God still blessed me for it. I have a day set aside every week to fast. God bless and take care. PS Enjoy your next meal.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Thanks for your input and kind words. I knew I was not allowed to eat anything. It wasn’t easy, as one can imagine, but with His help it was easier than I feared. First meal: soup and sandwich.

  2. John Brown says:

    > yes even the Super Bowl.

    Consider that a great blessing.

    I refuse to allow anyone in my house to watch the Satan Bowl and totally reject the day and the commercials. All I kept thinking about with the news reports on how to stuff your face wisely, on Saturn morning, were all those starving children in the Samartian’s Purse booklet that do not even have clean water.

    I assume you still drink water.

    The most I have gone without food and barely any water, was when I was sick for three weeks, I lost about 50 pounds. Unfortunately the muscle goes before the fat.

    The longest I have gone without food and water for fasting has been 48 hours. When I got tempted I would read the Bible, no one knew I was fasting except a spirtually unclean person. I think the evil spirits in people can see the dirt leaving you while fasting andi t worries them about being thrown out.

    I was fasting two weeks ago, for a Saturday (no food and no water), and what keeps repeating in my mind then and now for some reason is :

    Isa 6:5

    5 Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.

    I was again reading this in the midst of 100+ people at the DMV last week and wondered how many people in that room knew about the message from God, that the stenographer delivered on the House floor, not to mock him.

    I know God is going to destroy the USA, but, I keep praying for the salvation and grace which we do not deserve. When it happens I know God does not want us to hoard our water, especially the living water.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      I did drink liquid. I don’t know how much weight I lost, but it was definitely visible. I wasn’t heavy at the start. I weighed around 155lbs. I don’t have a scale, but I’m guessing I weigh around 130lbs now. I lost my fat, but kept the muscle. Well at least most of it. As far as the NFL playing on the Sabbath, I think it’s most important to take a day out of the week to rest and give Him His just due attention. God gives us this day, but in this day and age there are jobs that must be done on Sundays. Imagine no emergency workers. Obviously the NFL is not essential, but I think it’s most important to take a day and give it to Him. If one day I feel different I will say so. This day of rest is a gift to us to give to Him, and to strengthen our relationship with Him. Everyone should give Him a day, whether they can on Sunday or not.

      As far as the stenographer and what she said, it made no sense to me. I am supposed to believe that people who founded this country on Judaeo-Christian principles were enemies of God? God blessed this nation for being the first to limit the arm of government since God did not create men to be ruled by other men. We have most certainly lost our way and our fall is very similar to Israel. As Paul said of Israel’s fall, God let His people think certain sins were no longer sinful because they left Him, therefore He left them. God has sat back patiently hoping we’d correct ourselves, but that time is up. Just taking into account Christians in this country, we now feel certain sins are not sinful anymore. It is the same mindset just before He acted against Israel.

      • John Brown says:

        > I lost my fat, but kept the muscle. Well at least most of it.

        It will be interesting to see if you pass any parasites. After losing mine I realize it is also an analogy for body and spirit.

        My problem with the NFL is not the day they play, it is how evil it has become and the corrupting commercials and promotion of excess. Especially since so many use Sunday for worship, then go home and stuff their faces full until they bloat and drink themselves into a stupor. Then if you live in CA, riot and burn cars.

        In the FWIW department, everyday is a Sabbath to me.

        When we celebrate the Sabbath as a Sunday, we give honor to Satan. There are videos on youtube about it from ex-Satan members.

        If I devote any one day to it is a Saturday. But, even that is a falsehood because we start the New Year on the wrong day, the day at the wrong time, and divide our calendar into moon (lunar = Satan) periods, not sun/solar periods. I tried to find a Hebrew calendar that was true (the 14 days and (5) 50 day periods) to make a point with someone and I ended up with a calendar with TWO passovers. Traditions of men!

        > Imagine no emergency workers.

        What did Jesus say? The sabbath was made for man and not the other way around. That even the priests worked on the Sabbath with circumcision and watering their live stock.

        I love this whole chapter and the use of the word Fox (#36) was mind opening for me.

        Luke 13:15

        15 The Lord then answered him, and said, Thou hypocrite, doth not each one of you on the sabbath loose his ox or his ass from the stall, and lead him away to watering?

        I do not believe in these bodies and this world we can properly worship God on any day of the week, Saturday or Sunday. It is the repentence on that day that counts, not the outward acts, for me. If it is a sin for someone to loose his ox, then don’t do it, if it does not bother you and you use that ox to better someone’s life on the Sabbath, then go for it.

        Doctors heal many people on a Sabbath and that certainly is no sin going by the acts of Jesus healing on the sabbath. Same as with the police.

        > that people who founded this country on Judaeo-Christian
        > principles were enemies of God?

        The Consitution is at great odds with God and even the swearing in of the president by putting his hand on the Bible to do so is directly at odds with the direct warning from Jesus not to do it.

        Matthew 5

        34 But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God’s throne:

        35 Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King.

        36 Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.

        37 But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.

        They literally put their hands on Jesus to swear into office. Do you know why presidents always have a bad second term? Think about doing that twice after Jesus said not to do it.

        Not that I support their “pledge” on this website, as I say that itself is at odds with God, but, they explain how wicked the Con. is:

        If you are a free mason you are an enemy of God.

        I have always thought the founding fathers were the ones that started the colonies. I was corrected on that by many people in the past. The term was promoted by one of the presidents killed in the Curse of the Zeroes.

        > God blessed this nation for being the first to limit the arm of government

        This nation was manifest destiny, it was founded to promote the Christian religion, it says so in almost all the early charters (except GA) and state consitutions.

        It was entirely grace and we did nothing to earn it. Though we have done everything to have grace removed.

        To understand how this nation was never “one nation” under God and certainly is not now, you have to understand Deut 27, Deut 28, and Deut 32.

        After your fasting what you will realize is you are capable of walking anywhere and doing anything that God asks you to do and do it happily because the food and water mean nothing. Just like the material possessions that bind us to this earth age mean nothing.

        My greatest fear is not the Civil War that would kill 40,000,000+ people, but, God allowing 40,000,000+ people (example the people that voted for Obama) to worship Satan as the false messiah. These would be the ones to deliver you up to Satan that Jesus said to settle with in the way. Because that means they lose both body and soul.

  3. EyeonGod says:

    Jesse, Thank you for sharing your heartfelt, inspiring story with us! I prayed along with you, even though this was written, exactly three months ago. God will never leave nor forsake you, and He would not give you more than you can bear! We trust that He knows our limits better than us ourselves!God never promised us an easy road, when we love and serve Him, but He certainly eases the yolk, though we may not quite see it at times! One day at a time, Sweet Jesus! I will continue to pray for you, knowing quite well to do so to God’s Will, that’s easier said than done at times for me, I’ll admit, but just as a small innocent child puts all their trust and faith in us, so shall we also do with our Loving Heavenly Father! May He cradle, comfort and give, give you strength and see you through all the way!

    Would it put a smile 🙂 or a frown 😦 on your face if I let you know that since I have found your website sight yesterday evening, I only got off to grab a bite to eat, take bathroom breaks, but remained glued to your website reading the topics and even commented at times. But you may have seen my comments to you, if you are still handling the site! I hope that they were not taken the wrong way, since I’ve spent 20 yrs being a student of His Word, so I shared my thoughts on some of the things that I have learned somewhat differently from you! Hope that I didn’t come over the wrong way, for I can’t even think straight right now! Lack of sleep! I didn’t even sleep all night literally, for there were so many interesting topics cover on your site! I truly appreciate your work! Thank you for utilizing your time in such a meaningful and thoughtful way! I may not agree on all things that you’ve stated, but we do have quite a lot in common in the teachings of our Lord as well. I was excited to see another like mind with such dedication! Not too many folks today have learned the Bible the way we do, I’m sure that you have seen and experienced that yourself! We are the crazy cults to them! So needless to say it was quite refreshing to see another person online who have been taught or learned almost the same way that I believe! Who could have thought that you are going through what you are right now, while I was going through your beautiful work? I’m honored to have found a person with such goodwill in reaching out to others given your situation! You have in some cases given me food for thought myself! Thank you for that!

    May God continue to touch you in His own special way! I believe whatever it is, it will be best for you, and for the Good of His Plan for your life! Continue to take it one day at a time!

    In the Precious Name of Yeshua the Christ, may our Heavenly Father YaHoVah touch you and give you strength!
    God Bless!

    • Jesse Norman says:

      I will reply to your comments later. I am not feeling well. I have just skimmed through them so far. Thanks for your patience. God bless.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Thank you for the kind words. After my fast, God has given me great insight as to why all of these things have happened. The responsibility for my future job is greater than I previously estimated. He hardened my heart long ago, not to make me make the wrong decision, but to push me to. With a hardened heart, if I did not make the wrong decision, then I would have already been humble enough. Since I made the wrong decision, He had to greatly humble me. I know my greatest fear coming into this life was that I would fail Him. With His discipline, I know now that I cannot fail. God bless!

      • John Brown says:

        > I know my greatest fear coming into this life was that I would fail Him.

        My greatest worry is that exact same thing. So, we have something in common right there. It is the main limiting factor on my disposition and why I have no desire for the sinful things I use to enjoy including music, movies, literature, and TV shows.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        The more disciplined one becomes in the ways of God, the more many of those things you pointed out repulses you.

  4. David says:

    I was wondering about Lent and Ash Wednesday. There is nothing in the bible that I can find about Lent or Ash Wednesday it seems that it is a man made tradition. From what I can gather Christ had the last supper during the Passover feast and told them to do this in memory of me. So the Old Testament festival’s or feast are done away with because we find peace in Christ everyday and I’m taking it we are supposed to say grace before every meal in that memory of him. So my question would be do we still have to follow the Passover Feast since Christ did the last supper during that time? Do we need to have bread and wine each year during that time with saying grace in his memory? Also in the Old Testament it tells you that After you are full to give your thanks and Christ also had wine that he blessed after the bread. What are your thoughts about the old festival’s and lent? From what I gather we say grace before every meal everyday, gird ourselves with the truth as Christ girded himself before washing there feet and remember him everyday seeking forgiveness when we fall short similar to him washing the feet of his disciples. Thank you.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      We should celebrate and commemorate those old Jewish festivals, but we don’t have to live by the rules of those festivals. Passover, as you know, was for the Israelites to acknowledge God sending the destroyer but passing over the homes of the Israelites. The rules of the Passover had to do with how the Israelites had to quickly leave Egypt. They were told they didn’t have time to put leaven in bread because they had to leave so fast.

      • John Brown says:


        Easter and the days associated with it displease God very much. It is a pagan holiday as celebrated by most people.

        Honoring God with the real passover (not the one commonly marked on calendars) pleases God.

        The real passover would be the 15th day past the spring equinox.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        What about Easter displeases God, and what are the days associated with it that you’re talking about?

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