I really want to acknowledge those Christians who come to my site from all countries. WordPress allows me to see where my viewers come from, and some of these countries are not Christian-friendly. There is not much more of a heartening thing to me than knowing there are Christians who risk their lives for their faith, especially in Islamic nations. And for some of them to come to my site? It’s an honor to teach you and answer your questions. I pray I have helped. I have prayed and will pray to God that He keeps all of you safe and strengthens your resolve, even in the face of death.

Remember, God did not spare His own Son, but had Him suffer to fulfill His purpose. What did our Lord receive for His suffering? All glory. Stephen died with his faith and became the first Christian martyr. Peter was also martyred. Paul also risked his life and suffered greatly not to only learn the Word, but spread it. Paul also most likely suffered martyrdom. Did they feel Christ was worth it? Most certainly. Because things were revealed to them through the Holy Spirit, they had great faith in what they were to receive after their deaths. If they knew what was coming, then have faith at what is reserved for you when your time comes. After things were revealed to them, they didn’t run away from their belief, did they? They ran headlong into places where it could be dangerous to spread the Gospel that Jesus is Lord.

Keep faithful to Christ and He will be faithful to you. He has a place for you beyond anything you can imagine having, and you avoid condemnation. He died for you, so be willing to reciprocate His sacrifice with yours. This life and the suffering we can encounter in this life is temporary. Eternity is forever, so don’t let your eternity be full of suffering and shame. You wouldn’t want to let your Lord down, would you? I do not think lightly the struggle you may have by holding onto your faith in Christ in countries that are hostile to our beliefs. If I do not think think lightly of it, how do you think our Lord thinks of it? Because you hold onto your faith in harm’s way, you bring a smile to His face. He’s eager to reward you. I hope He keeps you safe. If you suffer death for His sake, you will be safe forever. God bless all Christians in harm’s way.



  1. barnsweb says:

    You need to realize that what Christians have received in the NT is the list of books not approved of until the Roman Pope. We’ve been sold a bill of goods that all the NT is true, and it can be proven to anyone with an open mind that about half of it should be tossed out if truth matters, especially the truth that Y’shua came to give mankind.

    You’ve discerned some things, and I want to check out more – but do be advised – Paul was never an apostle of Jesus Christ. Paul is the liar of Revelation 2.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      If Paul to you is the liar in Revelation 2, then you are more lost than most nonbelievers. At least most nonbelievers have not laid any biblical foundation for their beliefs. Paul did more to spread the Word than just about anyone ever. He also suffered more than anyone outside of Christ, even dying for his faith. I’ll be damned if I let someone who couldn’t walk a day in Paul’s shoes besmirch him at my site without a harsh rebuke! I don’t know what path you turned onto or when to have you at this destination, but it was your choice to travel this far off the right path of wisdom. To become so personally blinded by your own thoughts to say Paul was not an apostle and the liar in Revelation 2 (which that itself shows your ignorance) shows me that whatever you allowed yourself to think that it was good enough to be a fact to you. The liar in Revelation is not one man, but men. I’d suggest you read around my site about who Jesus was talking about in Revelation 2:9 (and 3:9), but that might open to more comments. I am only allowing this one because it deserves a rebuke, but that’s only once. I will not allow Paul to be so insulted at my site. One last thing… given that it was so important to comprise the books of the Bible, and what all was riding on it, God would not allow the fate of His Word to be put in the hands of men. God made sure certain books were put into His book. This is a truth.

  2. David says:

    From Genesis chapter 1 at the end it seems we were originally supposed to eat vegetables and not eat meat. I’m also taking it animals were not supposed to eat meat either as it says every green herb is for meat. Was this world wide or just for whatever was inside the Garden at that time? If world wide then I don’t understand why God made an animal such as a wolf with teeth if it was first meant to eat green herbs. I reread your other site over the elohiym part meaning a higher authority. I believe your using this as another way to prove we pre existed and Paul did say we would judge angels so maybe this creation is higher authority. This leads me to the question of who you think the 24 elders are in Revelation?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      We were able to eat animals back then. Plants were for meat, as in eating, as well as animals. Remember, Abel was a shepherd. If they didn’t eat lamb, they wouldn’t have needed a shepherd. I did say elohiym (pl.) can mean a greater authority, but I have no doubt that most of the time that word was used to mean God and Jesus. I’m sure some of the apostles and prophets make up the 24 elders.

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