When taking all things in, one can’t help but ask “Is America over?” “Is it at least close to being over?” If you read throughout my site, I have put forth that America has already collapsed, but we haven’t yet felt the impact of the crash. Just as a lemming jumps off the cliff but doesn’t die before it hits the ground, so is America’s state today. It is inevitable it will hit the ground. I have written about Obama’s relationship with nation destroyer, George Soros a lot here, but this is not political. Politics means nothing to me. As a matter of fact, politics clouds the judgment of most so Soros’ true intentions are hidden safely behind the veil. Politics to Obama and Soros are not the end game. They are only the means to the end. Politics is the fuel to their engine to collapse America, in so doing collapsing the entire world to reform it.

I had a page that I got rid of because I was afraid it would be seen as too political. It was called “In The News”. In that page, I wrote of current events that drew a lot of headlines and were heavily debated upon. I criticized my conservative friends because they always managed to get caught up in the surface of the debate. It is an all too rare occasion when I hear of someone publicly speaking about what is under the surface of a particular debate, or even why there was the debate in the first place. The issues of gun laws, gay rights, women’s rights, Islamaphobia, George Zimmerman, drug legalization, the Tea party, social justice and the Occupy movement, or many other topics had nothing to do with the events themselves. Any boastful marxist will say “the issue is never the issue”. All anyone has to do is read of Soros’ history and you will see he has an admitted history of tearing nations apart by dividing the people against themselves in any way possible, and paid the media to push that narrative. As I have put forth, America is a subversive dreamland. No other nation can be divided in as many ways as America can.

Here is a truth: if you hear anyone describe Soros as a liberal, then they are telling you they know nothing about him. They are so focused on politics that they do not have either the patience or the ability to see what is behind the veil. Here is a simple question they refuse to ask themselves, which I asked myself about him about a decade ago: Why would perhaps the biggest capitalist in history be against capitalism? Answer: he’s not. He loves capitalism, as long as most other people don’t have it. If it is for him and his cronies, he loves capitalism. There is a reason he wants capitalism for him and his cronies, but doesn’t want the populace to have it. Capitalism equals freedom.

I wrote the truth about George Soros’ history and his intentions on midterm election day 2010, with the name “George Soros: Author Of The Future Collapse Of America”. Before that, I had been urging political pundits to look at the history of George Soros, and stop looking at him in an ideological way. Obviously most did not. The political ideology is his mask. It has nothing to do with his goal except he needs politics to get to the goal, and even shields his enemies from seeing his desired destination.

In that page I wrote about earlier, I made some outlandish predictions, that if anyone was stuck on the political debate of it, would never believe they would come true. Yet, time after time my predictions came true. I even said for me to predict these things correctly, it was from my point of view thoroughly unimpressive because they were so easy for me to predict. All I had to do was stop looking at the politics and ask myself “What would a marxist want to get out of it?” And I don’t mean Occupy Wall Street marxists-the useful idiots. I mean people like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Soros, and Marx himself. What would they want out of this particular debate? Then I would read about Soros’ Rose, Orange, and Velvet revolutions as examples and the answers came easily for me as they would come for anyone who isn’t blinded by the politics.

Now I am seeing our borders overrun. I am seeing us letting Iran work their way to nuclear capability. I am seeing the Middle East on fire, and they are all done to Soros’ and Obama’s benefit. Their goal is a New World Order, and to do that the world must first burn so they can remold it. Read “Author Of The Future Collapse…” to see why Soros wants the world to burn. This was a plot by marxists long ago. The violence in Iraq reminded me of another prediction that I also erased, because it seemed unrelated to the post. Perhaps I should have left it. It was on that Soros post. This prediction was based purely on the Bible.

Isaiah 18:1-3 “Woe to the land shadowing with wings, which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia:” “That sends ambassadors by the sea, even is vessels of bulrushes upon the waters, saying, ‘Go, you swift messengers, to a nation scattered and peeled, to a people fearful from their beginning to now; a nation divided and trodden down, whose land the rivers have spoiled.” “All you inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, when he lifts up a sign on the mountains and when he blows a trumpet, listen.”

This unquestionably to me is about America and Iraq. I have seen certain printings of the Bible that say this prophecy was about Ethiopia, but how could Ethiopia be beyond the rivers of Ethiopia? Wouldn’t Isaiah just say “Ethiopia” if that were the case? This land was nameless, and further west than Ethiopia, plus sends ambassadors from the sea. America is this land, and shadows with wings. The bald eagle is the national symbol. America can swiftly send ambassadors from the sea and is beyond Ethiopia. America put a sign in the mountains with Mount Rushmore, which was completed in 1941. Just two months before America entered WWII. Isaiah told the world once this nation lifted this sign in the mountains to listen and pay attention to all it does. This is America. What of the other nation spoken of? A nation scattered, peeled, divided? Sounds like today’s Iraq to me. “A people fearful from their beginning to now” perfectly described Babylon, which is in modern day Iraq. In Isaiah’s day, Babylon was fearful, and wound up taking Judea captive. Iraq has both the Tigris and Euphrates flow through it. Very vital waters in a desert area. It says “woe” to America, and its end is very clear to me. To burn the world, America this time must also burn. In order to remold the world to a marxist’s heart’s desire, the world must first burn.


35 comments on “AMERICA’S FUTURE??

  1. Sherry Barnette McCartney says:

    Yes we are in for some very bad sorrowful times. If anyone would read and study the Bible they could see the prophecy being fulfilled right before our very eyes. So many people in darkness I pray their eyes will be open before it’s too late.But I also believe for the people who are serving God and believe his promises will be taken to a place of safety.No loving father would punish his good child along with his bad child.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      I have to point out a few things. One, the mystery of God is only finished after the sounding of the last trump (Rev. 10:7), so if before anything happens millions of Christians and only Christians suddenly vanish, what mystery would be left? Also God did not spare His only begotten Son, but had Him live in this flesh under an oppressive regime and die a horrible death. The church of Smyrna also are quite innocent (certainly moreso than by far most Christians), yet they will be imprisoned and probably tortured. Many of them will die, so obviously they will be here. Don’t assume what God won’t allow His followers to go through. He will do what He feels He must do. There will be those who say they are Christians, yet will be punished after this age.

      • Modest says:

        You spoke a mouthful, but not only did CHRIST the KING die a horrible death. Peter did. Apostle Paul did. Many many many believers were and will be martyred.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        There are many examples I could have used. Most of the disciples were murdered. Many Christians were killed by order of Nero. God sent most of His prophets during times of trouble. His true servants were not spared. It perplexes me why some Christians think they deserve to avoid tough times.

  2. Phil Conrad says:

    It is what I call the new religion meisium if it is not building ME up ill try to destroy what I think is in my way. This is all satans been trying to do since he and his bad angles were kicked to earth. Now soon to come will be the end to all that is due for their deeds. The red moons could be the time and start line that has been given to as a sign in heaven from GOD our LORD JESUS. So hold on the ride may be starting soon and , may have started already.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Satan and his angels have not been kicked down to earth yet. And as I have pointed out, the beginning of the tribulation will be mostly peaceful. When you add what is written in Daniel and Revelation about the seven years, it reveals the first half to be unlike we imagine it to be. To bring about the “covenant with many”, terrible things must come before it. That is what is close in our future.

      • Phil Conrad says:

        You should read Genesis over again and you will find that the nephelium comes children from falling Angels so saying that angels are not on earth is a mistake checking out read genesis. If I spelled nephelium wrong please look up the word they are the giants in the old testent like Goliath and King Og.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        The fall of the angels in Genesis was a different fall at another time than when Satan and his angels fell. In the book of Enoch, the angels that fell during his day were Semjaza and Azazel. Satan and his angels were not among them. These angels fell well after Satan and his angels fell, and for an entirely different reason. Satan was known as Satan in the days of Adam. Before he fell, Satan was named Helel.

        Nothing in Revelation has happened yet. John wrote Revelation in the past tense because he saw the future, so it was the past to him. Not to us. If Satan was under some mountain imprisoned, then why did God have to ask him where he was in Job?

      • Phil Conrad says:

        Satans physical attribute is trapped although the spirit is free to move about. So we still here. Explain how nephelium Giants are after the flood and you’ll find your answer . Angels still are here even after noah somehow but they’re till here or this earth would be a lot better. In the world right now today we are at WAR with the Primce of this world who is satan and his followers. If you don’t believe that they are here your are sadly mistaken . Let’s see if you Jesse can answer this question ? Who is Cain a product of or who did he come from? GOD WHO IS JESUS has revealed it it the whole writings of the BIBLE both OLD/NEW.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        Cain’s soul came from God, but Satan was his flesh father. Satan’s spirit wasn’t there with Job. It clearly says the sons of God were there and Satan was with them. What kind of punishment would it be for the physical part to be imprisoned, but his spirit can go anywhere? Would Satan ever have his spirit inside his imprisoned flesh if that were the case? The nephilim that are spoken of in Genesis and Enoch are also the children of angels. As I said earlier, in Enoch, Azazel and Semjaza fell long after Satan and his angels fell. Satan fell because he wanted to become God. Azazel and Semjaza fell because they took human women as wives. Those descendants that survived the flood are not angels. They are humans that are also the descendants of angels. Children between humans and angels would not be angels.

      • Phil Conrad says:

        Correct they are and were giants/nephelium . Cain has a soul but his real father was the physical satan him self. So you got most right. Now as the subject of Enoch most have not. Read that book but I have. So when we communicate stay no subject and don’t change directions for; I’m well versed in doing just that. I love to talk about GOD-JESUS so let’s have fun.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        I got most right, but what I said even according to you was totally right? I said Cain’s soul came from God, but his father was Satan. Where was I wrong? How is bringing up Enoch changing subjects considering this angelic fall which caused the flood is written in detail in the book of Enoch? I am quite on subject here. Since you have read the book of Enoch, tell me was Satan among the angels that took human women as wives? Satan did not take Eve as a wife, although he had sex with her. His fall still clearly came before the time of Adam. Satan and his angels have not been kicked down on earth yet. It is written that when they are kicked down here, Satan will have great wrath because he has but a short time. I also love to talk about our Lords, but don’t say I changed the subject when I clearly did not.

      • Phil Conrad says:

        Well Jesse I’m going to say something you may not know about since Satan was here on earth in the garden of Eden and he had sex with Eve I guess he’s been here because that was the product that became cain that’s why you want not fine cains name listed in Adam’s genealogy. Again you need to read Genesis. Also I don’t know if Satan ever got married it’s not written in the Bible. As for the falleen angels if you Read genisis you will find the fact that they did take women and they made what is considered to be gods of the old which are demigods that is also written in Genesis again please read Genesis. The gods of old or demigods are things like Hercules Zeus the Parthenon in room Greece Italy.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        You need to read more of my site because I have gone through these things you are attempting to enlighten me about. I am well aware of who Cain came from and why he wasn’t in Adam’s genealogy. I have actually written about this incessantly in posts like “Rise Of The Kenites”, “Satan, The True Father Of Cain”, and “The Definitive Work On Kenites, Cain, And The Seed Of Satan”.

        I don’t know where you are coming up with the making of demigods from, because I have read no such thing. Satan didn’t marry Eve because Adam had her as his wife. Eve didn’t have two husbands. You didn’t answer my question. In the book of Enoch, was Satan listed among the angels who fell because they took wives?

      • Phil Conrad says:

        I will have to go back to the book of Enoch I don’t have it wath me! As for the gods of old it is in the book of genisis or what is called a demigod . And I’m only passing you info that has been revealed to me. Yes I have read some of your info if I have something that is part of your studies well then it looks like we are in the same area of learning or studying, funny how GOD works! I have even studying GODS word since November 27- 1990. This is the date GOD started with me and woke me up from being dead. Thanks for all that you are doing for JESUS. We are both still his works in progress until we leave.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        Just to answer my question to you, Satan was not among the angels listed that fell by taking human women as wives. Satan was known as Satan in the days of Adam, as John referred to him as “that old serpent” in Rev. 12:9 & 20:2. Before he fell, his name was Helel. This shows that Satan fell before this age started, and so did the angels with him since they were involved in his plot. Isaiah 14:12-14 says what his crime was. The angels who fell in the days of Enoch were after the fall of Satan and his angels, which is why Satan was not listed among the angels who took human wives in the book of Enoch.

        Thanks for thanking me. Doing this site, as well as my “Church of Philadelphia” website is what I am here to do for now, but at some point not far down the road, my job will change.

      • Phil Conrad says:

        Wow brother in CHRIST JESUS how cool. I’m in Pennsylvaniaos mane some day I’ll see you here or in heaven and I feel that one is coming soon and we will both have new jobs.

      • Phil Conrad says:

        I did not say satan married eve or any one so PLEASE DON’T put words in my mouth I don’t and won’t do that to you, I just really like the discussions about by Jesus. I’m going to go look up about the gods of old. So grove me a little time. But I will get the info for you.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        You’re taking offense when I gave none. I didn’t say that you said Satan took Eve as a wife. You said you didn’t know. I was just stating that Eve didn’t have two husbands, therefore she was not his wife. She only married Adam.

      • Phil Conrad says:

        Sorry took it wrong about marriage of eve or satan again I missed understood what you were saying sorry! Now for what I said I would look up genesis chapter 6 one through five especially verse four is the listing of men of renowned meaning for that the heroes of Greek mythology quoted from companion Bible.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        I don’t see how “men of renown” in Genesis had anything with Greek mythology and demigods. Perhaps the phrase was common in respects to that, but in this particular case I don’t see how it fits. The children of the angels were smarter and more powerful than normal men, so I think that’s all “men of renown” meant.

      • Phil Conrad says:

        Jesse reading from the companion Bible Genesis 6 there were giants in earth in those days and also after that when the songs of good gods paraphrasing came into the daughters of mine and they bear children to them the same became mighty man which were of old men of renowned that is Genisis is 6-4 renowned it. Notes in Bible about Giants not from today the day of Noah also after their destruction by the flood as well as before it renowned . Hebrew the men of name. The heroes of the Greek mythology. I have further notes in this Bible.

  3. Phil Conrad says:

    Jesse there was a time and a battle and wether we as humans know about the battle that was before man makes no difference. It happened and God had to fix the earth and if you really search you find that satan was and is cast to the earth and is here now 7 mountains hold him . One of the reference Bibles that I like is 1611 the companion Bible check it out.

  4. Phil Conrad says:

    Jesse the seven mountains that I said hold satan are metaphorical. Once satan has control or destroyed of all of these things as we know them the end is going to coming . Here is the list, 1.arts & entertanment 2. business 4. family 5. goverment 6. media 7. religion.. You can see that most or all of this list is in really bad shape! So I hope to continue our talk.. The love of Jesus to you!

    • Jesse Norman says:

      As I said before, I do not believe that Satan is really imprisoned at all yet. There are too many things that are written that show this. The seven mountains are seven hills, which the Bible does not make distinction between a mountain or a hill. What many of us would simply call a hill the Bible would call a mountain. The seven mountains are the seven hills of Rome. Try not to outthink what is written. God bless.

      • Phil Conrad says:

        Question. Then do you believe that Satan is allowed to roam free on this earth and in heaven at this time.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        From what I ascertain, he is not where God and His angels are. I believe he spends most of his time between heaven and earth in space. Satan is only supposed to be imprisoned inside the earth for a thousand years, then he is loosed for a short period of time to test all on earth, but the saints. After that time, he gets put in the lake of fire where the Antichrist and the False Prophet were put at the beginning of the millennium when Satan was put in the pit. If Satan has already been put in the pit, then what is prophesied is at least a thousand years off.

      • Phil Conrad says:

        I have a question. What religion is , one of the election of grace. I can’t seam to find a good answer. Or I have just missed seeing the answer.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        I’m just a Christian. I do not belong to a denomination. As far as the elect goes in this last generation, we are of the church of Philadelphia.

      • Phil Conrad says:

        Cool I was hopping you would say that for I have no religion or denomination for through studying GOD’S WORD these are deceptions used a lot by satan and his workers. I believe JESUS Christ Gods Word! Im one of Gods children he changed me when I was dead flat and lost. Thank you for your talks it’s been a good time going back and forth , talking and learning about God.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        Five of the seven churches Jesus spoke about He spoke against. The only two He did not speak against were Philadelphia and Smyrna, but those churches as identified were not churches that existed then. The people of those two churches have already been chosen, but their fellowship hasn’t started yet. The five churches Jesus spoke against, He addressed those who make it out of those denominations with their faith and good works intact and promised them reward for their diligence. Satan definitely has infiltrated many churches of Christ. All any church, or person for that matter, has to do is move away from what is written, then the door is open to Satan. Then they add their own words, then remove God’s words to fit into their personal denomination’s doctrine, sometimes to the point it becomes unrecognizeable as a church of Christ. No wonder there is a crisis of faith now, and many of His sheep are lost, wandering aimlessly about. This won’t always be so, for the sheep know the voice of the Shepherd. When they hear, they will listen.

        Good to hear about the change God and our Lord Jesus has made in your life. I love hearing such things because that is what this age is about: redemption, and the finding of the Way. Jesus is the Way, and the only Way. You’re welcome.

  5. David says:

    Verse 5 I’m assuming is before the harvest of Revelation 14, what are pruning hooks symbolic of? They are used in other places of the bible. In verse 6 is this talking about other countries taking advantage of us when we fall? Is verse 7 talking about a gift being brought to God and if so what exactly is this? It does seem as a judgment to America and now I think I see why you post some of the news feed that you do and it’s because we was told to watch this nation.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      The pruninghooks aren’t really symbolic of anything except the Lord will judge this nation, and yes, other nations will take what basically is left. This nation will voluntarily ‘in the name of fairness’ pay for the failures of the rest of the world so our money will be gone, and our ability to fight against those future oppressors along with it. Much of the climate change swindle is to make Americans give money to poorer nations so we will be completely broke. The faithful among those in Iraq will come to meet the Lord, as all people of all nations in that day. This verse was just singling out those in tbe region of Babylon. Sorry it took so long to respond. My tablet is terrible now. Sometimes it doesn’t even work. I’m about to DDT it.

      • David says:

        Thank you. Don’t worry about the time frame, I honestly believe you are one of God’s elect and if not one of the two witnesses. I’m far from having it all figured out but the bible keeps getting easier and easier for me to understand.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        I thank you for the compliment. I am not either of the two witnesses, though. They’re not here yet. I am humbled you would even think so. Keep walking, brother.

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