I have debated this personally for about a week or so, but thanks to a recent commenter, I have made a final decision: I will no longer debate stupid people, no matter if the points I would counter with would be things other people can learn from. I will no longer approve stupid comments either. This is final.

I like the idea of debating different takes on what is written, and I love answering questions from people eager to learn, no matter their level of understanding. Having said that (or written), any back and forth with stupid people gets nobody anywhere.

I had just today this commenter who claims that Israel is run by some satanic group of people. His flavor- the illuminati. I had to question him about the current enemies of Israel, knowing how satanic they are, and wonder why Satan would go after himself? I made this point ad nauseum in my “Killing Christians Acceptable?” post that Jesus said Satan would not be divided against himself, so groups like Hamas, the UN, and others vehemently against Israel should show Israel is not run by some satanic incarnation. After asking him that question (or even before getting any reply), I asked myself “what is the point?” It’s useless to point out this undeniable fact because only a stupid person can deny it, yet deny it they will (and he did).

In my other reply to him, I pointed out some of those greatest hits of stupidity that I have received just recently. One is this nut that says Israel is run by satanic Edomites. He claims the NWO back in 1948 made Israel a nation so they can launch a Zionist coup of the world from it. I am not kidding. He’s also a white supremacist, but denies it, yet in his latest rant he went off about intermarrying with negroes. Remember the good ole days when white supremacists would just admit they are white supremacists? I watched them on Geraldo and Morton Downey Jr. Those white supremacists came out saying “I’m a white supremacist!” Now they deny it, but in the same breath rant against the negroes. In the interest of full disclosure, he used the words “negroes” and “negro”. I told him a while back that I won’t approve anymore of his comments, but he keeps trying. He recently called me an intellectual coward for not debating him. It is beyond his thinking ability to consider I am done with his stupidity. The analogy of him being so far behind in the race that he actually thinks he’s leading is as accurate as it can be stated. No clearly written Bible verse that needs no interpretation will change his mind, nor will pointing out the satanic enemies of the land of Israel. It’s those evil Edomites that run Israel, and I simply don’t possess his decoder glasses like in “They Live” that will let me see the real, hidden truth. I am an intellectual coward in his eyes, but in a contest of intellect he would be bringing a spork to a gunfight. (I liked that analogy so much I have used it twice.)

Another person recently said that Israel is run by Kenites, but again pointing out who the current enemies of the land of Israel are fell on deaf ears. One commenter believes that Paul was an evil Kenite, and none of his epistles should be considered part of the Bible. One commenter that I initially approved of, because I must have been in a hurry but later removed, claimed that John in Revelation revealed Jesus was the Antichrist through Greek numeric code. Did this person read the first three chapters of Revelation which showed the complete opposite? She had to, but since she’s stupid it had no affect on her thinking process. According to her, John THE APOSTLE OF JESUS CHRIST revealed Him to be the Antichrist!

So what qualifies stupidity, you may ask? Anything that flies so far in the face of Biblical or current event reality that only a stupid person can (A) believe it, or (B) come up with it in the first place. There are just too many stupid people coming here that take up my energy and time for me to handle, and there is absolutely nothing I can say to make them go “gee, I really should reconsider this line of thinking”.

I don’t know what more I can do. I believe in encouraging people who are learning, and even have differences of opinion with. I have stated over and over again that I do not like going tit-for-tat with people I debate with. Instead I ask questions they cannot answer or bring up points they cannot counter by their opinions, hoping they realize the errors of their thinking. Most ignore these questions and points, so I have realized it is futile to debate them. I will still help people who have differences of opinion, but once they ignore these questions I ask, then that’s it. If they say anything like Israel is run by some satanic group, then I won’t even start with them. I run my site. They don’t, and for far too long they have been running it by having me counter their relentless stupidity when I would have gotten just as far by saying “blah blah blah”. For anyone offended at this decision, there are plenty of places on the web that placate stupidity which believe all debate is good that you can find. After too many experiences with stupidity here, I know better.

UPDATE: I just had to let this one comment by Luke in to corroborate what I said in this post. This is the guy I just stated prompted me to make this decision, and right on cue comes up with the comment below. I rest my case. By the way, you should have seen the two he wrote that I trashed. They make this comment I approved look like it was written by Stephen Hawking.

9/1/14: I also want to convey, thanks to a recent comment, that I do not qualify people who are just learning as ‘stupid’. I want to make that clear. The last thing I want is for people to be afraid of writing me because I might label them this way. These people I gave examples of read the Bible a lot, but looked to have their hatred validated. This I won’t put up with any longer.


10 comments on “NEW POLICY AT MY SIGHT

  1. Luke says:

    im far from stupid sir. the conspiracy theories usually turn out to be true like how 9/11 was an inside job. i bet u also think bush was really a man of god and not part of the satanic committee of 300 which his father is a member of. these things are all about the end times. israel is in cohoots with isis and even a mossad agent came out and told ppl that israel had a hand in the twin towers going on. u call it stupidity but i call it truth seeking. u want to be an ignorant brainwashed sheep that trusts fox news over truth seeking websites then thats your choice but ever since i found out glenn beck is part of a satanic occult im done with mainstream media. sandy hook was a hoax but i bet u think differently dont cha. well god bless u sir and i pray god removes the wool from your eyes. toodles.

  2. Phil Conrad says:

    Hi Jesse , there is a video about the jewish New York diamond district is a protest about Palestine and the Jewish storeowners come out in full protest against it is awesome to see Israel come out. something you should see it’s on Facebook have a good day.

  3. Phil Conrad says:
    Jesse this might help you find the video but I’m not sure

  4. Kathy says:

    I stumbled on your site after watching an episode on ‘Shepherds Chapel’ about the Kenites. A Google search led here. I have questions but fear I may be one of the stupid ones you talk about because I’m new to a deeper walk with God and really trying to get to the meat of the Bible. I’m but a housewife. I have two years in an English degree before becoming a home schooling mother of five. I have no seminary background. Its just me and my Bible. The idea that Cain was from Satan makes sense in later verses but in Genesis 4:1 its says that Adam knew Eve and she conceived and bore Cain. That seems like Cain was from Adam. Not debating but seriously asking for a little direction. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Don’t worry about being labeled one of the ‘stupid ones’ because you are sort of new in your walk with God. This is why I detailed what would qualify as stupidity and gave examples. I suggest reading my post “The Definitive Work On Kenites, Cain, And The Seed Of Satan” where I directly answered your question. God bless.

  5. jane says:

    I agree with your new policy jesse. the bible says they will be ever learning but never come to the knowledge of the truth. explain why the NWO is so bad and why the bible says it’s bad or does it? also, I have never seen such lawlessness as exists here in the united states since 2009; real escalation in mass covert crimes by corporations especially.

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