I am going to get more into the smaller questions of doctrine here. I have answered many of the major questions here, and even got to questions that people used in their word searches in the page above titled “Unanswered Questions….” This question as to the dead in Christ rising first has been cited by rapture believers for years, and there are some who dismiss their interpretation while giving their own point of view as to what 1st Thessalonians 4:16-17 means. The verses state as follows:

“For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first.” “Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

The “dead in Christ” are those who are no longer living, but are faithful to God and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. How they will rise has nothing to do with altitude. The dead in Christ are already in heaven. They will rise by being alive once again. Right now, the dead in Christ are without bodily form and await to be put into incorruptible flesh. The term “incorruptible” means “undecaying”, not unable to break laws. 

At the sound of the last trump, the dead in Christ are the first to put on their new undecaying flesh bodies. At the same time, the elect God has reserved for the last generation will be taken from this earth and are also put into new undecaying flesh bodies. It is written that God has shortened the days for the elect’s sake, not that the days are shortened for anyone else. It is also written that God will send His angels to gather together His elect from the four winds (Matt. 24:31). It is also written that the church of Philadelphia will be kept from the HOUR of temptation (Rev. 3:10). Now many will say that the church of Philadelphia will be here during that time, but not feel temptation. This is incorrect because Christ said the word “hour”, meaning time. “I will keep you from the time of temptation.” I have discussed this with a few, but they always ignore that Christ said “hour”. He could have simply said “I will keep you from temptation”, and that would be that, but He didn’t. As I said in teaching here at my site, I will not add or omit words to suit my point of view. I don’t ignore words clearly written, even if it goes against my own personal beliefs. In that same hour, the church of Smyrna will go through tribulation and imprisonment for ten days, and some will suffer death afterwards (Rev. 2:8-10). This is the only other church Christ didn’t speak negatively about, so their righteousness should be unquestioned. At the same time, they suffer the hour of temptation. Add everything together without a preconceived notion and you should accept that the seven thousand elect God has reserved for the final generation are the ones Paul speaks of in 1st Thessalonians 4:17.


  1. Phil Conrad says:

    To all of the readers of Jesse he is telling you the truths about God, although many well judge him and others as just say he’s a nut then all of you who question his wisdom should read and learn 1st Corinthians chapter 2 . Then you might see in and have a better understand of true GOD’S wisdom of JESUS WORD

  2. Phillip Conrad says:

    Hay Jesse your welcome! Question on being caught up to heaven. What is the time line that you are watching? I know we will not know the exact time day/month/ year but I do feel that the time line of GOD is vary close one reason is the two dreams that I have had from GOD. The first one is cool in the dream GOD took the star of David and cut it in half. The two half were turned into equal sided pyramids he set them in the sky point to point making the shape of an hourglass. On the three sides of the hourglass are symbols that look like the sign of omega or a circle on each triangle side. When you look at the triangle side you see the figure 8 or on the side the infinity sign.I did ask what this hourglass ment and the question that I kept asking ot GOD is this. The hourglass has no sand inside so how can it be use without any sand in it . Here is the answer that GOD stated the sand for time has all run out IM coming and on the way! I have learned one thing in studing GOD’S WORD JESUS; a triangle = A = alfa / O= amega; begining and end! Also JESUS is the # 8 or infinity symbol. All this was revealed in the dream and through studing the bible.
    HOPE you are well and please stay in touch if you can Love of Jesus to you Phil.
    P.S. please forgive any spelling or missed gramer I’m not the best.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Don’t worry about the spelling. The only one person I know for sure that is also one of the elect cannot spell well, and I put more faith in her than I would anyone else. Her mother is even worse than she is at spelling, but I have the utmost respect for her ability to think also.

      The time is very soon. This year has taken a giant leap towards the tribulation. A lot has happened this year, and it’s not over. What will the world look like a year from now? It is the beginning of instability.

      • David says:

        Do you believe in soul sleep? I hope not it scares me and I don’t believe in it. The people that have moved on and are in the spirit as an angel do they lust for sin or have trouble obeying laws like we do in the flesh? My confusion comes from incorruptible flesh we put on, does it mean alive again and woken from soul sleep, or the angels can still sin in heaven and will no longer feel sin or have the urge to when it’s put on, or (what I feel) souls in heaven are mortal and at the 7th trump put on immortal souls, and do you know why this would happen at the 7th trump and not when you just die? Lastly I always thought everyone would change into the spirit at the 7th trump I think almost everyone does but I checked into what you have said and it has opened my eyes it’s clearly talking about the people that has died even in Corinthians and not everyone on earth. Not that I question you but how do you know your one of gods elect? can you give me some scriptures or chapters in the bible that would be good to read as to help me track who the house of Israel is, people have a lot of opinions on it. Also it says god will gather his people and considering their numbered as the stars or sand can’t remember exactly and considering Israel is small, this would be referring to after this earth age is done correct? Thank you.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        Well angels have fallen after Satan and his angels fell, which Genesis chapter 6 gets into a bit. The Book of Enoch expressly tells how angels, such as Semjaza and Azazel fell. They lusted after human women. There is no soul sleep. Once the soul leaves this flesh, it goes to the place designated for it by God with all consciousness. Incorruptible in that case means undecaying, as the prophecy from David of the Christ shows when he said in Psalm 16:10 “For You will not leave My soul in Sheol, neither will you suffer Your Holy One to see corruption.” This prophecy was pointed out by the apostles to those they were converting that the Christ would rise from the dead before His flesh could decay.

        The souls already are immortal, but at some point all souls will put on flesh that will also be immortal, even the ones judged against. The seventh trump will allow the ones who are dead but are with Christ to be the first to put on that flesh.

        I know I am one of God’s elect because it was put in me to know, then He let me know after numerous prayers. There is not one speck of doubt I have about that.

        The true house of Israel has no relation with Gentiles. I consider Christians to be part of the house of Israel because we have the same roof. When it is written that He will bring His children back from the lands He dispersed them to, He is only speaking of the twelve tribes, and that does not include Anglo-western European white people. White people existed in Europe before God dispersed the Israelites. While it may be a heavily debated upon topic, this isn’t that important and it will be sorted out at the time God has designated it will be sorted out. If one is of the true house of Israel, they will be brought back for the millennial age and beyond. If one is not, then they won’t be. There was also to be a regathering before the end of the age, as Hosea 6:2 shows that Israel will be re-established on the third day. After 2500 years, Israel was re-established. Not all Israelites are there, but after this age is done all Israelites will be gathered.

        The numbers of Israelites are many, whether they are in Israel or elsewhere, not to mention God meant throughout the future generations from the point of Abraham. Did He mean exactly the same number? No, He didn’t. He was promising those that were either one or few in number that many more were coming generations down the line.

  3. David says:

    What does Luke 21:18 mean? I do believe people will be beheaded after their testimony. Some will say that in Revelation death is referring to satan but the way it’s written in to many places wouldn’t make sense like that. In revelation 14:13 we see people are dying for God which I believe is after the 7th trump. It does say in 10:19 about having authority over them and they cannot hurt you but you could say he meant his elect as he was talking to his disciples. So it clearly states people are dying for their testimony but it says not a hair of your head will perish so could you clear this up for me? Unless it means you keep your spiritual life afterwards maybe.

    Also about the elect’s days being shortened. Matthew 24:22 it says except those days be shortened no flesh would be saved, there has to be something that impacts everyone when the elect leave. Because it says no one would be saved as in we ALL fail except Christ shortened the time. The elect cannot fail and I don’t think that everyone here at that time fails people do make it. Hopefully I explained that clear enough but if the elect do leave at the 7th trump it would have to have some kind of impact or changing experience for others maybe encourage meant or when they see them leave they want to be like them. Something would have to happen at that time but I haven’t figured it out yet.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      He was referring to the elect in Luke 21:18, since they won’t die. He was telling them that there is nothing to fear, even when great numbers of enemies lurk.

      It is the elect’s flesh that would be saved, as in rescued. The original Greek word there for ‘saved’ means saved, but as in ‘deliver’ or ‘protect’. Not as in left remaining alive. The elect will be delivered by the shortening of the days. This doesn’t mean all other flesh is condemned to die.

  4. Jimmy Turner says:

    I thought to understand that the dead in Christ shall rise first is because they are already Arisen and gone not out here in some hole in the ground

    • Jesse Norman says:

      That’s what Pastor Murray taught, but the word ‘rise’ means ‘to make alive’, not reaching a high altitude. “He is risen” was said of the Christ because He was alive again.

  5. Connie Miller says:

    Thank you for the clear message about the dead. I lost my husband November 25th 2018 I am mourning and I wanted to know where he went. I wanted to know sense he was cremated if it is a sin to burn the body. He believed in Christ but did not live in christ way. He always used his name in vain I got angry. The week before death he told me he talked to our father I had hoped he had. He had a pastor over days before he died they prayed. So, even if he believed but did not live in christ where is my husband?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      I am very sorry for your loss. I also appreciate the compliment. There is no statute handed from the apostles to the Gentiles over not burning the body, so don’t worry about it. Jesus also said it doesn’t matter when a person comes to Him, they will be received. You writing that he talked to God is a very good sign, so be confident in that. God bless. I hope this helps.

      • Connie Miller says:

        Thank you for answering my question. I’ve been a bit better not crying as much. Still in mourning and lonely. I’m praying a lot and praying for strength. I to have medical problems and suffer with conjestested heart failure and diabetes.
        I’m not well but promised my husband I will fight for my life. I want to live and trust the lord to help me and guide me.
        Again ty for your response

      • Jesse Norman says:

        My advice is to just keep walking. Take each day as a step forward. Glad to help. God bless.

  6. EJ says:

    Totally confused by what you say. You said in other posts that Adam was white skinned with redness to complexion if I understood you correctly. Now you say in your replies to comments that the elect are not white skinned. But you also say Christians are part of the house of Israel whilst conversely saying gentiles has no relation to the house of Israel. The bible talks of the righteous and the elect. What’s the distinction and how does it relate to Jews? Are you saying the elect are the Jews and the righteous are the house of Israel which includes non-Jewish Christians? But then what does that make Jews who reject Jesus as the Messiah and saviour?

    I took it your meaning to be that the elect are the Jews and the righteous Christian gentiles.

    Perhaps you can untangle and spell out simply what you are saying as it seems really contradictory.

    I feel as if non-Jewish Christians are seen as worthy but inferior nonetheless which as a non-Jewish Christian is sad and feels unjust. Is this because everyone except the Jews have corrupted flesh? Even if so, nobody chooses who they originate from and if you are a good person and a believer seems unfair to be deemed inferior.

    In your other post you said only God can put a soul in a human so why are Gentiles seen as inferior if we are all from God? Especially sad since the Jews rejected Jesus and to the current day most still do.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      I never said the elect aren’t light skinned. The elect can be of any race and skin color. The Israelites are God’s elect nation, but they aren’t the election of grace, although some are. The house of Israel are of the twelve tribes, but there will be a grafting in with them and Christians. Christians are of the house because the base of Christianity is Judaism. The Israelites were given the laws and the promise of the Messiah. Christians accepted the Messiah that was already sent. Still, the prophecy of Israelites and Christians being grafted in has not happened yet.

      The righteous do not have to be one of the elect. All you have to be is righteous and live a righteous life. All of the elect are righteous from before they were born. The Israelites were people who would be most likely to accept the laws and the message, but not all. Early on, Christian converts tried to convert Jews to become Christians, then it was up to Paul to spread the message to the Gentiles, which was prophesied that God would turn to the Gentiles. Jesus also predicted that the Jews would wake up one day, probably when the evil one sits in the place he isn’t supposed to sit. They will wake up one day. It’s just not today.

  7. Ed says:

    Also are you saying only messianic Jews are elect and Gentile Christians will not be spared the tribulation and risk dying because they won’t be spared? You say God is only shortening the days for the elect’s sake but this implies the righteous don’t matter (due to being inferior).

    • Jesse Norman says:

      The righteous still must be tested. The elect passed their test in the previous life. That is how they became elected. Messianic Jews are not of the election of grace. Some are, but not most. They are just Christian Jews. I am mot allowed to say what the elect went through in the previous life, but at least many of them have already paid their price. The ones of the last generation do not have to pay that price for their faith again.

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