It is tradition that teaches us that Jesus Christ was born around the 25th of December, but tradition gets it wrong. It says in Luke 2:8 that when He was born there were shepherds in the field at night tending to their flock. Obviously shepherds would not be in the field at night in the brutal cold of winter. For sheep to be in the field at night, there would have to be food for them to eat there. To keep watch over them, the shepherds most likely had a full moon to use for light.

It is most likely that this was during the Harvest Moon, which would be around late September. This would also be during a very important time of year to the Jewish people, which is the feast of ingathering. Our Lord was probably born at this time of year. Having said that, nine months beforehand would be around December 25th where the real miracle occurred. Our Lord was conceived in the virgin Mary’s womb, which would be the real miracle.

It is right that one wishes our Lord Jesus Christ a happy birthday around October 9th this year, which will be a full moon. It’s good to celebrate His conception and life on Christmas, but keep in mind He was not born around that time. Keep His life, ways, and sacrifice in mind everyday. He suffered not for Himself, but for all of us. May all find Him and bless Him.


4 comments on “WHEN JESUS WAS BORN

  1. Phil Conrad says:

    Hi Jesse ; The date Dec 25 I know is correct for the conception of Jesus Christ by the word spoken. But here is my problem question. Our current calendar is not the same as the Calendar back in Jesus’s time for dates of months or how the year was counted including their leap year month . I’ve been trying to work this calander problem out for some time . We ( man ) has messed up GOD’S real time calander . But because JESUS CHRISTS number is an 8 and also 888 October being really the 8th month this could or maybe the birth month.

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