Can you imagine nothingness? I don’t mean anonymity. I don’t mean unnoticed or alone. I mean complete nonexistence. The answer is simple: you can’t. You can’t. I can’t. Nobody can. It is impossible to imagine the absence of existence. The quest itself forfeits that ability because you are using thought. Out of nothingness we all were created by the Lord, whether you believe in Him or not. The self-existent One didn’t just give us life, but existence. Life is temporary, but existence is forever, and what happens to us in the long run is based upon our own merit. Greater things are ahead for the righteous, which will be eternal. More incredible things He created, and will be awaiting us after this is over. Can you imagine an eternity of greater things than this Earth can give all because you live a righteous life in His Messiah’s name? That too, I’m afraid is impossible, because we only know the limits of life.

Out of nothingness He created us. If that doesn’t humble you, then nothing will. How about how He sacrificed His Christ for our sins? Imagine the love that takes. Does that humble you? Look around at everyone and everything around you. They wouldn’t exist without Him. The food you eat. The water you drink. The bed you sleep in-all materials made by God at its root. A cool breeze. The scent of a flower. The touch of a loved one. All things are by Him. You are by Him. Take a moment and take these things to heart. What do you owe Him and our Lord Jesus Christ? Absolutely everything. May all bless Him and His only begotten Son.


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