I have heard of some who teach this, but the answer to the question of whether we were angels is ‘no’. In order to believe we were angels, one must also believe God put us into weaker human flesh to give us another chance through Jesus, His only begotten Son. The book of Enoch tears this doctrine down completely. What Genesis chapter six partially explains, the book of Enoch clearly demonstrates. Angels after the fall of Satan and his angels (and our creation also, because according to the ‘angel doctrine’, this is when we fell as angels), found human women to be attractive and married them. These angels included Azazel and Semjaza. After they did this, they were imprisoned inside the earth awaiting judgment. God has already judged them as guilty. As bad as what Azazel and those angels involved with his plot was, the angels involved with Satan’s plot was much worse. Azazel and his angels intermarried with human women while Satan and his angels tried to make him God. God didn’t give Azazel and his angels a second chance, so why would He give the angels who went along with Satan one?


6 comments on “DID WE USED TO BE ANGELS?

  1. David says:

    Wasn’t sure where to post this one but I picked here. I believe God and Jesus are the same but the book of Enoch seems to say they are two different beings. In the second parable chapter Xlv1 Enoch saw the head of days which I’m assuming is God but then he sees another which is the Son of Man am im missing somethibg? Also who is the elect one? Maybe I have a poor version I’m sure there’s many just like the bible but with the bible I know to use KJ with strongs.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      They are two different entities, but the same. God is spirit while Christ, even before being put in human form, is the formation God made that isn’t just spirit. Where does it say the elect one in Enoch? Sounds familiar, and I think pretty surely that it is Christ, but don’t remember exactly where. Remember, elect is just another word for chosen, so who is the chosen one? Christ is.

      • David says:

        Haven’t read much of the book of Enoch yet but it mentions it in the first parable chapter xxxix in the one I am reading. I believe it is Christ. I did however find that in the original Greek Luke 9:35 should read chosen one and not beloved like it does in Mathew. Read that it was a mistake in the KJV, found it on biblehub.com they have lots of stuff so it’s good that you made me look at that closer, that could also mean the elect one. I was a bit worried about the book of Enoch being evil but when I read in xxii about Abel’s spirit making suit against Cain and his seed until his seed is destroyed amongst the seed of man I figured that whoever wrote it had enough wisdom to know what really happened in the garden with satan fathering one of the children. Correct me if I’m wrong but when I read thru genesis it seems Eve is completely unaware that satan fathered one of her children and thinks they both came from God. In xiv Enoch says no one can look at God’s magnificence, but later when it talks about the Son of Man it doesn’t say not being able to look upon him. So the spirit of God rest inside Christ? Are we not able to look at the spirit of God but he dwells in the angelic form of Christ (for a lack of words dunno how to explain) that we can look at? I’m going to be very disappointed if after I die I cannot even look at God. The only thing I do not believe is that the giants were 400 feet tall, I’m not a scholar but I think the measurements are off and really there’s no way to know what measurement Enoch used in his time.

      • Jesse Norman says:

        Well, as I have said, the apostles did make mention of the Book of Enoch. As far as the measurement of three thousand ells, I wouldn’t worry about it much. An ell is a european (german, flemish) word, not a word used by Enoch. The Anakim were the same type of giants which the Israelites fought. I doubt they were four hundred feet high. Goliath may very well have been one, but he was nowhere near that tall, either. The fallen have come and gone. I briefly went through the book and saw “elect One” a couple of times. It has to be Christ.

        It’s difficult getting into the explanation of God and Christ. Maybe one day among more selective ears one can hear such things, but not now. Keep moving forward and you won’t be disappointed. You’ve done well so far.

  2. David says:

    How come when Satan had sex with Eve Cain didn’t come out as a nephilim like the offspring of the fallen angels did?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      I don’t know surely. Maybe God decided it wouldn’t hinder His overall plan, so Satan’s children wouldn’t be distinguishable from homogeneous humans, while what Azazel, Semjaza, and others did conflicted with His plan, so He made their children distinguishable. I believe angels are our size, so genetically the nephilim shouldn’t be so big, so perhaps God simply made them that way. We may only find out surely after all is finished. I have wondered also, and this is the best explanation I have.

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