Tomorrow is a day we celebrate and honor our fathers
You will not be lost on me on that day
For You are the ultimate Father
The Creator of all
You created our Saviour
The angels
The universe
You created us
You created all we have ever seen
And all we will ever see
You created all we have ever known and loved
And all we will ever know and love
You have created the great sanctuary
An eternal place for faithful souls
An everlasting gift for simply loving You and Your Son
How can I repay You?
What can I possibly have that You’d want?
What You have given, however, is beyond measure
It is impossible to imagine nothingness
Yet You formed us out of nothingness
Existence out of nonexistence
I don’t deserve the gifts
I certainly don’t deserve what You promised me
Some things I cannot write for most ears
It would be beyond belief
And all I did was show my faith
I did what I should have done anyway
I cannot deserve this reward or mission
But indeed You have given them
The greatest gifts are yet to come
That great promise is at the door
There is nothing I possess You could want
So this is my gift
My gift for You on this Father’s Day
This is what I felt in me to give
A public way to tell You that I love You
We love You, Father
This Father’s Day and everyday
May all praise be to You
For Your lovingkindness is everlasting
Bless You, Father and Your One begotten Son
Happy Father’s Day, Lord God