SHOCK: More black babies aborted than born in New York City @drudgereportapp

Just what Margaret Sanger wanted…

SHOCK: More black babies aborted than born in New York City.

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2 comments on “SHOCK: More black babies aborted than born in New York City @drudgereportapp

  1. thunder86 says:

    Reading some of your older post and it seems you seen this coming. I’m confused at how this would tie in to helping a one world government or collapse of America. Unless your just pointing out the sins of kenites. I was looking at ones from 2011 and you believe that America will collapse due to the kenites wanting power (maybe even unaware of the big picture of satan grabbing final hold but due to there mind set qualities) so that people will ask for changes to give the government more control over them? That way they are unaware and walking right into a more controlling government? Then at some point it will tie in to other countries opening a seat for antichrist all the while everyone asked for it the whole time and the only ones that will see this and will know the difference when people ask for a tighter government are God’s elect?
    Also Psalms chapter one means a lot to me lately finding delight in God’s law is key I feel. Grace vs Law, I feel the old testiment is not done away with. Faith is more important than anything but Paul still specifically names a few sins that will not go to heaven but my question is about the Sabbath. Hebrews chapter 4 seems to suggest that not working on the Sabbath is done away with and your rest lies within your faith and you receive your rest when you go to heaven. What are your thoughts please?

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Thanks for reading my older posts. As I like to point out, my words will be tested by time. While I have pointed out the sins of this nation, make no mistake that Kenites are only a small part of it. They have and will have an important role to play, but the sins of this nation and world go far beyond only Kenites, or the influence by Kenites. Getting the one world government is an idea shared by Kenites and non-Kenites alike. Even some lost Christians will like the idea if they don’t already. The greatest perpetrators of evil are those who are not in the Book of Life, which transcends nations. Read my post “They Will Serve Their Master”. It’s a newer one.

      God’s elect won’t be getting much into big or small governments, other than saying men were not created to have dominion over other men, while replacing God as the moral arbitrator. Their job mostly will be to strengthen the souls of the people to face the hour of temptation, so they won’t fail our Lord or their very own souls.

      The Old Testament is not done away with, but some laws and the first covenant have been fulfilled. As Jesus said, He did not come to destroy the law or the prophets, but fulfill. Most laws still apply that were given to Moses, as Paul points out throughout his epistles.

      As far as the Sabbath goes, Paul indeed was talking about the eternal rest, which God also made clear in the Old Testament, when He referred to entering His rest. The reason for the Sabbath law, which is in the Ten Commandments, was for people not only to rest, but to give Him a day to strengthen that bond between them and Him, so this law still applies. If because of your job you cannot, then use another day of the week to rest and strengthen that bond.

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