Another Idiot…”End of the world is imminent”, says Christian believer

Another Harold Camping who should be forever shunned….

Doomsday coming? End of the world is imminent, says Christian believer.

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2 comments on “Another Idiot…”End of the world is imminent”, says Christian believer

  1. olga markham says:

    where do you get the information you write in you article “they will serve their master:
    APRIL 2 per: “…. the Bible clearly states there was an age before this one which this age is based upon. The elect in the previous age never broke the one rule given, while the rest did. Many repented, but….” and so on.
    ……just wondered.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      As far as an age previous to this, tbere are several instances. Jeremiah 1:5, Romans 8:29-30, and others show there was a time before this. Revelation 17:8 says the book of life was put together at the foundation of this world, meaning this age, and there are many amongst our creation that do not have their names in it. In Genesis where it says “the earth was void and without form”, the original Hebrew really says “the earth became void”. Romans 8:29-30 speak about the elect being judged innocent before this life. Since Satan is sin and death, and was before this age, Adam and Eve also had one rule given to them to avoid sin and death, wisdom given to me told me of our creation having one rule given to our creation in the previous age, and what it was. Satan fell by trying to become God. Who was he trying to be the god of? God changed his name to Satan after he fell. He has been known as Satan since the days of Adam.

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