Associated Press willingly cooperated with the Nazis, new report shows

This shouldn’t be a shock. Despite the outrage today’s left has toward naziism, as well as labeling them “right-wing”, it was the elites of the day that shared in the ideas, and even pave the path for the Nazi party. George Bernard Shaw, Margaret Sanger, and the early 20th century progressives were the ones who pushed for eugenics and the talk of a master race. Sanger, a hero to the left, wanted blacks to be sterilized and have them have abortions until their numbers in America would be insignificant. She even spoke before the KKK. She was an elitist who spoke before the KKK. Who uses the KKK and Nazis to marginilize and insult their enemies? The elitist left. Shaw was the one who called on scientists to come up with a painless way to kill large groups of people, which was how the gas chambers came about. Shaw celebrated the fact that the Nazis and Soviets under Stalin were killing off people by the thousands, until he found out they were targeting Jews. He expressed his outrage by saying, “That is not what that’s for (eugenics).” Shaw only wanted the useless to die, which is why he put forth an idea to have people appear before a panel every five years and give just reason as to why they should be allowed to continue to live. If a person does not give adequate reason, according to Shaw, they should be killed off in a kindly manner. Other elitists of the day did target races also with eugenics, such as Sanger. Sanger is the founder of Planned Parenthood. It should not be lost on you that if there is a minority community, you can be sure to find a Planned Parenthood office there.

Scientists also pushed forth that eugenics was a necessity, and if you didn’t go along with such absurdity, you were a flat-earther. You would be considered too dumb to know what’s best for you and society. Sound familiar? Eugenics had scientists behind it. The media was also behind this message. There were some very racist articles published in the NY Times during that time, not The Daily Redneck in Fort Worth, Tx.

In 1939, there was a Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden in NYC. They didn’t have it in Kentucky, Oklahoma, or South Carolina. They had it in New York, where the elites were. International businesses, including American ones, profited by way of the Nazis. Some even profited directly from the theft and slavery of the Jewish people.

Who is for socialism? The elites. The word “Nazi” stood for “national socialism”. Who would call national socialism a right-wing cause today? No one. The evil, diabolical ideas put forth by the elites of the day were so repulsive, eventually the common people rejected them harshly, so the progressives decided to hide and call themselves liberals. One thing they definitely learned- make their enemies think they are their friends.

Associated Press willingly cooperated with the Nazis, new report shows.

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Socialist or Fascist by Thomas Sowell

Great essay by Sowell. One thing he did leave out is how industries in bed with the government help bring about a cycle money, from campaign donations and other types of contributions (verbal support, etc), who in turn gets government money sucked up from taxpayers. This money literally goes in circles, all based on your money. This is something that needs to be addressed by conservatives.

Socialist or Fascist.

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