Get politics out of climate debate: Opposing view

Another good article from manmade climate change skeptic, and Weather Channel founder, John Coleman. Years ago, before the Weather Channel, Coleman was a meteorologist in Chicago. He was also an ‘ice age’ skeptic back when these same liars were saying man was causing the impending, or existing ice age. He was proven right.

Get politics out of climate debate: Opposing view.

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4 comments on “Get politics out of climate debate: Opposing view

  1. Tommy Fay says:

    You seek to impress without Proving by scripture, as you said you would. The word of God did not record girls that were born,Cain could have married his sister. You are confusing also, saying Satan is cains father only to turn around and say that only God can create a soul, but you say that satan is cains BIOLOGICAL father. You’ve evidently not read the book of Enoch – it’s through the fallen angels that these descendents of cain came about in the days of David. And your belittling of people shows that you are more carnally minded than spiriual.It seems to me that you are more concerned about his Carnal (physical ) COLOR than the True message God Is trying to portray. So, mr.ruddy man,I assume you consider yourself ruddy with a bunch of wool hair,try scripturally making your case, because I’m not just taking your word of nonsense if you can’t. God Is not the author of confusion. And YOU are confusing.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Actually, I have read the book of Enoch. The children of Cain had nothing to do with the giants. The Anakim were giants and Kenites were not. I go by the original Hebrew, and in Numbers 24:21-22, the original Hebrew word for Kenite was “Cain”, as it’s in Judges 4:11 also. Kenites are not described anywhere as being giant. Now you may have your opinion, but I only go by what is written in the original languages. Your assertion that Cain’s descendants are the nephilim is wrong Biblically because of the original word being Cain in those verses I pointed out, and the children of Semjaza, Azazel, and others came generations after Cain, so you’re wrong. As far as belittling goes, I only do it if people ignore what I write, or completely ignore verses that are right there because it does their opinions no good, or are disrespectful, as you are. Don’t lecture me like you’re on some stratospheric level of wisdom or etiquette, because you aren’t.

  2. ksuie says:

    Everything you have written about the Kenites is correct, and only those that are educated in churches and never open their bible or a strong’s concordance would suggest you are wrong. Your detailed information on Kenites is the best I have found outside of my own studies. It was a pleasure to find someone that knows the truth. I only mention Kenites in this comment because of the post above by Tommy Fay. I really intended to discuss Global Warming. I am an engineer, so I have some unique views on the history of the world because I am very well educated in science and also the bible. It is my hypothesis that the entirety of Genesis is misinterpreted by most people. For they focus on the “days” and lose focus on the fact that God is eternal. The only reason we have a concept of time is because we live and we die. We have a beginning and an end. We are created so we feel everything has to be created. Even the atheist’s and agnostics search for the beginning of time because they too are born and die. You have to take a philosophical approach when considering the history of the earth. This is in regards to evolution. A perfect creation would naturally evolve or it would not be perfect. That is not to say I believe adam and eve or the people created on the 6th day were apes. I hypothesize that when god formed the earth and placed the water and formed the land he did create pangea. One land mass. I also believe at the time of creation the earth had a different rotation and orbit than we have today. I am trying not to ramble, however it is difficult because I have so much to convey. There is solid evidence that at the beginning of the earth there was one continent. Think about the earth like a tire for a moment. If you place free moving weights inside of a tire they will consolidate in to one mass. If you then spin that tire the weights will seperate until they reach an equilibrium. I believe pangea was that mass of weights before the rotation was initiated.

    When you want to start a saltwater aquarium, you can not just add salt to water and then throw some fish in it. They will die. You have to mix the ingredients and introduce bacteria to condition the water for survival of your fish. I believe pangea was created and set on a constant geosynchronous rotation around the sun to allow for rapid expansion of bacteria and other elements necessary to sustain life in sort of a greenhouse type environment. Once the conditions were right for more complex life God set the earth in motion and pangea was torn apart to balance itself out as in the scenario of the spinning tire. And that is when the Cambrian Explosion took place. I believe at this time god became preoccupied with the war with Satan and the earth left to it’s own devices began to evolve as a perfect creation would evolve. I don’t know how long the war lasted but I would guess it lasted several million years. 100’s of millions. That seems like a long time to us because again, we have a strong concept of time as we have a beginning and end while in our flesh. I believe when the war was over there were fallen angels that had warred with satan, there were archangels that warred with god and there were a vast number of indifferent angels that chose neither side. I believe God needed a way to make us choose and he looked down at his creation and said here is an idea. Let’s make them flesh, blind them from the truth, and make them choose. At that point he destroyed everything on the earth and introduced man to it. And that is why at almost exactly the same time period civilizations arose throughout the entirety of the globe in a flash. The fossils of apes we supposedly came from appear exclusively in Africa, Asia and Mesopotamia and all of those fossil records disappear and suddenly Homo Sapiens appear on the entirety of the globe.

    These are my beliefs, and I still have not discussed global warming, so I will finally get to that. Global warming is based on a research mission that took Ice cores from the arctic that successfully documented 3 separate ice ages. During the ice ages CO2 is found at it’s lowest concentrations. During the warmest periods between ice ages CO2 is found at it’s highest concentrations. And so scientists decided that because of this irrefutable evidence CO2 causes global warming. However, if that were indeed true my question is why were there 2 additional Ice Ages? Global Warming alarmists say that we are headed towards becoming the next Venus due to our CO2 emissions. There is a slight problem with that. Currently CO2 makes up 0.04% of our atmosphere. At our current emission rates we are adding 38.2 billion tons/year = 21.25 cubic kilometers. And that is exactly 0.0000000152% of the atmosphere. So at our current emission levels if CO2 was not consumed by plants, algae, plankton, and the ocean itself we will get up to a whopping 1% of the atmosphere in approximately 65.7 Billion years. Of course we aren’t going to be emitting nearly as much carbon when we run out of fossil fuels in 2088. So there you go, we are on track to be the next Venus in 6.3 trillion years. I guess it is important to note the atmospheric makeup of Venus.
    • Carbon dioxide: 96 percent
    • Nitrogen: 3.5 percent
    • Carbon monoxide, argon, sulfur dioxide, and water vapor: less than 1 percent

    So with a lot of text and rambling the bottom line is CO2 does not cause global warming. It is physically impossible for 0.04% of the atmosphere to in anyway control the climate on a global scale. The climate has warmed 2deg in the last 100years and no one ever mentions that the sun is currently burning brighter and hotter than it has in recorded history.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      There’s a lot here, so I will only get to some of it. First of all, I appreciate the compliment. I worked and studied hard to find the truth, not what I want to be true. In Genesis, it is written ‘the earth was void and without form’, but the Hebrew says ‘the earth became void’. The earth changed sometime before Adam. Our creation existed beforehand. The Bible is clear about this. The concept of time to God is different than it is to men. Twice it is written that a day to God is a thousand years to us. Evolution to me is one of the silliest of all beliefs if you really think about it. Evolutionists will bring up dinosaurs, but it is dinosaurs that will help me prove my point. If evolution is real, then dinosaurs should still be around, even after a cataclysm. No one can tell me that dinosaurs would be lower on the evolutionary chart than animals of today. They were bigger and more powerful so why would evolution make them smaller and weaker? I thought it was ‘survival of the fittest’. A chicken evolved from T-rex? Please! We have never witnessed a species evolve into another. I know these morons will say “it happens over many years’, but how many species are there? It’s well over a million. How long has it been since Darwin? It’s been over 150 years since he put forth that theory, and even before that there was the written word- and we have not witnessed one species change or give birth to another?! Where are neanderthals? Through evolution, there would be a constant flow of them since humans exist. Even if they all died, evolution would be churning them out if evolution existed since we now roam the earth. Monkeys couldn’t skip neanderthals and produce us. No species would be extinct. Just wait because evolution will bring them back. It’s amazing these scientists even have Christians fooled with this nonsense. Common sense dictates 500,000 years from now that robins are going to have robins, dogs will have dogs, cows will have cattle, and monkeys will have monkeys, not neanderthals. My doctrine is those dinosaurs were from the first earth age and those neanderthals were us, not our ancestors.

      As far as climate change goes, scientists have zero credibility on this issue, from the climategate scandal where Dr Phil Jones talked about “hiding the decline” in temperatures and every projection being proven wrong over time, to the ice age hysteria of the 70s, which they deny they produced the hysteria. I was alive back then, so I remember it. Here are two questions no scientist can answer… Since they were pushing manmade ice age up until ’80 or ’81, and in ’88 the UN declared the earth was now in danger from manmade global warming, how is it humanly possible to go from ‘ice age’ to ‘global warming’ well within a decade? It’s impossible for men to cause such a drastic change within such a short period of time. Secondly, what happened to the celebration? We averted the ice age! There had to be a period between the hysterias where everything was okay, so why didn’t scientists celebrate us coming out of a possible ice age? They could have even taken credit for it. I think that’s a big freakin’ deal. Millions, if not billions could have died. All would have been affected, yet they went from one crisis to the next, and they were polar opposites. There is only one thing that can cause that big of a change within a decade, and that’s the sun- not to mention Mars’ cooling and warming cycles mirrored ours, but then again you can’t rob the American people and push forth population control if it’s just the sun. They tried that a hundred years ago. The same progressives had scientists say the earth was overly populated and we needed eugenics to save the earth. If you didn’t believe that, because it was a scientific consensus, you were too stupid for your own good. Sound familiar? Obviously the earth was not overly populated a hundred years ago. Scientists were paid by satanic progressives to reduce the population. Now satanic progressives are at it again, paying and using scientists pushing the scam of global warming. It will eventually be to push for population control. It has already started.

      Thanks for the comment- well thought out.

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