Get politics out of climate debate: Opposing view

Another good article from manmade climate change skeptic, and Weather Channel founder, John Coleman. Years ago, before the Weather Channel, Coleman was a meteorologist in Chicago. He was also an ‘ice age’ skeptic back when these same liars were saying man was causing the impending, or existing ice age. He was proven right.

Get politics out of climate debate: Opposing view.

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2 comments on “Get politics out of climate debate: Opposing view

  1. Tommy Fay says:

    You seek to impress without Proving by scripture, as you said you would. The word of God did not record girls that were born,Cain could have married his sister. You are confusing also, saying Satan is cains father only to turn around and say that only God can create a soul, but you say that satan is cains BIOLOGICAL father. You’ve evidently not read the book of Enoch – it’s through the fallen angels that these descendents of cain came about in the days of David. And your belittling of people shows that you are more carnally minded than spiriual.It seems to me that you are more concerned about his Carnal (physical ) COLOR than the True message God Is trying to portray. So, mr.ruddy man,I assume you consider yourself ruddy with a bunch of wool hair,try scripturally making your case, because I’m not just taking your word of nonsense if you can’t. God Is not the author of confusion. And YOU are confusing.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      Actually, I have read the book of Enoch. The children of Cain had nothing to do with the giants. The Anakim were giants and Kenites were not. I go by the original Hebrew, and in Numbers 24:21-22, the original Hebrew word for Kenite was “Cain”, as it’s in Judges 4:11 also. Kenites are not described anywhere as being giant. Now you may have your opinion, but I only go by what is written in the original languages. Your assertion that Cain’s descendants are the nephilim is wrong Biblically because of the original word being Cain in those verses I pointed out, and the children of Semjaza, Azazel, and others came generations after Cain, so you’re wrong. As far as belittling goes, I only do it if people ignore what I write, or completely ignore verses that are right there because it does their opinions no good, or are disrespectful, as you are. Don’t lecture me like you’re on some stratospheric level of wisdom or etiquette, because you aren’t.

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