For those who do not know, I have another site where I deal with what is written in each chapter of the Bible. I started with the Gospel of Matthew, then skipped the other gospels for now, to Acts of the Apostles through Revelation. I have just finished 1st Thessalonians and I’m adding onto it pretty quickly. When I finish Revelation, I will either get back to the other gospels or Genesis. While this site deals with questions about doctrine, as well as the perpetrators who are purposely bringing about the end to secure a worldwide oligarchy, the other site gives lessons about each chapter from the point of view of one of the elect. The site is called “The Church of Philadelphia”, the church of the elect.



I really want to acknowledge those Christians who come to my site from all countries. WordPress allows me to see where my viewers come from, and some of these countries are not Christian-friendly. There is not much more of a heartening thing to me than knowing there are Christians who risk their lives for their faith, especially in Islamic nations. And for some of them to come to my site? It’s an honor to teach you and answer your questions. I pray I have helped. I have prayed and will pray to God that He keeps all of you safe and strengthens your resolve, even in the face of death.

Remember, God did not spare His own Son, but had Him suffer to fulfill His purpose. What did our Lord receive for His suffering? All glory. Stephen died with his faith and became the first Christian martyr. Peter was also martyred. Paul also risked his life and suffered greatly not to only learn the Word, but spread it. Paul also most likely suffered martyrdom. Did they feel Christ was worth it? Most certainly. Because things were revealed to them through the Holy Spirit, they had great faith in what they were to receive after their deaths. If they knew what was coming, then have faith at what is reserved for you when your time comes. After things were revealed to them, they didn’t run away from their belief, did they? They ran headlong into places where it could be dangerous to spread the Gospel that Jesus is Lord.

Keep faithful to Christ and He will be faithful to you. He has a place for you beyond anything you can imagine having, and you avoid condemnation. He died for you, so be willing to reciprocate His sacrifice with yours. This life and the suffering we can encounter in this life is temporary. Eternity is forever, so don’t let your eternity be full of suffering and shame. You wouldn’t want to let your Lord down, would you? I do not think lightly the struggle you may have by holding onto your faith in Christ in countries that are hostile to our beliefs. If I do not think think lightly of it, how do you think our Lord thinks of it? Because you hold onto your faith in harm’s way, you bring a smile to His face. He’s eager to reward you. I hope He keeps you safe. If you suffer death for His sake, you will be safe forever. God bless all Christians in harm’s way.


There is more than one incident in the Bible where God didn’t hold back much of His anger after Israel either disobeyed Him or completely turned away from Him. I have written a post a while back called “God’s Tolerance In The Old Testament”, which was not so much about His tolerance for Israel, but for us all. Why His laws were so strict to Israel was for two main reasons. One, Israel was His chosen race, so therefore He held them to a higher standard and He showed them great things in their presence. Secondly, it was to offset the effects of the sin committed by Adam and Eve. Because they ate from the literal tree of knowledge of good and evil (the book of Enoch clearly states the trees of life and knowledge were real trees), they brought onto this creation sin and death before its due time. As I explained in that post, somebody was going to eat from that tree at some point. As I have also explained all over my site, our creation has lived once before and nearly all committed a great crime in the eyes of God. The written proof is in the shadows, but Romans 8, 11, and Jeremiah 1:5 are undeniable. Another thing to look at is the tree of knowledge of good and evil itself. It was a sin for Adam and Eve to eat from it. Jesus is the foundation of this age. He was destined to live sinlessly and die for our sins before sin was invented in this age. So before Adam and Eve sinned, Jesus was destined to die for the remission of sins. See, the tree of knowledge was destined to bring sin and death onto this creation because our creation in the previous age had already sinned. The serpent, Satan, tried to corrupt this creation so early that Jesus might not have had the ability to be born if this creation was so thoroughly corrupted. We could have already destroyed eachother by then and God would have probably cut His losses. To head off the effects of Satan’s corruption of this creation so early, God came up with strict laws and harsh punishments to give for the breaking of such laws to push away the complete corruption of the world long enough for the Christ to live and die for our current and former sins. These are the reasons for God’s laws being so strict and the punishments being so harsh. It is a similar reason why God was so hard on Israel.

As most of you know, soon after the Israelites witnessed the ten plagues of Egypt and the dividing of the Red Sea, Israel made themselves a golden calf and gave into debauchary. These weren’t the only miracles they saw and that wasn’t the only time they disobeyed Him within that journey. They ate manna from heaven and drank water from a rock. They saw God lead them in travel by a cloud at day and pillar of fire by night, so they knew He existed, and they still disobeyed Him. Then you have the books of the Kings, Judges, and others filled with stories where Israel made idols and thoroughly corrupted themselves. Then God would send a messenger, whether it be Isaiah, Ezra, Zechariah, Elijah, or others and tell them what was about to happen to them and they came true. The prophets told Israel if they turned back to Him, He would let up His anger and restore them. Then finally after suffering a while, Israel would apologize and find their way back to Him, so He showed them mercy and delivered them from the hands of their enemies. Again, fulfilling the prophecy of God’s messengers. Israel had everything at their disposal to have incredible faith throughout the generations, but time and time again they gave into the Baals and disowned the Lord God.

The reason why God was so harsh when Israel turned away wasn’t because He just wanted to punish them. It was to humble them before Him so He can carry out His plan for them and the entire world. If they didn’t turn back to Him, the Messiah would not have been born. If the Messiah couldn’t be born, this age would have been for nothing and I guarantee you that none of us in this generation would have been born either. This creation would have killed themselves off long before this generation if evil had that strong of a stranglehold, not to mention God would have probably ended it Himself. Satan knew very well what he was doing in beguiling Eve.

I know some Jew-haters will also point out these things Israel did to justify their hatred, which is laughable to me. These people have lived after Christ’s sacrifice, but would they have been any different back then? I guarantee you not, because their understanding of the Bible is so miniscule that there is no way they would have done anything different. Israel was God’s chosen race, but God selected what souls to put in that flesh. In those times, those of Israel would be more faithful than those of other nations. The Israelites, at least generally, were the best people in God’s eyes in that time. Do you really believe fools (and they will be proven to be fools) would have been more faithful to God than Israel? Hogwash! These people… all they do is to look and study to have their hatred validated. For example, I have had someone tell me he doesn’t really hate Jews, but not long ago I went to his site to check it out and yes, he’s not just a Jew-hater, but also a white supremacist. Gee, I love those guys. According to him… see if you could follow this… the New World Order run by Jews back in 1948 created the state of Israel to subsequently launch a base to eventually control the world. I’m assuming he was calling the United Nations the NWO. Sounds believable, right??? If anyone disagrees with him, he is quite adamant in stating that he’s been studying this for forty-three years. Within five minutes of reading this pulitzer-quality stuff, I thought to myself “what about the battle of Armageddon?” What of the battle of Armageddon? Well it’s a place. In Hebrew, armageddon means “mountains of Megiddo”, which is in northern Israel. This is where the nations aligned with Satan meet for battle. Now let’s look at the current enemies of Israel. The UN body is… yes, the same UN that re-established Israel in 1948, Syria, Iran, Russia, China, Islamists throughout the Arab, Asian, and African world, and marxists… these aren’t holy people. All these enemies of Israel will be those aligned with Satan meeting at Israel’s northern border. If YOU are against Israel, you are aligned with SATAN! There is NO explaining this away. 43 years…. five minutes to tear it down biblically. You can drive in the wrong direction for 43 years, you still won’t find the right destination, and you are exactly what I first accused you of being.

As I tried to explain time and time again, I don’t want Jew-haters here. They are not welcome and their comments won’t be approved. There is no logic that a fool will taste test. A fool will find what’s right to be repugnant. If you decide to futily contend with one, all you’ll get is Zionist this and Zionist that, and the first part of foolishness is to hate Jews, Israelites, or Israel.

Psalm 129:5 “Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.”

Don’t contend. Don’t discuss. Just ignore and move along. Don’t waste your time.


Many of you know I have spoken of Psalm 22 before, calling it the most important chapter in the entire Bible-not to dismiss the others. See, there was a reason Christ said “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” when He was on the cross, and it wasn’t because He had doubt. You really think He doubted God? You really think He thought God forsook Him? No, there was a reason behind that line. I’m going to write this Psalm here, updating the language in the correct translation and if this doesn’t build your faith that Christ is Lord, not much will.

1. My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me? Why are You so far from helping Me and the words from My moaning?

2. O, My God, I cry in the daytime, but You do not hear, and in the night time, and am not silent.

3. But You are Holy, oh You that dwell in the praises of Israel.

4. Our fathers trusted in You: they trusted and You delivered them.

5. They cried to You and were delivered: they trusted in You, and were not disappointed.

6. But I am a worm and no Man; a reproach of men and despised of the people.

7. All that see Me laugh Me to scorn: they divide the lip, they shake the head, saying,

8. He trusted on the Lord, that He would deliver Him: let Him deliver Him seeing He delighted in Him.

9. But You are He that took Me out of the womb: You did make Me hope when I was on My mother’s breasts.

10. I was cast upon You from the womb: You are My God from My mother’s belly.

11. Be not far from Me; for trouble is near; for there is no one to help.

12. Many bulls have surrounded Me: bulls of Bashan have set around Me.

13. They opened upon Me with their mouths, as a ravening and roaring lion.

14. I am poured out like water, and all My bones are out of joint; My heart is like hot wax; it is melted in the midst of My bowels.

15. My strength is dried up like a potsherd; and My tongue cleaves to My jaws, and You have brought Me into the dust of death.

16. For dogs have encompassed Me: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed Me: they pierced My hands and My feet.

17. I can count all My bones: they look up and stare at Me.

18. They divide My clothes among them, and cast lots upon My garments.

19. But be not far from Me, oh Lord: oh My strength, make haste to help Me.

20. Deliver My soul from the sword; My life from the power of the dog.

21. Save Me from the lion’s mouth; for You have heard Me from the horns of unicorns.

22. I will declare Your name to My brothers: in the midst of the congregation I will praise You.

23. You that fear the Lord, praise Him; all You of the seed of Jacob, glorify Him, and fear Him, all you seed of Israel.

24. For He has not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted; neither has He hid His face from him; but when he cried to Him, He heard.

25. My praise shall be of You in the great congregation: I will pay My vows before them that fear Him.

26. The meek shall eat and be satisfied: they shall praise the Lord that follow Him: Your heart shall live forever.

27. All the ends of the world shall remember and turn to the Lord: and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before You.

28. For the Kingdom is the Lord’s, and He is the Governor among the nations.

29. All they that are rich upon earth shall eat and worship: all those that go down into the dust shall bow before Him, and none can keep alive his own soul.

30. A seed shall serve Him; it shall be accounted to the Lord for a generation.

31. They shall come, and shall declare His righteousness to a people that shall be born that He has done this.

As you see in the first verse, Jesus repeated that line on the cross. That is what He was doing. He was telling us all that He was Lord and this psalm proves it. For anyone that might say that the gospels wrote of His death to link it to this psalm, no denomination teaches this psalm was about Christ’s crucifixion. In verses 7-8, 16, and 18 you can clearly read these things in the gospels. This psalm of David must have been from a prophetical dream, as it is very visual. It seems there were different viewpoints during this vision , but especially from Jesus’ viewpoint. Verse 17 gives evidence of this. This is such a poignant psalm that gives further testimony of how He felt without counting the physical. I urge all who read this to spread it around, not for my sake, but theirs. This will strengthen faith.


Oh, my Lord, how I have fallen
My failures have covered my head
My iniquities are as the sand in a desert

I have failed the both of You
The soul You entrusted in me I rebuked
What have I done?
Oh, my Lord, what have I done?

Now I have learned my lesson
There is no way I can fall away again
I have straightened my path to You
I can’t be torn away

Now I beg You to undo what I have done
Your promise still is held by Your firm word
I know You have tried before to fulfill
But now I’m here, my Lord
Most anxiously awaiting that promise!

How many cries must I make?
How many times must I wish for death?
How many days must I fast to make it up to both of You?
No price is too high for the fulfillment of that promise
But I beg You to act hastily
For I don’t know how much I have left

Oh, my God, I love You more than my own soul
I cannot even fathom how great You are
How good and loving You are
Even after all I have done
That You will still keep that promise, Amen


Yesterday, the Obama administration made an agreement along with other nations with Iran over its nuclear program. On the surface, the Obama administration will have you believe that this agreement is good for all nations, including Israel and makes us all safer. He would have you believe that this at the very least buys time and for this agreement to work, Iran is a nation we can trust. Despite the message by the Obama administration, there is no way Iran will honor this agreement and Obama is fine with that. Iran unquestionably wants a nuclear weapon, so any agreement they would make with the international community absolutely would not curtail their ambition. President Obama knows this. We all know this, so why the agreement? Because this agreement by Obama vociferously tells Israel that if they want to stop Iran from getting a weapon that they must act alone to stop it. I said almost a year ago in the page listed above “In The News” that Obama has no intention of stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons because he wants Israel to act alone to stop them so they will be to blame for all of the subsequent problems of the world. Despite policies that will inevitably take down the United States, thus the world, other people must be blamed so a grand solution can come to solve the problems he purposely caused, and marxists must tie Jews into it somehow. As I said, Israel will act alone to stop Iran’s nuclear program, so what do you think will be the repercussions? What do you honestly think will be the reaction of President Obama if Israel bombs Iran? If you can picture his utter disappointment and him saying “Israel jumped the gun after we made progress to curtail Iran’s nuclear ambitions”, then that would make two of us. So again, why the agreement? If this agreement helps Israel, then why are they supposed to it? Israel has more important things than politics to worry about concerning things like this. They have their existence to worry about, and they have history backing up their fears.

Every once in a while, President Obama lets you know that he indeed is a twenty year student of Reverend Wright’s self-professed marxist church. For anyone blind enough to think that Obama didn’t know of those horrible things Wright said in the videos or that he didn’t agree with them, I will make it clear to even his greatest sycophants that not only did he know of them, but agreed with them. President Obama claimed he was unaware of those videos and those opinions, and enough Americans actually bought this to elect him in 2008. President Obama went to that church for twenty years on the average of twice a month- his words. He wrote a book called “Audacity of Hope” which was a title of one of Reverend Wright’s sermons. That book was based on Wright’s sermons and Obama said for this book he studied Wright’s writings, sermons, and opinions intently. The Sunday after 9/11 Wright said “America’s chickens have come home to roost”. Obama might not have been there, but the news of this sermon appeared in the New York Times the very next day. Obama didn’t know his pastor said this? He went there for more than six years afterward. And that video of the Sunday after 9/11 told me everything I needed to know about Obama. Before those videos came out, I had no opinion of him. I did wonder why he was being so purposefully ambiguous. He would make a twenty minute speech on how shiny forks can be. When those videos came out, especially the video of the Sunday after 9/11, I saw everything. I have studied people intently all of my life, and what I saw in that particular video made me know what Obama was and why he was being so ambiguous. Put yourself back to the same mindset you had the Sunday after 9/11. Remember your hurt, your grief, your shock. Remember all of those around you were just as hurt as you were. Now imagine in 99% of all churches the pastor, priest, preacher, rabbi, or whoever gets up there and says “America’s chickens have come home to roost”, what would be the reflex of the people who were there? More people at least percentage-wise probably went to church that Sunday than in decades because of the greatest catastrophe in American history. Thousands of Americans had just died and the pastor says “America’s chickens have come home to roost”. What would be the reflex of the congregation upon hearing this on that day? It would be stoned silence. They would not believe what they were hearing. They wouldn’t be angry, at least not instantly. They’d be wondering if the pastor was having a breakdown, or an aneurism, or maybe they were in a weird way playing devil’s advocate to get to a point to show what evil people might think, but if it carried on, then they would get angry. The congregation at Obama’s church heard those words and instantaneously applauded. There was no pause between words and ovation. This told me it wasn’t just these videos. For those people to be so desensitized on that solemn day, knowing thousands of innocent Americans were murdered by terrorists, that they clap when the pastor says they got what they had coming? They had to hear those repulsive words we saw in the videos quite often to be that desensitized, which means Obama was quite aware of Wright’s vile opinions. Remember, Oprah also went to that church for two years, but left. Given some of her recent opinions, I believe she stopped going not because she was offended at what she heard, but was afraid people would find out what her pastor was saying and she would be hurt financially. At least she had better foresight than our current president. Only because America is so lost and the media was on a full court press to marginilize the idea that Obama was aware of Wright’s videos was he allowed to become president. He knew what Reverend Wright was saying. For those who accept this fact, but think he didn’t agree with them, esssplain this for me. Those things Wright said were so repulsive, so vile, so divisive that if you don’t agree with them, you leave. None of those things were things you would think “I don’t necessarily agree with what he said, but I see his point”! There is no way one can go there for twenty years and hear these things and not agree with them. It’s impossible. You cringed seeing those videos. The president obviously did not.

If you peek past the facade and stop focusing on his nice smile, you will see that he is Reverend Wright. You have one of the authors of his signiture healthcare law, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel (Rahm’s brother) who came up with the Complete Lives System that measures a person’s worth by their contribution or drag to society when taking in factors like age and disability. You have the IRS targeting the president’s enemies, and asking them what God they pray to and how they feel about Israel. You have him moving us in a direction where there is no coming back after calling former President Bush “unpatriotic” for spending too much money, and don’t buy his excuse. You have him treating Israel the way he has and you cannot deny the fact that Obama is indeed of one mind with Reverend Wright. Wright blamed Israel often. Add that with the fact that Obama was close friends with a former spokesman of the PLO named Rashid Khalidi, then you will understand why this agreement was made. No one with a brain should think that Obama thinks this deal with Iran is good. He knows it’s bad for Israel and the entire world, so that is why he made it. It wasn’t to claim an achievement. It was to tell Israel “you are and will be alone”. Americans who have the resources should help Israel out starting today to make up for the undeniable absence of our unholy government.


I fear many things now. I keep no fear for myself, but I fear for the lost. I fear that their souls will be put into everlasting damnation because they allowed themselves to be swept into the fray of the times. Since before I started reading the Bible more than seventeen years ago, I have seen it. I saw the people eyes filled red with fear and hate doing what they think they have to do to gain back some normalcy, sealing their fate as murderers either by deeds or consent. I have known all of my days that I would live through it. No way could I deny it. Now well versed in the Word, I see how these people will get to such a point of desperation that they believe murder can lead to harmony. I have written it many times throughout my site how it would come, dated by WordPress, not by me. I have warned that the United States was about to fall and who would push it over the edge and why. I even said later we have already fallen, we just haven’t hit the ground yet. We are living in a most interesting time where good and evil have switched places as quickly as a light can be turned on and off. Morality has been torn asunder and what we find to be acceptable are things the Lord God has destroyed cities and nations for doing. The city of Sodom would barely stand out in the world today, but the Lord destroyed it to preserve all after them.

Let me provide some insight on the Lord and what He’s had to do for us. I have written here at my site ad nauseum that all of our souls are older than our bodies. This is undeniable in the Word. That there are very few amongst our creation that were judged before this life and that God has reserved seven thousand of them for the last generation. For anyone that believes God was speaking about Jews that lived in the days of Elijah, here’s a question you need to answer: how does God reserve to Himself someone from His point of view? These people are called God’s elect, or the election of grace. Less than a percentage point among the billions of our creation that have ever lived in the human flesh were judged before this life and were judged innocent (Romans 8:30). This life and this age weren’t the spawning ground of our creation. We have existed before and since only a tiny fraction were judged to be innocent, how would God have judged the rest if He judged them at all? There would be some who would have been forgiven before this life, but by far most would have been condemned forever if judgment came upon all of our creation. I won’t say openly what crime nearly all of our creation committed before this life, but you can imagine what could the greatest crime be in the eyes of the One who created us. I know this crime and I can sincerely say He had every right (not just because He’s God) to condemn maybe 80% or more amongst our creation forever and ever for what we did. INSTEAD He decided to give our creation another chance and put us in these flesh bodies. In the garden of Eden, He put Adam, Eve, the tree of life, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The tree of knowledge was put there for a reason, even though God commanded Adam and Eve to not touch it or eat from it. Jesus is the foundation of this world, so He was destined to live and die for the remission of sins before sin was upon Earth because of our past crime. God intended for someone else to eat from this tree long after Adam and Eve did.

You want to get a good glimpse at how sly Satan is??? Twice in the book of Revelation, John refers to Satan as being that old serpent. Satan knew if he could get Adam and Eve to eat from this tree, then he could really corrupt this creation perhaps to the point the Christ would never have been born. If the Christ couldn’t be born due to the complete corruption of this creation, God would have probably done His permanent judgment and most would be in Hell right now and forever. God’s only chance for the salvation of this creation was to choose a nation and put upon them the strictest of laws and harsh punishments for the breaking of these laws to hold off the corruption of this creation long enough for the Christ to be born. Millennia later, those of Satan now all over the public spectrum mock believers by pointing out how cruel God was in the Old Testament, but He did it to stave off the effects of their very own master! That’s Satan for you. Get to know him. The Son came and lived a sinless life and feared of His impending death. This must have haunted Him countless nights and quiet moments throughout His life. He died a most painful and humiliating death with Satan hoping He would call on the angels to spare Him. If Jesus did decide He could take no more, the human species would not exist today. He went through this horrific experience not for the guarantee this creation would use Him to achieve everlasting life, but merely the hope. If Christ failed to die, no one on Earth would have been born going back centuries and God would have cut His losses. He sacrificed His Son, therefore Himself for this creation. God even sacrificed the elect and made them go through things most do not to ready them for their burden of serving Him. Again, not to guarantee anything, but to hope for everything. These are the things our God has done for His very unfaithful creation. Having said that, Satan rules this age because we sin and die. Satan is named Death.

Eve birthed a child fathered by Satan named Cain. She might have thought her son was of Adam, but read carefully the prophecy God gave Satan about his seed and the woman’s seed. “He shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heal.” God became displeased with the offerings brought by Cain, but was very pleased with Abel’s offering. Cain became jealous of Abel’s work. Cain bruised Abel’s heal by being jealous of Abel’s work. The heal is work. The head is his own jealous torment. Cain killed Abel using the exact motivation God predicted to the serpent Satan. Cain was then banished from there and his line split from the line of Adam. Cain’s line started in Genesis 4, while Adam’s beginning with Seth started in Genesis 5. The line of Kenites started with Cain and his father Satan. 1st Chronicles also shows Cain was not of the line of Adam. Now some may say that it’s because he was banished, but I have recently found a mistranslation in the King James that proves 100% the Kenites have come from Cain. Numbers 24:21-22 “And he looked on the Kenites and took up his parable, and said ‘Strong is your dwellingplace, and you put your nest in a rock. Nevertheless the *Kenite* shall be wasted, until Asshur shall carry you away captive.'” The word “Kenites” was correct, but the word “Kenite” surrounded by asterisks was not. The original Hebrew word there was “Cain”. This proves conclusively that the Kenites came from Cain and that they survived the flood of Noah, for God told Noah to gather two of every kind (flesh), not two of every beast. If you want to read about the flood, read “How Did Noah Fit All The Animals On The Ark”.

So the Kenites came from Cain, and Cain came from Satan. This was not the last interaction between the Israelites and the Kenites. Kenites actually became part of the land of Israel and in 1st Chronicles 2:55 it says Kenites were appointed to be scribes, a very important position to have among the Israelites. Why were they given such a distinguished position? They must have been very convincing, just as their father Satan was to convince Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge despite actually speaking with the Lord and Him forbidding her not to. Kenites have every predisposition Satan possesses. They are power-hungry. Satan’s fall was due to his desire to become God. They are convincing, manipulative, great liars, and another distinction is that they have an innate hatred for real Israelites and the land of Israel. The enmity God prophesied to the serpent Satan did not die with Cain and Abel. It still exists today.

In the time of Jesus, Kenite scribes, Pharisees, and elders had more power in Israel than when Israel wasn’t trodden down, and if anyone got in their way or if their power was threatened, they’d have them killed. Jesus scorned the Kenites time and time again, saying “Woe to you scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites!” In Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, Jesus spoke about “those who say they are Jews, and are not, but (are of the synagogue of Satan 2:9) do lie (3:9).” Now not every Kenite is evil, for there are God created souls within them, but they do have these symptoms of Satan. It’s up to them if they decide to embrace those Satanic urges.

Karl Marx was one of those who says he was a Jew, but was a Kenite. He bruised the heel of the “haves” hoping to inflame those who gave in to envy and covetousness. He could care less for the working class or the “have nots”. He knew if manipulated, they could change the balance of power around the whole world catapulting him and his friends to totalitarian power. Marxist disciples, such as Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, and others used his strategy not to help the working class they vocalized their support for, but to rule over them. Our creation’s stupidity fell for it time and time again. Even with history readily at our fingertips, we are about to fall for it once again.

I have predicted that George Soros, another Kenite, will collapse the United States to ensure the collapse of the entire world to usher in the New World Order. He has collapsed other countries using subversion to divide people within the nation to engineer the fall. He has paid off the media, politicians, and working class leaders to bring about regime change while he also makes money by betting against their falling currency. He has spoken about his “Messiah complex” and his experiences as a Hungarian youth during WWII. He was part of the Judenrat and described 1944 as being the happiest year of his life, the same year most Hungarian Jews were sent to extermination camps and died. Obviously he must have known some of them. Asked if he would rescind or modify that comment, he said “no”. He also said that his mother was anti-Semitic. He has said that he also has no kinship with the Jews or Israel. The Arab revolutions that threaten Israel with radical Islamists had his fingerprints all over them because he has enmity for Israel. In this nation he uses the same gameplan of paying media to be as subversive as possible to weaken us, as he has done in others. His wolf in sheep’s clothing president is spending the United States and the dollar into oblivion, but he is portrayed to care about poor Americans. Obama threatens the rich with charged rhetoric because his puppetmaster bruises the heal of those that oppose him. All George Soros wants to do is consolidate all wealth by using the desperate and the covetous to threaten the “haves” to bring them on his side, which is what Marx also wanted to do. This happened time and time again throughout the last century and we’re about to do it again. It is the same people using the same people and the same rhetoric and tactics they used pre-revolution in all of those worker’s revolutions. The media will be as repugnant and divisive as possible because their Satanic master has given them their orders. Occupy Wall Street had their obituary written by many on the right, but I assure you they will have their resurrection. What you saw, as I said back then, was a dry run. Soros wanted to see how vacuous and lemmingish (if that’s a word) the youth are. Imagine the youth screaming at the top of their lungs against capitalism while holding their iPads and iPhones and saying the world owes them a living. NO ONE IS OWED ANYTHING! Christ was born in a manger, but they are owed a living??? Every vacuous one of them not recognizing they are doing the same things as Lenin’s “useful idiots” did deserve to be deceived, and so do many more. Many people right now seen as good people will become ravenous wolves when desperate.

America mostly blames congress for the current shutdown, but as I again predicted here at my site that Soros/Obama is spending so much in the deficit that they are forcing republicans to eventually make a stand. If it’s not over health care, it will be over the debt ceiling. If it’s not over the debt feiling, it will be over something else. At some point, Soros/Obama will force even the most squeemish republican politician make a stand so when the plug is pulled and all feel the crash, they will be to blame. Soros in all of the other revolutions, such as the Rose, the Orange, and the Velvet made sure that even though he caused the economic calamity that it would be his opposition that gets the blame by the media he had bought and paid for. For you conservatives salivating for 2014, I would look for another fight to win if I were you.

Throughout my site I have taught the Word and have made predictions about what’s coming, dated and specific. With my predictions now easily within eyeshot, eventually someone has to listen. America is not the fight. Salvation is.


To me, some of the greatest stories are the stories of redemption. Not much pleases me more than when I see a troubled person find their way to the right path. It is even better when that person finds their way to God. There are different types of redemption, but all who persevere through rough phases, even if they are self-inflicted, lay the ground work for the greatest of the redemptions. The stories of Michael Vick and Robert Downey Jr. I find particularly heartening. Michael Vick did some really horrific things earlier in his life. He abused and killed dogs and cats. After he served his punishment, he was still a bit defiant as to fully humbling himself. His first press conference made me wonder if he learned anything, but sometimes the road to redemption can have stumblingblocks. It can be a process. I’ve been real impressed at how he has handled himself the last few years though. I wish him luck and will pray for him after I’m done writing this. Robert Downey Jr. was as down and out as we have seen publicly in quite a long time. Time after time he was caught doing something addicts do. He even found himself sleeping in a strange girl’s bed after getting high. He was sadly the butt of many jokes, but I had heard pretty early on during his ordeal with drugs that his father introduced him to drugs when he was very young. Sure, like all addicts he was trying to escape from something, but this was all he knew. I was really rooting for him to find his way to sobriety. When he did, I doubt there were many people who were more happy about it than I was. The strength to fight and win against poor life choices shows the capability to do so much more than just straightening out their lives, and I think they know that. It shouldn’t end with just becoming sober or stop making the wrong decisions. Now they have a responsibility to do more because God gave them a second chance.

People who battle through things they couldn’t help also hearten me. I am one of them. People with diseases, those who have been abused, and the poor many times show the greatest of human strengths. Even those who lose out to their battle to deadly diseases show the strength of a winner. Perhaps life isn’t their great prize. Those three women who were kidnapped for so many years in Cleveland couldn’t impress me more. To come out of that alive is a miracle. One of them is mentally challenged, but you wouldn’t know it when you hear her speak. She spoke eloquently with unimaginable strength to the man who had abused her for a decade at his sentencing hearing. Who couldn’t be impressed with her, or even all three of them? I hope they can move on as best as they can. This monster who abused them is no longer with us, because he took his own life. Don’t think we somehow got cheated out of imprisoning him for many years. What device of man compares to the device of God that He has for those who do such things? Nobody is cheated from this monster’s suicide.

At the heart of this age and the existence of humanity is redemption of the Lord. This is why we are here. Some are here to light the path, and the rest are here to hopefully find it. If you have come here before and are familiar with what I’ve taught many times, you will know that there have been some, albeit very, very few who have already been judged innocent before this life in a permanent way. They are called God’s elect, or the election of grace. Some might say this defines Calvinism, but it really does not. Calvinism means everything has been pre-ordained when it comes to who becomes a Christian. This is foolish. If it was so, then this life means nothing and redemption is just a hollow word. At the same time, I cannot ignore what clearly is written about some who have been predestined to do certain things for the Lord. Romans 8, Romans 11, Jeremiah 1:5— it doesn’t get much more clear than these. God calls many, but has only chosen a few. The few are not glamorous people to be, for they are the Lord’s bondsmen and go through things most do not to ready them for their burden. For your sake we are killed all the day long, and we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. Their lives are nothing but sacrifice. They work for the Lord by working for you. The elect cannot give redemption, but they can light the path.

Once Christ died and rose from the dead, true redemption from God’s point of view was etched in stone. In Christ, we are all invited to be partakers in victory because Satan failed at keeping Him from dying. If Christ at anytime said “Sorry Father, I cannot take anymore of this”, there would be no redemption. At this present time, there might not even be us. Where would we be right now? Considering each one of our souls are much older than our bodies, and yet only several thousand were judged innocent after the last life, would God give us another chance when the Best of us failed? Or would He just cut His losses to ensure that future Satans don’t arise for us to once again follow? Christ’s death carries the greatest of all weights and meanings. Without His sinless death for sin, there would be no breath to even utter the word “redemption”.

Who dares to mock one who takes advantage of Christ’s death? Your ability to mock is as the sand in an hourglass with no ability to turn it upside down. How can you put off your time? No matter how educated you might think you are, or how uneducated you think we are, there is one thing no thought of yours can change: we will be proven right. Generation after generation have come and gone, and some thought they really knew things, and generation after generation proof of their foolishness meets them at the gate. It was written millennia ago that God will make fools of the wise (those who think they know so much). How many souls that have passed by Him said,”I’m the smart one. You are but a fool.”? I’d reckon none. It’s a completely different posture when they are in His presence, I assure you.

To those who take advantage and hold true to Jesus’ sacrifice, you cannot even imagine how beneficial that decision is. You avoid eternal damnation filled with pain that is beyond human tolerance, but your reward will be redeemed. How much greater are the rewards He creates and gives than are the punishments He creates and gives? Think about it. Is His punishment more vast than His gift? Not a chance. For those who wonder why did He make a hell for us, just take to heart we have already failed Him after the gift of existence. God bless.


While in deep thought and prayer, I got a good glimpse into what our two Lords must be confronted with on a constant basis. The volume of things They must be confronted with is way beyond human comprehension and ability. Imagine it all for just a moment, then realize every second it is this way.

Of every second of every day, They have knowledge of things that warm Their hearts. People sacrificing for the sake of spreading the Gospel of Christ. People putting themselves in harm’s way for the sake of charity. Souls finding their way back to the Father. People praying to the Father to forgive their sins in the name of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Then there is every second of the day some Christian being ridiculed for their faith. Christians in danger for their lives for their faith. People are committing the most vile acts no one can process as being human. Children being molested or physically abused. Women being raped or beaten. Every second on Earth has these things. Every second for many, many years has had all these things and God and Jesus are ignorant of none of them.

Every second someone teaches and opens the eyes of others the Way to everlasting life. Every second someone perverts the Word for their own personal gain. Every second somebody figures out a mystery to a question they had about the Bible. Every second someone lies about what is written to another, pushing them away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every second somebody learns a pivotal lesson. Every second somebody blinds themselves to the Truth. The Lord God and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ are aware of it all. Imagine that. It can’t be comprehended by the human flesh. It can’t be.

Now add this to it all. We are all His children. We were all created by God. These are His children who kill one another. These are His children who lie about His Word and His Son. These are His children who abuse the young ones. Of every second of every day someone does something so wonderful it could bring Him to tears, and in that same moment someone else does something so vile He must have disbelief that this is His creation.

And what of the Christ? Every second someone is praying in His name. Every second someone takes advantage of His cruel, purposeful death. Every second somebody is thanking Him for His sacrifice telling Him they love Him unconditionally. Every second someone is mocking someone else for His name. Every second there is someone at least plotting to kill those who live for His name. People are imprisoned for His name. People are tortured for His name. Women are raped for His name. Even children face the evil of this world for His name. These things are as perpetual as the Earth spinning on its axis. It never stops. The only difference will be that one day those evil things our creation does will stop. Evil will be history and our Lords, the Holy Angels, and those judged righteous among our creation can finally have rest.

Our Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ, it is beyond human possibility to not only know Your Wisdom, but to understand what You see without rest. Speaking personally, I know we’ve had our ups and downs, all on my account, but I am eternally grateful for my existence and Your promises and the forgiveness of my sins. I hope I am doing work You are satisfied with because it is all for You. I am in Your hands. I am Yours to do with what You please. I am Your servant forever and ever. Amen.


If you pay attention to the news, you will see left-wing media and pundits bandwagon an issue using almost every word in verbatim. They are told what to discuss and even what buzz words to use. This proves they have no imagination and are just among the many flies who feed off the dung of George Soros. They’ll mock those with opposing views in all settings to humiliate them, just like Saul Alinsky taught. The political views they espouse mean almost nothing to them, especially to those who control them.

The most monotonous and futile thoughts are both sides of a political debate. On the surface of the issue is where most of us spend our time focusing on, but it’s the motivation of the debate we should focus on with laser-like precision. What are behind the stories of George Zimmerman, gun control, stand your ground laws, and a slew of others? The motivation of these pundits, and even more importantly their Gepettos doesn’t match their words. It’s all about setting up the villains of the future revolution. All you need to recognize this is to simply look at history, both the recent and distant past. There is no denying this because there is only one destination this path leads to.

If you want to do some real research, then read about George Soros’ admitted involvement in the Velvet, Rose, and Orange revolutions. There is video (if you can still find it) of him bragging about using subversive activities, which divides people within a nation any which way possible in order to bring about regime change. Read up his seven steps for revolution and then use simple math. If you can’t recognize these things happening here, then you are either blind or worse-delusional. Just look up his quotes and you will see he doesn’t have the best of intentions for this country and has openly discussed his desire for a New World Order and said that the U.S. was in the way. This is the goal. Of all the steps, the one easiest to recognize is “take control of the airwaves” by buying off media who would already be willing to give an open ear. Over the past few years though, you should recognize their rhetoric has sharpened and the personalities have become more vitriolic.

Gun control and ‘stand your ground’ laws- Throughout the history of worker’s revolutions, the marxist elites puppeteered the unions, youth, and other working class people to threaten then kill people who stood in the way of the desires of the marxist elites under the guise of social justice. In the Russian Revolution, the “useful idiots” as Lenin called them went by the slogan “kill the rich”. The useful idiots thought the rich were their enemies because they were told by Lenin and his ilk they were. The useful idiots thought the rich were in their way of living a harmonious life of social justice, so they became murderers doing Lenin’s dirty work. Murder to become harmonious… sickly oxymoronic. What they were actually doing was two things: one, force the rich to play ball with Lenin (not the ‘have nots’) to consolidate all wealth, and two, to remove money away from a future revolt after the useful idiots realized they were fooled.

After the Russian Revolution, other nations where a worker’s revolution happened used it as an example to intimidate the rich to submit quickly. After these revolutions, the useful idiots were told to hand in their guns because they won and would no longer need them. Not only did the useful idiots remove any money away from funding a future revolt, but if they had no weapons they wouldn’t be able to fight either. In all the worker’s revolutions, the workers won, but they also all lost. This is the true motivation and intention of marxism and they got exactly what they deserved.

The Founding Fathers felt that an armed people was a free people and wrote everyday citizens should be armed, which gives the 2nd Amendment context. Anyone who uses the “it was for militias” line is either uneducated or a liar. The reason why we haven’t had a government become tyrannical (yet) is because of the 2nd Amendment. What the elite marxists here want is to limit as much as possible the ability of those who are against a New World Order to fight it. Limiting ammo would provide a huge problem if let’s say the same mass mobs are used as they were in the worker’s revolutions in the past. Six bullet clips won’t be enough. People in the government themselves will coordinate with the new useful idiots, such as the Occupy movement to intimidate and even kill those who will stand in the way of a New World Order. If you don’t think that’s possible, all you have to do is recognize it is the same people using the same people, the same rhetoric, and the same tactics as they have in the worker’s revolutions. People in the government used these groups to kill their enemies. This is nothing new, so why will this result in anything different as we have already fallen off a financial cliff? There is no turning back now.

‘Stand your ground’ laws also would hinder useful idiot mobs because if a person feels threatened for their lives, they can defend themselves. Soros does not want that. He needs his useful idiots to win as quickly as possible.

George Zimmerman- I’m not one to make Zimmerman out to be some kind of hero and Martin to be some kind of villain. Nobody knows what happened. It is clear as a bell it was Zimmerman’s voice on the 911 call screaming for help, because he told the cops who came onto the scene he yelled for help without him knowing there was an audio recording of it. Is George Zimmerman a good man? I have no idea. What I do know is that any talk of him being a racist is the complete opposite of his history. What you won’t see in the Soros-paid media ( SPM) is that Zimmerman mentored black children, took a black girl to the prom, or that he defended a homeless black man against a white cop. This isn’t a racist man. What you also won’t see are the pictures taken and crimes committed by Trayvon Martin. Out of respect, I won’t go into it here. I will say that of all the evidence known, there was one potential racist in that confrontation and it wasn’t Zimmerman.

So why turn this into a racial issue? Because it’s subversive. In the nations Soros brought about regime change in, he divided people against one another to conquer them. In this nation you can divide people by classes, religions, genders, sexual orientation, and races. This is a potential subversive dreamland. He will cause his Pinocchios to take up one side to divide this country while making people on the opposite side focus on the surface of the issue, not the motivation behind it.

The race-baiters also push the victimization of black people which keeps black people down and also keeps the baiters relevant. There is no possible good to come out of anybody feeling victimized. None. Am I the only person in the world who knows this? I think everybody knows this, so what is the motivation behind it? Think about it. When you can pit the races against one another, you can accomplish a lot of harm to that nation.

Drug legalization- Permissive societies fall. This era of not passing judgment on people’s lives erodes us all as a nation and a planet. While the enemies of liberty will point the hatred by Christians of such people who sin, they work in concert with people who have a more violent reaction to the same such people proving again the issue is not the issue. If the elite marxists simply want homosexuals to be able to get married because it’s the right thing to do, then why are they working with extremist Muslims, which they no question are doing? The greatest of hypocrisies.

As the Roman Empire was about to collapse, they threw things out for the worried masses to enjoy and become distracted with. This will be no different. The Native Americans in great numbers became addicted to alcohol and drugs which basically kept them quiet. They were also given social programs which kept them poor and saying they need more help. After the useful idiots realize once again that they have been fooled, drugs and a few social programs will hopefully shut them up. Human impulses such as wanting to escape tough times, sex, and others will be taken advantage of by the marxist elites to keep the populace quiet and ignorant of what is happening. This will again be history repeating itself.

Make Christianity and the Jews/Israel the enemy- One of the more humorous things atheists and head-up-their-bums intellectuals will point out is that more people have died in the name of God than any other thing and even some vacuous Christians will bobblehead in agreement when hearing this. Their pal marxism just within a century has killed more than all religious wars put together from the beginning. The Russian Revolution killed somewhere between five and ten million. Stalin finishing the job killed around another twenty million. Hitler killed twelve million people. Six million were Jews. Mao Tse Tung killed at least fifty million people. These were not only not religious, but were absent of religion. Four marxists together killed around a hundred million or more, and I’m leaving out many marxist leaders and mass killings, such as Mussolini, Castro, and Pol Pot. You Christians who nodded in agreement when an idiot says more people have been killed in the name of God than anything else should be ashamed of yourselves.

Whenever there are Jews available, they must be made the scapegoats for the problems of the populace. It is inherent in marxism. Marxists have even used Christian sects to help foster hatred for the Jews, such as Hitler did with Pope Pius XII. The Catholic Church for centuries did this and the mass killings of the Jews wasn’t unique to WWII. For centuries europeans have killed Jews. Marxists know the Jews are an easy target. Even Satanic Christians will get involved with hate speech against the Jews. Not one of them is a Christian in the eyes of God, and now many of them have their reward. If you are one of the people who think the Jews have it coming for whatever reason, read “Those Who Hate Jews” and the particularly enlightening page at the top “Attention Jew-Haters:”.

Soros claims he is a Jew, but isn’t. Read “Rise of the Kenites” if you haven’t yet. He has spoken about his animosity for real Jews and the land of Israel, but will have his donated henchmen accuse anyone who speaks ill of him of being anti-semitic. I guess he can have it both ways. He had his hands on the Arab revolutions and wants the sworn enemy of Israel, the Muslim Brotherhood to be in control of Egypt. That is why the White House in concert with of course the SPM said not only wouldn’t the Muslim Brotherhood come to power, but they are mostly secular and really are nice people. As their strength increased and they started killing Egyptian Christians in the streets, the Christians protested to being killed and President Obama spoke harshly of not the rising Muslim Brotherhood, but the protesting Christians saying they won’t get in the way of fair elections. True story. Look it up. The only Egyptians protesting just before the election were Christians and they were protesting being killed. President Obama was fine and dandy with giving money and even tanks and F-16’s to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, but now has reservations after the military removed him from power. That’s because sworn enemies of Israel should be bordering Israel if you are Obama and Soros.

The philosophy of the Jews and Christians are to be mocked and frowned upon while anyone who points to what little it takes for Muslims to be motivated to kill gets labeled an islamaphobe. Can’t make this stuff up, but you’ve seen it. Those poor Muslims are out there again trying to kill a teenage girl for wanting to promote education for girls. Those poor Muslims are out there again wanting the death of a teacher because she allowed a student to name a teddy bear “Muhammad”. Those poor guys use mentally handicapped people to unwittingly explode hoping to take as many innocent people with them as possible. Those poor guys are hanging a young woman whose sexual crime might have been that she was raped. Yep, those poor guys. Are you kidding me? Gore sells his Current network just before such a sale would be taxed heavier to oil sheiks that own al Jazeera who threw a televised birthday party for Samir Kuntar who killed a family in Israel, including a four year old girl by smashing her skull in with his rifle. What more do you need to see that anything is possible?