A sage plea from your Christ. See that you not be troubled when things come crashing down around you and this time comes. This might be easier said than done, but there are things we can do when the prophecies of the end start being fulfilled to not be in a state of panic. First, we must all be prepared. Know when the time is nigh at hand. In probably the most conclusive verse that we see as signs of the end of the age was spoken by Jesus when He said “And Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles until the Gentiles times be fulfilled.” He gives more signs of the end then says “this generation shall not pass away till all things be fulfilled.” There is a hidden part of that prophecy, and I’ll show you what it is. Jesus was saying oh so very subtly that Jerusalem will come under Jewish control at a different time than Israel would. He could have said “Israel shall be trodden ….” That would have been proven to be a flawful prophecy though, because that generation has come and gone. Israel once again became a nation not controlled by Gentiles in 1948. Most of Jerusalem was not part of Israel at that time. That didn’t happen until 1967 in the Six Day War. I guess that’s one of those verses one can point out to those who don’t believe in the right of Israel and call themselves Christians, since a Gentile is anyone non-Jewish. There is more scripture that pertains to the Jews and Israel that I’ll get to later. Know when the time is nigh, He says. Be prepared. Jesus also said “pray that your flight not be in the winter”. This is a mystery to many as to what he means. Actually it’s so easy you’re going to kick yourself if you didn’t know it already. This was a reference to when birds fly south for the winter. If a bird is prepared, its flight south will come before the cold comes. If it’s not, then that bird is going to feel the cold because it will be too late to fly south. Even if you fly during the winter, you’ll feel the cold.

There are many pieces of advice for the end times, and the NT is filled with pleas to be prepared for it. If you know what’s coming, then you’ll not be tossed about to and fro when it does come. You’ll know what to do for yourself, your family, your friends, and anyone that might need you. You can be their anchor if they need one. Hold them down once the strongest of winds comes. What will be your reward?

The number two thing to do to be prepared when recognizing the end times are close at hand is to not expect to be raptured up. Forget those “Left Behind” movies because we are all going to be left behind. There will be no rapture. Unless you are totally sold on the rapture doctrine, I will convince you of this. Ezekiel 13:20 warns about false teachers who teach their flock how to fly. The most convincing thing though is the sounding of the last trump. The last trump when it shall sound will end the mystery of God. The LAST trump. Now if all of a sudden millions of Christians, and ONLY Christians suddenly vanish into thin air, wouldn’t the mystery of God be finished? Who would then say “oh, He doesn’t exist”? “Criss Angel did it!” The other noteworthy scriptures rapture believers can point out I can explain away with no problem. It is kind of foolish to think that God’s elect have to be here, and a 144,000 Jews that stay in Israel have to be here, but people who simply believe get to be raptured away? I don’t think so. If you think you get to fly away and then you don’t, how will you be? You will be as unprepared as those you smirk about and look down upon as the heathen. You will be a wingless bird that thought it could fly not south, but towards heaven. Instead you will feel the cold.

The third thing, and perhaps most important is that you MUST stand behind Israel and the Jews. You cannot be a Christian and be against the Jews or Israel. It is impossible. I’ve said in other posts that I don’t want to hear “Zionist” this and “Zionist” that, and neither does our God. If you are against Zion, God will confound you. It’s clear many of you already have been. I get some disturbing word searches about Jews that come to my site from people that call themselves Christians. You are already confounded if you hate the Jews or Israel. Once you go in that direction, you have become your own stumblingblock. Psalm 129:5 “Let them ALL be confounded and pushed back that hate Zion.” Can God be anymore clear? When this is all over, perhaps you can say to Him “Zionist” this and “Zionist” that. I, for some reason, don’t believe you will. Then we get to the Dragon that comes after the woman that beared the man child. The Dragon, as many know, is Satan. The man child, as many know, is Christ. The woman that beared him was Mary. Why would it say that Satan will come after the woman, not the Christ? To come after Christ would be to come after Christians. There’s no question Satan will do this, but it is in the manner that he comes after the woman is what this prophecy is pointing out to. Mary was a Jew. This separates Jew from Christian because of the manner Satan will come after her. Close to the end comes the battle of Armageddon. Many falsely believe this is a time or the event of the end. Far too many don’t pay attention to what it says that it is a place known in the Hebrew tongue as Armageddon. Armageddon comes from two separate Hebrew words. The first one is “har”, which means “mountain”. The second word is Megiddo. Megiddo is in the valley of Jezreel in northern Israel. This battle is also predicted late in the OT (Zech. 12:11). The nations aligned with Satan come and meet for battle on the northern border of Israel. This is how the Dragon comes after the woman that beared the man child. If you are not for the Jews having that land, and the full land of Israel, then you align yourself with Satan. This is something you cannot explain away no matter how you try. I’ve ran into a few Jew-haters that claim to be Christian and I point these things out to them. I beg for them to explain it away, but they don’t even try to. Instead I get old-fashioned Jew-hate talk. Stay confounded.

If you read of what’s to come and you stand behind Israel 100%, then God will reward you with Wisdom. If you diligently seek Him, which means be willing to ask questions you don’t like and be also willing to receive answers you don’t like, then God will reward you with Wisdom. I don’t mean wisdom as in just experience. I mean real Godly Wisdom. The first part of Wisdom is to revere God. It says “fear”, but the proper translation would be “revere”. Fear as in respect, not being scared. If you revere Him, this shows humility. You will only advance in Wisdom with humility. If you think you know everything, then you have hit your ceiling. If you think the doctrine from your denomination is just fine and dandy, you probably have hit your ceiling. If you are unwilling to tear down common knowledge doctrine, then your ceiling is probably upon you. God rewards those that diligently seek Him. That doesn’t just mean going to church every Sunday or reading the Bible incessantly. Nothing wrong with either of those. But ask those questions you know you have. Don’t push them aside and say to yourself “God works in mysterious ways”. That’s lazy and I can tell you He does not like that. There is a big book He had written so things aren’t so mysterious. What purpose would it have if He wanted to remain mysterious? Be willing to look at everything we see as common knowledge fact. I mean everything. In nearly all cases, there is either more to the story or it’s completely wrong. God had the Bible penned by His elect. Those are His words to you. Pretend like you’ve never heard of the Bible before. Pretend you don’t know any of the characters or any of the stories. Be as a child reading the Bible for the very first time without the influence of men. That is God’s Word. Let Him explain Himself to you.

For the people of Israel and the Jews throughout the world, you have a friend in me. Your enemy is my enemy. Your friends are my friends. When this is all over, we will enjoy Truth and Peace. Those that aren’t Christians will have your eyes opened. God will pour out His spirit on His people in this generation. He did promise you that He will look to and be received by the Gentiles. How did He do this, you should ask yourselves? Anyway, I stand 100% behind the land of Israel. When Israel shall take great steps to protect herself, I will not fret or waiver in my support of Zion. When the world and even my country turns its back on you, I will fight all the harder for you. I will not be silent in my support. I urge all Christians to also make this pledge, even the Arab ones. There is the Word despite bloodline allegiances. Will you align with your brother, or will you align with the Lord that you supposedly believe in? God will prevail.