There are a lot of people who say that they think God is okay with them smoking a little weed here and there. I heard musician Carlos Santana profess his love for the Virgin Mary and in almost the same sentence also speak of his love for marijuana. Why not profess his love for God or Jesus? I don’t understand the fascination of making Mary a deity. I don’t. “Mary, Mother of God.” She wasn’t the mother of God, and she wasn’t always a virgin. She had other children. She was an incredible and incredibly blessed woman. Anyway, smoking marijuana to get high is wrong. It’s biblically wrong. “Would God create evil things? Wouldn’t He want us to smoke it?” It’s not evil unless our intentions of using them are evil. In the NT, the original word for “witchcraft” and some instances of “sorcery” was the Greek word “φαρμακεια” (far-mah-kaya). That is where we get our words “pharmacy” and “drugs” from. Back during that time, people would take things to see visions. It wasn’t just to cast spells and have a bubbling cauldron. It is also written many times that being a drunkard is a great sin. Can’t compare drinking alcohol to taking drugs, unless the purpose of drinking alcohol is to get drunk. When people take drugs for “recreation” (like its playing a ball game or something), the whole purpose is to get high. That is where the sin is. It’s in the mindset of wanting to escape and not be in control. Being in control is another thing the Bible preaches as to why being a drunkard is a sin.

If one uses certain things like marijuana for truly medical reasons, then there’s no problem with it. If nothing else works and you have certain afflictions, then go ahead. You MUST be honest about your affliction though. If your affliction is recognized by the government, it doesn’t mean God will also. If your affliction is “I’m a bit bummed”, you’re committing a sin.

There are some things like meth where the whole intention is to get high and become zombies. Bringing several things into one concoction… yeah, that’s a great sin. That doesn’t only go for drugs that the cartels and street pushers control. There are also prescription drugs. There are things that are designed by the drug companies to separate one’s soul from one’s mind. I don’t want to hear about depression or anything of the sort. Boo hoo. Life is hard. It’s intended to be pretty hard, but we brought it on ourselves. God put us in these human bodies to give us another chance. A chance He didn’t have to give. Our souls are much older than our bodies, and as it says in Romans 8, some of us, albeit very few, have already been judged and were judged innocent. The number of them is very low, which is why Paul spoke about seven thousand in the context of the election of grace in Romans 11. How does God reserve to Himself a person from His point of view? That being known, that must mean this creation has brought onto ourselves these horrible things we go through. His elect have also been toughened like metal. I have been toughened as well, and for much of the time knowing my afflictions aren’t because of anything I did. I have been judged innocent before my birth, but yet I’ve gone through horrible things. I was born with a disabling renal affliction. It’s chronic even. Yet, I’m not out there wanting to escape. I’m taking it for Him and ultimately for you. If I took drugs that separated my soul from my thoughts, I couldn’t represent Him at all.

If someone has a chemical imbalance, then drugs that help out with that are okay. Remember always that we have brought these things onto ourselves. Before you think about how horrible God is, think about what He could have done. He could have already rewarded His elect and not have them go through these things and many among us would be damned forever. Given this fact, I would do my best to fight my addictions if I were one of those who had them. Time is growing short and the choice will be forced upon all. If you think things are tough now, how are you going to react to the time to come? How will you be when those drugs you love and think you need are taken away, and I also mean the prescription ones? Just because it’s prescription, it doesn’t mean God is okay with it. Keep your chins up and gird up your loins. The Bible tells and warns us to do this to face the time we will have to face. Let your heart not be troubled, for these things must first come to pass before the return of our Lord. God bless.