As many of you know, I have written a lot about Kenites. As all do, I come to learn new things as time passes and I have learned more about Kenites in time. I have had a viewer who opened my eyes on something, which I will expand on here. I have some very smart and wise viewers, I tell ya. This post will be the most definitive writing on Kenites you will find on the web, and I will guarantee that. There will be both things prior touched on and things new here.

In Genesis, Eve was beguiled by the serpent, Satan (Revelation 12:9, 20:2). God told Satan that his seed and the woman’s seed would have enmity toward eachother, saying “he shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel”. In Genesis 4:1, Eve gives birth to Cain, saying “I have gotten a man from the Lord”. As I have stated, Satan was told of his child, but Eve was not. Plus, only God can create a soul. No matter how you put it, God gave her a child with Cain. In verse 2, a viewer pointed out the original Hebrew word for “again” really meant “continued”. Eve continued to give birth and had Abel. As I had contended previously when answering viewer’s questions, Eve must have had twins. The original Hebrew corroborates this. Obviously the serpent fathered only one. God said so. Next we see in the story that God was not happy with Cain’s offering, but after Cain’s countenance fell God told him he would be accepted if he did well. This is something too often ignored by people who have studied the ‘Kenite doctrine’. Cain had the chance to do good because Cain’s soul was created by God, not Satan. Further proving Cain was the child of Satan and Eve is Cain fulfilling the prophecy God gave to Satan. Cain killed Abel because he was tormented (he shall bruise your head) by the good works of his brother (and you shall bruise his heel). The heel being part of the foot means action-work. Cain was then banished and married a woman in the land of Nod, east of Eden.

In Genesis 15:19, God promises Abraham lands that belonged to other nations including the Kenites. In the original Hebrew, Kenites are directly tied to Cain which I will get to later.

Moses was also banished, but from Egypt and wound up in Midian. He wound up marrying Zipporah, a Kenite daughter of a Midianite priest named Jethro (was also known as Hobab). Now to much contention, I said that indeed Moses’ father in law (also wife) were Kenites by blood. Many said that he was only a Kenite because of the area he lived in, since Kenites did live in Midian, but that didn’t make sense. He was a Midianite because of the area he lived in. In Numbers and Judges, the original Hebrew points out conclusively that Moses’ father in law was a Kenite by blood and that Kenites were direct descendants of Cain. These two examples should read as follows:

Numbers 24:21:22  ” And he looked on the Kenites and took up his parable, and said ‘Strong is your dwellingplace and you put your nest in a rock. (22) Nevertheless, the *Cain* shall be wasted until Asshur shall carry you away captive.'”

Judges 4:11. “Now Heber the *Cain*, which was of the children of Hobab the father in law of Moses, had severed himself from the Kenites, and pitched his tent unto the plain of Zaanaim, which is by Kedesh.”

Judges 1:16 also points out that Moses’ father in law was a Kenite by blood. Those two verses above, there were mistranslated words and both showed the Kenites came from Cain. Since the Kenites came from Cain and have been around throughout the time before Abraham to now, they had to have survived the flood. Remember, Noah was told to gather two of every kind in the *land* on the ark (two unclean, fourteen clean). “Land” was the rightful meaning for the word “earth”. Read my post “How Did Noah Fit All The Animals On The Ark” for a new, but conclusive take on what was on the ark.

The Kenites from this point on became part of Israel, although not Israelite by flesh and blood. They became part of Israel’s culture and had important roles in the land. In 1st Chronicles 2:55, Kenites were appointed to be scribes. This is an important position to give those that were not Israelites. Over time, Kenites who went in the way of their father became power-hungry and used their smooth-talking skills to propel themselves to power. They probably never had so much power than when the Romans took over the land of Israel, and any threat to their power structure would be dealt with harshly. In Matthew 23, Jesus scorned the scribes and Pharisees, calling them “hypocrites” time and time again. In verse 33, Jesus called them a generation of vipers. He said “You *serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” That word “generation” in the original Greek was the word “γέννημα” (GHEN-ee-mah), which really means “offspring”. In verse 36, the word “generation” was the Greek word “γενεά” (ghen-eh-AH), which means “generation” as in a reference of time. In verse 35, Jesus said they killed the righteous Abel and the prophet Zechariah. Who killed Abel? Cain did. Whose offspring killed Zechariah? Cain’s. Whose offspring would later kill Jesus? Cain’s. In verse 15, Jesus accused them of recruiting new converts (proselytes) and “making them twice the child of hell you are”.

Now we know by the original languages that Cain fathered the Kenites and that it was their offspring Jesus was contending with and later put Him to death. The only question is whether or not Satan fathered Cain, and to me there is no question. Again the original language pointed out that Eve had twins, and we know that God told the serpent that his seed would have enmity with the woman’s seed, separating the children. We know that Cain killed Abel because he was tormented by Abel’s good works, fulfilling God’s prophecy accurately. Accepting that Satan fathered Cain, we know this prophecy continued on through Jesus’ time. Cain killed Abel, and Jesus said the scribes and Pharisees killed Abel, and called them serpents and the offspring of vipers. Is the viper a serpent? Wasn’t Satan the serpent?

Satan’s children are the Kenites, so therefore they have the same traits. They are the ones Jesus spoke of in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, saying they were those who say they are Jews, but are not. The traits are being power-hungry, since Satan’s fall was because of his quest for power. They are great at lying, and convincing people who are lost that they have their best interests at heart, and hide their true intentions of seeking totalitarian power (the serpent was subtle and able to convince two people who actually spoke to God to disobey Him). They would also have enmity towards real Israelites, Israel, and Christians because they are God’s elect race and Christians believe in His only begotten Son.

Just because Kenites are descendants of Satan, that does not set their futures in stone. We know that Moses’ wife was a Kenite and he was a man of God. I’m sure because of this and her father being a priest that she was a righteous woman as her father was also a righteous Kenite. A Kenite woman named Jael (Yael in Hebrew) ended the battle between the coalition of Kenites and Israelites against the Canaanites by offering the Canaanite army captain safety, but instead killed him. I would say she was a Godly woman. Their souls were created by God and they were Godly.

We all have our predispositions because we are human. We all have our traits and our tendencies to sin. If a Kenite decides to be sinful, these will be their motivations. Karl Marx was one of these who thought it would be great to foment and then use the anxiety of the have-nots against the haves to force the haves to his side. His book promised visions of social justice but all he wanted was totalitarian power. He knew by getting covetous working class people to intimidate, and if necessary kill the rich, he would force the rich to come to him which would secure an oligarchy. He wasn’t able to do these things, but Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Castro, and a slew of others used his idea with great success. People really thought their marxist leaders were really interested in social justice, but got anything but. They also thought that murder could lead to harmony. Their enemies were whoever their marxist leaders said were their enemies. Inevitably they realized they were fooled, but it was too late. The rich who survived stayed rich. Their leaders could care less about social justice despite their heartfelt speeches identifying with the plight of the working class.

Now we have George Soros, a marxist who called 1944 the happiest year of his life while a member of the Judenrat where most of his fellow Hungarian Jews were killed, including neighbors and relatives. He said his mother was anti-Semitic. His father was part of a movement to make esperanto the world language. Soros said that he doesn’t identify with Jews or Israel and has talked of his “Messiah complex”. He has gone from country to country dividing people in every way possible and used the media, youth, and working class people to achieve regime change and got richer doing it. He has spoken of wanting to humble the United States because they are in the way of forming a New World Order. He makes sure to use class warfare through the media outlets he supports and his greatest disciple is Barack Obama. “… and you shall bruise his heel.”



I fear many things now. I keep no fear for myself, but I fear for the lost. I fear that their souls will be put into everlasting damnation because they allowed themselves to be swept into the fray of the times. Since before I started reading the Bible more than seventeen years ago, I have seen it. I saw the people eyes filled red with fear and hate doing what they think they have to do to gain back some normalcy, sealing their fate as murderers either by deeds or consent. I have known all of my days that I would live through it. No way could I deny it. Now well versed in the Word, I see how these people will get to such a point of desperation that they believe murder can lead to harmony. I have written it many times throughout my site how it would come, dated by WordPress, not by me. I have warned that the United States was about to fall and who would push it over the edge and why. I even said later we have already fallen, we just haven’t hit the ground yet. We are living in a most interesting time where good and evil have switched places as quickly as a light can be turned on and off. Morality has been torn asunder and what we find to be acceptable are things the Lord God has destroyed cities and nations for doing. The city of Sodom would barely stand out in the world today, but the Lord destroyed it to preserve all after them.

Let me provide some insight on the Lord and what He’s had to do for us. I have written here at my site ad nauseum that all of our souls are older than our bodies. This is undeniable in the Word. That there are very few amongst our creation that were judged before this life and that God has reserved seven thousand of them for the last generation. For anyone that believes God was speaking about Jews that lived in the days of Elijah, here’s a question you need to answer: how does God reserve to Himself someone from His point of view? These people are called God’s elect, or the election of grace. Less than a percentage point among the billions of our creation that have ever lived in the human flesh were judged before this life and were judged innocent (Romans 8:30). This life and this age weren’t the spawning ground of our creation. We have existed before and since only a tiny fraction were judged to be innocent, how would God have judged the rest if He judged them at all? There would be some who would have been forgiven before this life, but by far most would have been condemned forever if judgment came upon all of our creation. I won’t say openly what crime nearly all of our creation committed before this life, but you can imagine what could the greatest crime be in the eyes of the One who created us. I know this crime and I can sincerely say He had every right (not just because He’s God) to condemn maybe 80% or more amongst our creation forever and ever for what we did. INSTEAD He decided to give our creation another chance and put us in these flesh bodies. In the garden of Eden, He put Adam, Eve, the tree of life, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The tree of knowledge was put there for a reason, even though God commanded Adam and Eve to not touch it or eat from it. Jesus is the foundation of this world, so He was destined to live and die for the remission of sins before sin was upon Earth because of our past crime. God intended for someone else to eat from this tree long after Adam and Eve did.

You want to get a good glimpse at how sly Satan is??? Twice in the book of Revelation, John refers to Satan as being that old serpent. Satan knew if he could get Adam and Eve to eat from this tree, then he could really corrupt this creation perhaps to the point the Christ would never have been born. If the Christ couldn’t be born due to the complete corruption of this creation, God would have probably done His permanent judgment and most would be in Hell right now and forever. God’s only chance for the salvation of this creation was to choose a nation and put upon them the strictest of laws and harsh punishments for the breaking of these laws to hold off the corruption of this creation long enough for the Christ to be born. Millennia later, those of Satan now all over the public spectrum mock believers by pointing out how cruel God was in the Old Testament, but He did it to stave off the effects of their very own master! That’s Satan for you. Get to know him. The Son came and lived a sinless life and feared of His impending death. This must have haunted Him countless nights and quiet moments throughout His life. He died a most painful and humiliating death with Satan hoping He would call on the angels to spare Him. If Jesus did decide He could take no more, the human species would not exist today. He went through this horrific experience not for the guarantee this creation would use Him to achieve everlasting life, but merely the hope. If Christ failed to die, no one on Earth would have been born going back centuries and God would have cut His losses. He sacrificed His Son, therefore Himself for this creation. God even sacrificed the elect and made them go through things most do not to ready them for their burden of serving Him. Again, not to guarantee anything, but to hope for everything. These are the things our God has done for His very unfaithful creation. Having said that, Satan rules this age because we sin and die. Satan is named Death.

Eve birthed a child fathered by Satan named Cain. She might have thought her son was of Adam, but read carefully the prophecy God gave Satan about his seed and the woman’s seed. “He shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heal.” God became displeased with the offerings brought by Cain, but was very pleased with Abel’s offering. Cain became jealous of Abel’s work. Cain bruised Abel’s heal by being jealous of Abel’s work. The heal is work. The head is his own jealous torment. Cain killed Abel using the exact motivation God predicted to the serpent Satan. Cain was then banished from there and his line split from the line of Adam. Cain’s line started in Genesis 4, while Adam’s beginning with Seth started in Genesis 5. The line of Kenites started with Cain and his father Satan. 1st Chronicles also shows Cain was not of the line of Adam. Now some may say that it’s because he was banished, but I have recently found a mistranslation in the King James that proves 100% the Kenites have come from Cain. Numbers 24:21-22 “And he looked on the Kenites and took up his parable, and said ‘Strong is your dwellingplace, and you put your nest in a rock. Nevertheless the *Kenite* shall be wasted, until Asshur shall carry you away captive.'” The word “Kenites” was correct, but the word “Kenite” surrounded by asterisks was not. The original Hebrew word there was “Cain”. This proves conclusively that the Kenites came from Cain and that they survived the flood of Noah, for God told Noah to gather two of every kind (flesh), not two of every beast. If you want to read about the flood, read “How Did Noah Fit All The Animals On The Ark”.

So the Kenites came from Cain, and Cain came from Satan. This was not the last interaction between the Israelites and the Kenites. Kenites actually became part of the land of Israel and in 1st Chronicles 2:55 it says Kenites were appointed to be scribes, a very important position to have among the Israelites. Why were they given such a distinguished position? They must have been very convincing, just as their father Satan was to convince Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge despite actually speaking with the Lord and Him forbidding her not to. Kenites have every predisposition Satan possesses. They are power-hungry. Satan’s fall was due to his desire to become God. They are convincing, manipulative, great liars, and another distinction is that they have an innate hatred for real Israelites and the land of Israel. The enmity God prophesied to the serpent Satan did not die with Cain and Abel. It still exists today.

In the time of Jesus, Kenite scribes, Pharisees, and elders had more power in Israel than when Israel wasn’t trodden down, and if anyone got in their way or if their power was threatened, they’d have them killed. Jesus scorned the Kenites time and time again, saying “Woe to you scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites!” In Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, Jesus spoke about “those who say they are Jews, and are not, but (are of the synagogue of Satan 2:9) do lie (3:9).” Now not every Kenite is evil, for there are God created souls within them, but they do have these symptoms of Satan. It’s up to them if they decide to embrace those Satanic urges.

Karl Marx was one of those who says he was a Jew, but was a Kenite. He bruised the heel of the “haves” hoping to inflame those who gave in to envy and covetousness. He could care less for the working class or the “have nots”. He knew if manipulated, they could change the balance of power around the whole world catapulting him and his friends to totalitarian power. Marxist disciples, such as Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, and others used his strategy not to help the working class they vocalized their support for, but to rule over them. Our creation’s stupidity fell for it time and time again. Even with history readily at our fingertips, we are about to fall for it once again.

I have predicted that George Soros, another Kenite, will collapse the United States to ensure the collapse of the entire world to usher in the New World Order. He has collapsed other countries using subversion to divide people within the nation to engineer the fall. He has paid off the media, politicians, and working class leaders to bring about regime change while he also makes money by betting against their falling currency. He has spoken about his “Messiah complex” and his experiences as a Hungarian youth during WWII. He was part of the Judenrat and described 1944 as being the happiest year of his life, the same year most Hungarian Jews were sent to extermination camps and died. Obviously he must have known some of them. Asked if he would rescind or modify that comment, he said “no”. He also said that his mother was anti-Semitic. He has said that he also has no kinship with the Jews or Israel. The Arab revolutions that threaten Israel with radical Islamists had his fingerprints all over them because he has enmity for Israel. In this nation he uses the same gameplan of paying media to be as subversive as possible to weaken us, as he has done in others. His wolf in sheep’s clothing president is spending the United States and the dollar into oblivion, but he is portrayed to care about poor Americans. Obama threatens the rich with charged rhetoric because his puppetmaster bruises the heal of those that oppose him. All George Soros wants to do is consolidate all wealth by using the desperate and the covetous to threaten the “haves” to bring them on his side, which is what Marx also wanted to do. This happened time and time again throughout the last century and we’re about to do it again. It is the same people using the same people and the same rhetoric and tactics they used pre-revolution in all of those worker’s revolutions. The media will be as repugnant and divisive as possible because their Satanic master has given them their orders. Occupy Wall Street had their obituary written by many on the right, but I assure you they will have their resurrection. What you saw, as I said back then, was a dry run. Soros wanted to see how vacuous and lemmingish (if that’s a word) the youth are. Imagine the youth screaming at the top of their lungs against capitalism while holding their iPads and iPhones and saying the world owes them a living. NO ONE IS OWED ANYTHING! Christ was born in a manger, but they are owed a living??? Every vacuous one of them not recognizing they are doing the same things as Lenin’s “useful idiots” did deserve to be deceived, and so do many more. Many people right now seen as good people will become ravenous wolves when desperate.

America mostly blames congress for the current shutdown, but as I again predicted here at my site that Soros/Obama is spending so much in the deficit that they are forcing republicans to eventually make a stand. If it’s not over health care, it will be over the debt ceiling. If it’s not over the debt feiling, it will be over something else. At some point, Soros/Obama will force even the most squeemish republican politician make a stand so when the plug is pulled and all feel the crash, they will be to blame. Soros in all of the other revolutions, such as the Rose, the Orange, and the Velvet made sure that even though he caused the economic calamity that it would be his opposition that gets the blame by the media he had bought and paid for. For you conservatives salivating for 2014, I would look for another fight to win if I were you.

Throughout my site I have taught the Word and have made predictions about what’s coming, dated and specific. With my predictions now easily within eyeshot, eventually someone has to listen. America is not the fight. Salvation is.


What you’ll need…

1. People easily seduced with promises of power

2. Many people under them that believe socialism was intended to be fair and don’t know history

3. A media willing to go along with the plot no matter what, as long as they get paid

4. Create a crisis, blame others for the crisis, then give solutions to the problems purposely caused

5. Uneducated people on both sides of the aisle and in all walks of life

6. No conscience


I’ll get to what George Soros is ethnically and religiously before I get to those that are easily seduced with tales about power. Soros, real name Gyorgy Schwartz, falls under the biblical category of “those who say they are Jews, but are not” (spoken by Jesus in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9). Don’t let any Jew-hater fool you into believing in such a thing called Khazar Jews. They don’t exist. Psalm 129:5 “Let them all be confounded and pushed back that hate Zion.” Need I say more? Hatred for Jews and Israel causes their confusion. The Bible does not mention anything like Khazar Jews. Not even close. The Bible does mention a group of people that came together with the Jews in Canaan. They are called Kenites. How did they come about? Well they had to be very similar to Jews for three reasons. One, they had the same enemies. When the Jews were on their trek to the Promised Land, they fought their enemies in Canaan. The Kenites helped the Jews. They weren’t being helpful as in nice. They helped because the Kenites had the same enemies as Jews. They were looking for self-preservation. Two, the Jews took the Kenites in to be as one with them after this battle. The Kenites were even appointed to be scribes (1st Chr. 2:55), which are people that were interpreters of the law. Pretty esteemed position for people who aren’t Jews. Three, Moses married one. His wife was a Kenite that lived in Midian. When Moses was banished from Egypt, he found himself in Midian where he would marry the daughter of a Kenite (Judges 1:16).

Adam was not alone when he was created. There were other races with him. If five fingers touch the table at the same time, neither finger could be argued that it wasn’t the first. I know this isn’t something taught, but open your eyes to these things. Adam in the Hebrew means “ruddy complected”. In Genesis 5:2 God named not only him, but THEM “ruddy complected”. Why? Why would God point out his skin color? Also in Gen. 5 is the geneaology from Adam to Seth and on through many generations. There’s also Noah and King David down the line of succession. In Matthew 1, there are generations listed from King David to Jesus. Besides them all being men mentioned, they were also all Jews. Line of the ruddy complected. Sorry to those that think Jesus was pale as a ghost. He was one of the ruddy complected. I know some will talk about Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, but it doesn’t say God changed the people’s skin color from there. Nowhere is that mentioned or even hinted at. It does say that the people were divided and the language confounded there. One of the sins of Nimrod was that he was trying to make everyone in the world the same. If everybody was already the same, then why would he try to make them the same? Why God was so offended was because He chose the Jewish race and wanted to preserve it. That would be the race that would bare His Son, afterall. Cain was able to marry a woman in the land of Nod because there were already other races.

Cain is the key to much of this. Nowhere is it mentioned that Adam fathered Cain. In Genesis 5, the Bible seems to make it a point to say that Adam did not father Cain. Who did? Genesis 3 says that God told the serpent that his seed and the woman’s seed would have enmity towards one another. Did God speak to a snake? Rev. 20:2 says that the serpent was none other than Satan. Satan fathered Cain. This prophecy was only partially fulfilled when Cain killed Abel. He had enmity towards him. Cain was the father of the Kenites, who was the son of Satan. Knowing the traits of Satan will open your mind to the traits of his children, the Kenites.

Satan fell because he was wanting to become God. Satan is power-hungry. He is also manipulative, subtle, and convincing which is how the serpent was described. The Kenites being appointed to be scribes was because they had a gift of convincing the masses of their interpretation of the law. This is why people who weren’t even Jews became an elite part of Jewish society. Another very important trait is the innate enmity towards real Jews and Israel. Also being believers in God and Jesus, the Christians are also targets for their antagonism. Since Satan was power-hungry, then so were his descendants. Over the course of generations, the Kenites put themselves in positions of power in Jewish society. When Jesus lived, he scorned the Kenite scribes and Pharisees calling them “hypocrites” repeatedly. It was also the Kenite scribes and Pharisees that convinced the Jewish crowd to desire Jesus’ crucifixion. That is one great power they have to be able to convince people that Jesus helped to want his death. Don’t blame the Jews. It was destiny that had him be crucified. He did die for OUR sins.

A historical person that many think of as a Jew was really a Kenite. His name was Karl Marx. Years ago I thought of this possibility that he might be a Kenite, so I thought “if he was a Kenite, what could be his hidden agenda behind socialism?” Kenites are good at hiding their true intentions, like Satan was with Eve. It wasn’t long before I realized it. To play on the hearts and minds of the poor so they could propel Marx and his top tier friends to become powerful. “Workers of the world unite…(under me)”. Marx never saw those days, but Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Mao certainly used his idea. This is where the preparation for those that think that socialism was meant to be fair and don’t know history comes from. Let’s look at Hitler for example, but the same gameplan pretty much is used all over. Hitler used the anxiety of the working class to propel him to power. Unions played a great role in this. The angry poor threatened the rich and the corporations so they could get their fair share. I hope this is ringing a bell within the United States right now. The angry masses were controlled by a few who articulated their anger on their ascendency. After fighting the revolutionaries for a while, the rich and the corporations finally gave in to Hitler. Once this happened, Hitler didn’t need the poor and the unions anymore. Hitler had the power of the rich behind him. When the union heads said “hey, where’s our share!”, Hitler had them killed. If you think this is unique to Germany, you’re mistaken. If you also believe that we are done with this plot, then you don’t pay attention to the news.

Soros is the great Kenite of our time. He has collapsed currencies and been the mastermind behind revolutions in the past. He’s been learning, practicing, and building up his assets so he can do the same here. He’s almost finished. Soros is manipulating the dollar and the markets as we speak. Even the announcement of the US’s AAA bond rating being lowered should raise suspicions about Soros’ possible involvement. It seems that someone last month bet nearly a billion dollars that the US would lose its AAA bond rating, but the odds were 10:1 of that happening. Who would take such a risky bet, unless he was sure of the outcome? Soros did very much the same thing in 1992 with the British sterling. He made reportedly close to a billion dollars then too. Before I knew of this news story, I wrote a blog saying that Soros told David Beers (head of S&P) to lower the bond rating. I had to write an update to it and left a link to one of the stories.

Soros isn’t doing anything here in America that he didn’t do before in other countries. He’s also a student of history. Gather the working class who covet the things the rich have and the union heads to bring about revolution and propel him and his elite buddies to power. Not the US, but the whole world. Soros has said in the past that the United States was in the way of forming a New World Order. Power-hungry. Does this make you ask why he’s donating so much money towards the democrats? The democrats represent the working class. They know of Soros’ history, but their stupidity is on Soros’ side. Being hollow, they love the idea of tearing down America, since many hate it so much, and bringing about something new. They might actually believe this is for the good of all humanity. At either rate, they know their rewards will come after this nation collapses and the NWO forms.

The people under them will do the dirty work in the revolution. Soros is causing financial problems and will blame others for them, then pose solutions to the problems he caused. The poor and the hollow “anarchists” were to be divided in certain groups where they could be lead by someone that can speak for them, but all they really do is work for Soros. The union leadership would fall under this umbrella as well. Once the collapse comes, go out into the streets and demonstrate mob rule. Go after and threaten the rich, and those “too stupid to learn what’s best for society”. Blame them for the horrible conditions. Blame the Tea Party people like S&P and Obama did, which doesn’t make any sense if you’re not a zombie follower of the Soros-paid media. Just to clarify, Obama spent way too much money intently not to get results, but to send us closer to the edge. If there were no Tea Party people or a conservative uprising focusing on spending, then he would have simply spent us into oblivion. Obama and Soros both knew that spending so much money would cause an uprising in America. Blame them for the bond rating being lowered even though Soros told Beers to do it, and made over a billion dollars in that little bet he made. Makes you wonder why no one in the television media talked about this bet a month ago. They know who their master is.

Once the collapse is long gone and the dust settles, Soros and his elitist friends will be the power of the whole world. Those that propelled them will ask “hey, where’s our fair share?!” So many people will think that we have finally figured everything out as a species once the New World Order comes. Like we’ve evolved into a new species. That won’t last. Those people that don’t know history and were called by Lenin “useful idiots” will realize they’ve been on a ride. We all have, but this was something they fought for. This great Kenite idea of fairness and world socialism was nothing but a scheme by the Great Kenite, George Soros. They’ll get nothing like they do in every socialist revolution, but they didn’t learn that. They think they’re the smart ones and those Tea Party people are hateful morons that don’t know any better. Imagine the looks on their faces when epiphany comes and their dreams of a socialist Utopia disappear.


This is an important message to minorities that I feel many, if not all should read. Before getting to that, I have to say that as one of the true election of grace, I not only am not allowed to be racist, but I don’t even have the ability. There are some things that I must write because the time is growing short. Things will come soon that will play on your intellect and anger. Those that find this post after the collapse, pay attention to the date written. It will give more credibility to what I’ve said and predicted. We’re all in this together. God has created every soul and every major race, while men have also created their own races. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re married. I pray that you will take this whole post and this sentence to heart, you are nothing but cattle in the eyes of those who play up to be your allies. That is the absolute truth. May God open your eyes and ears as you read on.

The left-wing powers that be hate you. They always have. There have been those on the right that have and still do, unfortunately, but clarity is needed here so you know who your enemies are. Certainly those that see you as their enemies. The left-wing powers that be only like you if you are under their thumbs. If you are within their cage, you can be of some use to them. If you wander outside that cage, they will show their true feelings to you. If you are on the public dime, they can use you as ways to bankrupt this nation and keep control over you. If you are able to become a success through hard work and dare to speak against their ideas for you, you will become the biggest enemy to them. Sadly in many instances, minorities have and will call those that become successful and speak out against living on the public dime “sellouts” and much worse things. It’s actually oxymoronic to say that black people who speak against dependency that they are sellouts or Uncle Toms. How is saying that being dependent on others hurts black people is like being an Uncle Tom?That is what the uberleft want you to do, to attack other minorities who make it on their own that voice how to become successful without government. It is modern day slavery, except there is the ability to choose what you can do. When you are of no longer use to those powerful progressives, they’ll attack relentlessly and are not afraid to use racial slurs to attack. These white elites get offended when a minority dares to bite the hand of his master. That is how they see it. Because of this “offense” and since they want money to go to minorities without doing anything, they feel that they are allowed to use racial slurs to those who dare get from under their thumbs. Ask Condoleezza Rice, Herman Cain, and Michael Steele. Whether you agree with their politics, you should not be the less offended when white people use racial slurs to insult them than you would if some minority you like is attacked with the same words. All you have to do is watch how the progressives attack minorities if they dare have different views and think what would happen to you if you also dared to take their thumb off of you. It’s not just by offense, but it’s also strategic.

Them wanting the government to pay you is so the government goes broke and collapses. Not because they have kindness in their eyes for you and sympathy. I’m sure there are some out there, but the real powers that be do not. They want the government to collapse so a new one can come that they can become the rulers of. A world government where everyone will be under their thumbs. They have wanted you to be poor, but they want everyone else that isn’t with them to also be poor. The poor are powerless in many ways. If you show power, they’ll take offense. After the NWO comes, if we show power, they’ll take great offense since this is their grand scheme. You not only insult their power, but logic in bringing about the collapse and rise of the new government. A worldwide socialistic government. I’ve heard some minorities and progressives say recently that the accusation of “socialist” is a racist charge. I’m going to explain to you what socialism truly is. Before that, I need to explain to you who brought the idea of socialism and the race of the people that gave birth to its idea.

At my site recently, I have written much about the Kenites. I am quite sure this is some new information for many of you, but will use the Bible without twisting one word of it to do so. I am not allowed to twist God’s Word. Satan, as many know fell from God’s graces because of his desire for power. He wanted to become God, as it says about Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12-14. In the original Hebrew, the word for Lucifer was “Helel”, which means “brightness”. Lucifer is the latin translation of Helel. There was some wisdom why the Catholic Church changed the name with the next line… “Lucifer/Helel, son of the morning….” In latin, Lucifer is also the name of the morning star. Satan’s name used to be Helel. After he committed his crime, God changed his name to Satan, which means “opponent/adversary” in Hebrew. In some cases in the OT, it can mean “persecute”. He used to be the morning star, the angel of light. Now he’s the adversary and has/will persecute our creation. He hates every living one among our creation. The serpent that beguiled Eve was not a reptile, but was Satan himself. Revelation 20:2 “And he laid hold on the dragon, THAT OLD SERPENT, which is the Devil and Satan and bound him for a thousand years.” John of Patmos was explaining that the serpent was Satan. Pay attention closely to what is written in Genesis 3. God told the serpent that his seed and the woman’s seed would have enmity towards one another. God told Satan that his seed and the woman’s seed would have enmity. Who was Satan’s seed? Cain was. Cain killed Abel. Enmity. While Eve gave birth to both, Satan only fathered Cain. After Cain was banished from the Garden of Eden, he married a woman of a different race in the land of Nod. I have written how this happened in “How Did Cain Marry A Woman”, if you want to look it up. Sorry, my ability to use links is broken for now. Just type those words in the search bar at my site. Cain’s children then became known as Kenites. The Kenites were a nomadic race that settled mostly in Midian and Canaan. When Moses was banished from Egypt, he found himself in Midian and married a Kenite, according to Judges 1:16 which says Moses’ father-in-law was a Kenite. For Moses to marry this woman, she had to be very similar to the Jews. When the Jews were on their exodus from Egypt with Moses leading the way, they fought their enemies in Canaan with the help of the Kenites. The Kenites weren’t being good people by helping the Jews. They were out for self-preservation. Since the Kenites were similar to Jews, they had the same enemies. From that point forth, the Kenites went along with the Jews on their trek through the wilderness and onto Israel. Being that they are of the seed of Satan, they were very clever. They were manipulative. They were great at hiding their true intentions because of their subtlety, just like the serpent was subtle. This is why the Kenites were appointed to become scribes in 1st Chr. 2:55. Scribes were people that interpreted the law. For outsiders to be given such a prominent position in Israel, they had to be great at what they did. They are very convincing. Something you should keep your eye on as you read the rest of this post. Over time, since they were power-hungry just as Satan was, they put themselves in positions of power. Do you remember Jesus repeatedly saying “woe to thee, scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites!…” Jesus was speaking to the Kenites that found enmity to the Jews once they were safe in the borders of Israel. This is why many scribes and Pharisees sided alongside the Romans against other Jews, including Jesus. That wasn’t the only thing Jesus said about Kenites. In Rev. 2:9 and 3:9, Jesus spoke about people who say they are Jews, but are not. He called them liars. He even said the synagogue of Satan will be started by those people. They are Kenites. People who think they are Jews, but have an innate hatred for them and the land of Israel. I’m sure this is making some sense to you if you watch the news. 1st John 3:12 also said that Cain was of that Wicked One. Lately I have seen a lot of idiotic Jew-haters talking about Khazar Jews. That is a myth brought on by blind, but so-called educated Jew-haters. They hate Israel too. If you hate Israel, you align yourself with Satan. I prove this in “Those Who Hate Jews” pts 1 and 2. This is beyond any possible argument and cannot be explained away if you read those. Before you say or think “Zionist” this and “Zionist” that, read Psalm 129:5. Nevermind that those who are supposedly Zionists that want a world government do not want a worldwide Israel and speak against Israel often. Enmity. Watch out for the Kenites. They have dooped many of you, but before thinking I am insulting your intelligence or thinking I am calling you “gullible”, I want you to understand just how convincing these children of Satan are. The Kenite scribes and Pharisees rallied the Jewish crowd to call for the death of Jesus. I’m sure many of these same Jews were either healed or knew someone that was healed by Him. Many heard Him speak and felt His presence. Because of their ability, the Kenites blinded the Jews to call for His death. Enmity.

Kenites throughout history have tarnished the legacy of the Jews. One was named Karl Marx. Marx came up with this idea of socialism that many thought of as a way to achieve social justice and fairness. Thinking of the possibility of him being a Kenite should cause you to look more into the idea of socialism a bit more closely. If he’s a Kenite, what would be his true intention? I thought of this but it wasn’t long before it came to me. The idea of socialism wasn’t about social justice at all. It was a way for Marx and his close associates to play on the hearts and minds of those that didn’t have much to propel them into power. Think about it. Nowhere has socialism ever brought about fairness or social justice. Let’s look here in America at the closest examples of sociallism and see the results. It’s not minorities that have made cities like Chicago, Detroit, Gary, and Washington DC so crime ridden. It is the poor who are under the thumbs of those that use them. Marx didn’t see those days to be put into power, but it was a brilliant plan. Play on the minds and hearts of the poor who want justice to become lower-tier revolutionaries so they can propel the elite revolutionaries to power. That’s what his idea has done. Let’s look at Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, and Hitler. They were all socialists not for fairness, but to become powerful. Lenin used those people to propel him into power and called them “useful idiots”. They had no idea what they were about to give birth to. This will happen here soon. Marx also talked about banning religion, having state control over property and media. He came up with these and other awful ideas in his book “The Communist Manifesto” which today’s elites look at as an inspiring book. Marx wasn’t the only Kenite of importance. George Soros is one. Research his history of taking down countries using “subversive activities” as he puts it, which divides people any way he can.

What happens in these revolutions is the same script. After collapse, the elites get the poor to act with hostility towards the rich. It’s like a human reflex to see those who have much when you have nothing to hate them. In all of those worker’s revolutions, from Russia to Germany to China where the have nots were fooled into doing the dirty work for their marxist puppet masters, how many of those fooled were black? Were there people fooled into believing Lenin, Hitler, Mao, and others truly wanted social justice? Absolutely, so how many in those countries were black? Follow the commandment, “Thou shalt not covet your neighbor’s possessions”. The poor has their genuine dissatisfaction, but the elites that rule over them are just using the poor for intimidation. It is to get the rich on the side of the revolutionaries. Little by little and time by time, the rich after fighting against the revolutionaries submit so they can keep their money. Sure they pay a penalty, but for being on the side of the revolutionary elites they will get plenty in return over time. It’s happening right now. Obama curses big business and bankers time and time again, but he’s so disingenuine it makes me sick. He was all fine for the TARP bailout for the rich fat-cats as he calls them. TARP came in two parts. He voted for the first part as senator, then pushed the second part when he was President. Did TARP help you out? Or did TARP put government’s hand in their cookie jar? Look at GE. He curses big business time and time again, right? Guess how much GE paid in taxes last year. None. Why? Because they are on his side with Jeffrey Immelt being a close ally. In time, that is all of what this is about. To get you angry at the rich so the rich will go along with the future revolution because many of the rich only care for their money. They’ll fight for a period of time, but they’ll relent when the time is right. Once that is over, we’ll see how you are treated. Those progressives have shown in this very country what they could come up with when they have power.

George Bernard Shaw wasn’t American, but he is a hero to the modern day and past progressives. He is the one who came up with the idea of gas chambers the Nazis used with the Jews. He said that people should be brought forth before a panel every five years and explain why they should be allowed to go on living. What service they could offer humanity. If they don’t prove themselves to be worthy of living, that they should be killed in a kindly manner. To put them in chambers telling them of the good things that the chamber holds before they are killed. The Nazis told the Jews the chambers were showers and there were delightful things there. He inspired many people that thought killing off people that were unsavory for the sanctity of mankind was necessary. This included minorities. Margaret Sanger, who is thought of as a hero to many progressives like Hillary Clinton wanted blacks to be forced to abort their children because of their intellect. Sanger started Planned Parenthood and spoke at a KKK rally. I will post a link to her writing so you can see for yourselves what kind of “person” she really was. You won’t hear the truth about her from progressives. Did you know she wanted minorities to be forced to abort their children? Wonder why Planned Parenthood clinics are so common in poor, minority communities. Is it to help or do what Sanger intended for it to do? You can cry “racist” at conservatives, but they want black and other minority children to live. Think about it. Eugenics was a progressive idea.

When progressives, who say the represent you because of the kindness of their hearts, most of them are lying. They’ll push that you are victimized and there is no hope for you, just as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton does. They have their own interests at heart. Even if true, no one can say that making a person feel victimized and there is no hope for them helps them. It hurts them. The Bible is full of hope.

I’m sorry this was such a long post, but I urge you to read it a couple of times and share it with people you know. Education is the most important thing next to a good relationship with God. If you know what’s to come, you can be prepared and help those who are staggered. God bless everyone of you.

PS: When you read the Margaret Sanger link, keep in mind the so-called religious leaders in the black community. Sanger’s idea.

A link to a well-written essay by Michael Crichton about eugenics and those who are heroes to the left.


I’ve been saying for a while now that there are forces that are driving this creation to the end purposely to gain power. George Soros is the head of this worldly powergrab. Soros knows and was taught that the world must go through horrific things in order to remold it to his liking. This isn’t a moral issue with him. It’s only about power. George Soros claims he is a Jew, but he isn’t. He’s a Kenite. Jesus described such people in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9, even saying in 3:9 that the synagogue of Satan will be started by those who say they are Jewish but are not. The synagogue of Satan… think of that for a moment. Those who say they are Jews but aren’t are called Kenites. They are sons and daughters of Cain who was the son of Satan. Satan was the serpent that beguiled Eve as was revealed in Rev. 20:2. God told the serpent that his seed and the woman’s seed would have enmity towards one another. That’s right, Satan had a child with Eve. Cain was the first of his offspring and he killed Abel. Enmity. After Cain was banished and married a woman of a different race, his descendants became known as Kenites. Most settled in Canaan and Midian. Moses married a Kenite in Midian as was revealed in Judges 1:16. When the Jews went through the wilderness and fought their enemies in Canaan, the Kenites helped. Not that the Kenites were kind to the Jews, but since they were so similar to the Jews they had the same enemies. From that point forth, the Jews took the Kenites along with them. In 1st Chr. 2:55, the Kenites were appointed to be scribes because they had the gift of convincing the masses of their interpretation of the law. Throughout the years, Kenites being power-hungry just as Satan was put themselves in positions of power. “Woe to thee, scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites!…” Remember that line Jesus repeated? He was talking to the Kenites. The reason why the Kenites had a gift of convincing the masses was because the serpent/Satan was subtle and manipulative. They were great at hiding their true intentions. Truth is something they have no respect for. George Soros claims he is Jewish but speaks and acts against the nation of Israel. Enmity. He isn’t the only one. Noam Chomsky, Medea Benjamin, and others claim they are Jews but are not. They are liars. They are Kenites that want a New World Order from which to rule.

Soros was president of the Fabian Socialists Society, which was started by such people like George Bernard Shaw and H. G. Wells. They came up with a stained glass window where they are pictured hammering a heated Earth with another man fanning the flames. The other founding members are pictured below. Above Wells and Shaw is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Deceipt. Show a kindly hand while hiding the evil one. Above the wolf is a caption that reads “Remould It Nearer To The Heart’s Desire”. A picture of this will be below this post. The world must burn and it will soon be burning on purpose by George Soros and those along with him. He’s practiced on other nations for decades, but now has his sights on the United States because as he stated in the past, the United States was in the way of forming a New World Order. It isn’t in the way any longer. Soros has found his wolf in sheep’s clothing, and his name is Barack Obama. This isn’t even worth arguing against because I have everything I need to back up that claim.

The world isn’t burning yet, but it soon will be. Soros has brought about regime change in other nations through subversive activities and found it fun. Those are his words, not mine. It could happen here anytime. Politicians on both sides say that a financial collapse could happen, but we’re a long way off. That is a lie and they know it. The United States will soon collapse on every front economically and it will be nearly instantaneous. It won’t be gradual. In one hour shall the United States fall. The purposeful overspending, the unfunded mandates, and the devaluing of the dollar are teaming together for the perfect financial storm to collapse the country and then the entire world. It is what comes after that will address who you are as a human being.

The federal government and the state goverments will all be broke and there will be no way to pay for those things they promised. City, state, and federal services will be shut down. Checks people need and worked their lives for will not come. Pensions will be gone. It will be utter chaos and designed to get you out in the streets to violently call for change. Will you? Will you violently call for change or will you be those to ask the government to impose martial law to clamp down on the violence? Either way, you will lose. There are people already waiting to go out into the streets just so you would ask the government to become more overbearing. To throw the Constitution out with the rest of the garbage and start with something new. Something that will bring about security for the entire world. That, my friends is what this is all about.

Those who are planning this want normal everyday citizens to go out to the streets and create or participate in violence. They especially want Christians and conservatives to go out there as the media will be eager to catch every frame. When you Christians don’t erupt in violence, they’ll poke you. They’ll prod you. They will instigate with the greatest of ambition to get you to become violent. When you don’t, they will. They will even pose as you Christians and commit violent acts so Christians will be blamed. Don’t fall for it. It’s been done already.

Saul Alinsky is a martyr to far-left radicals such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. His book “Rules For Radicals” was an instruction guide to defame traditionalists to gain power. This book was also dedicated to Lucifer for being the first radical to carve out a kingdom of his own. Alinsky was a community organizer in Chicago (sound familiar?) that taught his followers to dress as the Klan to pose as the other side to humiliate them and take their power away. Recently Maurice Schwenkler vandalized DNC headquarters in Denver to make it look like people opposed to Obamacare did it during the height of the health care debates in 2009. He was paid by Colorado Citizens Coalition, which is a front for labor organizations, namely SEIU, who gets money from George Soros. He worked for a democratic politican as a canvasser. He is also transgendered. A link to the video of a news report will be below. Alinsky 101.

To debate on whether this could happen here will get you nowhere because it’s going to come anyway. Whether you could believe such a thing could happen here is irrelevant. Time is the great truth decipherer and time will prove me correct because these things have to come to pass. This plot which has been flawlessly executed can end in only one way… collapse. A story as big as this cannot end until its just, due season. After it comes, stay above the fray. Don’t go out into the streets. Don’t feed the frenzy outdoors. Don’t vacuously ask for the government to clamp down to take your freedoms away. After 9/11, we already showed we are willing to give up some freedoms for the feeling of safety and security. That was one event in just a couple of places. What will people be willing to give up when everything around them collapses and the radical youth has been given their working orders? I, too will stay above the fray and I’m starting right now. I won’t think of Soros and his acolytes as enemies with equal power. They are far below me and they will soon be my footstool. Mine and those who find salvation. I will rise above the fray and will do so for the rest of my days. The muck is there for them to play in. It is their sanctuary. You be prepared and don’t say you weren’t warned. If you read this before it happened or after, all you had to do was open your eyes and not think “it can’t happen here”. Whether it can or can’t, it will.


I have decided to update this page to clean up and clarify a few things, which I do now and then in other posts. Sometimes there are spelling and grammatical errors, plus I want things to flow smoother, so I do edit my posts now and then. Sometimes I learn new things as well.

As the title of this post says, Satan was the father of Cain. Not Adam. I will prove this with the Word and will tie it into what is happening in the world today.

Eve was beguiled by the serpent, but the serpent wasn’t a snake as is assumed. Revelation 12:9 and 20:2 refers to Satan as being “that old serpent”. After it was revealed to God that Adam and Eve sinned by eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, God said to the serpent that his seed and the woman’s seed would have enmity, and even described the enmity, saying “it shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.” Before editing this post, I had discussions with people commenting here and on other posts that Eve must have had twins. A while back I have found proof of this in the original Hebrew. In Genesis 4:2, it says “and she again bare his brother Abel”, but the Hebrew word there for again was “yaw-SAF”, which means “continued”. Another thing that was discussed was how Eve said she had gotten a child from the Lord when having Cain. As I said, Satan was told of his child, but Eve was not. The most important thing to consider though is that no child can come from Satan. What I mean by that is only God can create a soul. Also, no matter how powerful Satan is, he cannot do anything against the will of God. No matter how you look at it, it was God who gave Eve Cain.

There were other races with Adam, as I write “How Did Cain Marry A Woman?”, so when Cain went east into the land of Nod and married a woman, a new nation was born. That nation was called the Kenites. The Kenites were a nation of people that settled mostly in Canaan and Midian. Since the Jews and Kenites were closely related by way of Eve, they had the same enemies. Thus on the Israelites trek through the wilderness where they fought their enemies, the Kenites helped being that they had the same enemies. From that moment on, the Kenites were part of the Jews on their way to Israel. Even before then, Moses married a Kenite as it reveals in Judges 1:16 that Moses’ father-in-law was a Kenite. In 1st Chronicles 2:55, the Kenites were appointed to be scribes due to their ability to convince the masses of their interpretation of the law. Over the years, the Kenites went in the way of their father Cain, who went in the way of his father Satan.

In Numbers 24:21-22 proves that Kenites were from Cain. “And he (Balaam) looked on the Kenites, and took up his parable, and said ‘Strong is your dwellingplace, and you put your nest in a rock. Nevertheless the *Kenite* shall be wasted, until Asshur shall carry you away captive.'” While “Kenites” was correctly translated, “Kenite” was not. The original Hebrew word was “Cain”. It should read “Nevertheless the Cain shall be wasted…” This not only proves Kenites were of the line of Cain, but also somehow Kenites survived the flood since this is after the flood of Noah. The line of Cain never broke.

God’s angel Helel committed a great crime in the eyes of God. An unforgiveable crime. Helel wanted power. He wanted to become God. What is commonly written in the translated versions of Isaiah 14:12 as “Lucifer” was actually in the original Hebrew Helel. Lucifer is the Latin translation of Helel, which means “brightness”, “lightbearer”. There is some wisdom to the translation that the Catholic Church did, being in the next line “son of the morning”. Lucifer in Latin is also their word for the morningstar, which happens to be Venus. That is connected in code to Romans 11. After Helel’s unforgiveable sin, God sentenced him to everlasting punishment but would postpone this because He still needs him. The angels are done making their choice, and a third followed Helel. Our creation however is not done making our choice. God also changed his name from Helel to Satan, which means “adversary” and in some cases in the OT means “persecute”. Both important and apt meanings. God needs Satan to weed out from our creation the unfaithful from the faithful. This way, the faithful can keep their free will without fear of becoming future Satans or following future Satans, since Satan is the Great Tempter. He was for the angels, and he will be so for our creation. If God didn’t allow Satan to do this, then either our free will would be taken away or we could be going through this cycle over and over again. Who’s to say this isn’t the first time this choice has been brought to our creation? The reason why Helel/Lucifer is only mentioned one time in the Bible is because that is what he was known as when he committed this crime. Since then, he has been known as Satan. He was known as Satan in the days of Adam as was revealed in Rev. 20:2.

The children of Cain are the biological children of Satan, and if they go in the way of evil, they will be power-hungry. They would also be very convincing and manipulative. They would say they are Jews, but are not. They would have an antagonism for Israel, Israelites, and Christians, since they believe in God’s only begotten Son. Many of the scribes and Pharisees Jesus scorned were Kenites, calling them “serpents” and “a generation of vipers”. According to the original Greek, that word “generation” was “offspring”, and accused them of killing the righteous Abel. Who was the serpent, the offspring of vipers, and killed Abel? Satan was the serpent, and Cain, his son killed Abel because he was tormented (it shall bruise your head) by the good works of his brother (and you shall bruise his heel). The heel being part of the foot means “action”, “work”.

Many things the innocent Jews are blamed for are perpetrated by Kenites. The synagogue of Satan that Jesus spoke of in Rev 3:9 will be started by Kenites (people who say they are Jews, but are not). George Soros is a Kenite. Karl Marx was a Kenite, who came up with a plan to use the “have nots”, who outnumber the “haves” to propel him to totalitarian power by exploiting their covetousness. The idea was to use the “have nots” to force the “haves” to align with him by threatening, and if necessary, killing the “haves” to secure an oligarchy. Lenin made it look like he was on the side of the “have nots”, and claimed he would bring social justice and fairness if the people did what he told them. The mantra “kill the rich” started with the Russian Revolution, and the unions and the youth that did so were called “useful idiots” by Lenin. He knew why they were killing the rich, but they didn’t. They believed murder could lead to harmony. Instead, once the transition of power came, the true intentions of Lenin and marxism was revealed. The “useful idiots” inevitably realized they were used and lied to, but they forced the rich to partner with Lenin, so they had no resources for another revolution. Stalin finished the job by killing millions of Russians who threatened the new state, many of them through starvation.

Many “Jews” that hate Jews are Kenites. Many people thought of as power hungry Jews are Kenites that work with subtlety, just as the serpent was. That is why an elitist marxist’s first rule is to hide they are marxists. In marxist literature they not only work with subtlety, but manipulate because they are of their fathers or they are influenced by those who are of their fathers. Satan, the Kenites, and those who have hollowed themselves empty will find the Jews and Christians to be their enemies. This is how it is written and this is how it will be done.

I urge you all to read the previous post “The Ride You’re All Being Taken On”, which really is the first part of this post.

UPDATE: This is something I felt I had to write since I have gotten many word searches that lead to this post (and a couple of others) that have me shaking my head. I applaud all who ask questions on their search bars and find my site, so I’ve never taken any person’s word search to task before. I hope I never have to again. This word search though I have to respond to. The word search was “Cain is the father of the Jews”. I can’t stand Jew-haters. Can’t stand them because if they are supposedly Christians, then they ignore so much of the Bible because it does their ability to Jew-hate no good, so it insults my intelligence and my title as a real Christian. The examples I could give run a mile long, which I won’t give here. I have many other times in other posts at my site. You may want to check out “Those Who Hate Jews” pts 1 and 2. This was such an ignorant word search I can’t hold my tongue. It is written so plainly in Genesis 5 that Adam fathered Seth (since Abel died and Cain was banished), and on and on were the lines of the Jews listed. Let me clue you in, those of you who hate Jews and think that Jesus was a lily-white Irish-looking man. Adam in Hebrew means “ruddy complected”. God named Adam “ruddy complected” because of his skin color in Genesis 5. Let’s look at Genesis 5 and on when it comes to the descendants of the ruddy complected. Adam fathered Seth, and from Seth was Enos and from Enos on and on came Enoch. From Enoch on and on and onto Noah. Then from Noah on and on to King David. Then there’s Matthew 1 where it goes from King David and on and on to Jesus. What do you know? Jesus was of the line of the ruddy complected! Jesus was a ruddy complected JEW. Jesus wasn’t an Irish man drinking Guinness in a corner pub, nor was He a German eating liverwurst wearing swastika armbands with tattoos all over with a shaved head. Jesus’ real name was Y’shua or Yeshua, which is a Jewish name that means “God saved”. The English version of Y’shua (when you cut out the Greek) is Joshua. Jesus is the English pronunciation of the Greek version of the Hebrew word Y’shua. He was a ruddy complected JEW! To think otherwise is imbecilic. Just as those who say they are Christians but yet hate Jews and Israel. I have news for you. Not only are you imbecilic, but you are no Christian. Psalm 129:5 “Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.” Badee badee badee what? Let me repeat that. “Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.” Of course that does the Jew-hating no good so somebody idiotic will try to parse this conclusive, definitive verse from King David who was also one of the ruddy complected. Continue with your blindness if you will, but don’t you dare call yourself a Christian. Humble yourself and let your moronic hatred go, or you will go…. you know where.