This is a unique take about a person that is written of in the Bible that never had a name, but was a disciple as was Peter and all the rest. He is the unknown Prophet. While there were twelve disciples, Judas possibly replaced this man to fulfill Christ being betrayed to be crucified. He was a prophet nonetheless, and it’s about time to give this man his glory from another man. God has already glorified him, but I wish to as well.

The twelve disciples were to represent the twelve tribes of Israel, but Judas probably wasn’t a Jew. He was probably a Kenite (one of those that Jesus said in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 that say they are Jews, but are not). I have written a lot about Kenites at my site, especially here lately so I urge you to check them out so you know who the Kenites are and how they came about. Very interesting reading. Jesus probably knew Judas was a Kenite, which is why He knew Judas would betray Him. Kenites have a long history of collaborating with the enemy of the Jews, even though they claim to be Jews themselves. It was done in WWII and will happen again in the future. It’s actually happening right now as some powerful so-called Jews are working with Muslims to take on Israel. The socialist and revolutionary movements in the Arab World are being orchestrated by Kenites.

Who is this mystery man? Mark 9:38 says John approached Jesus saying there was a man casting devils out of men in Jesus’ name. He said that he and the other disciples forbad him because he didn’t follow them. Jesus replied “Forbid him not because he eho is with us is not against us.” Such a small, hidden verse in the Bible means so much to me. This could not be some ordinary man to cast out devils and most likely also healed others in Jesus’ name. He had to have been as Peter or John was. This nameless man was the prophet Judas most likely replaced so Christ could die for our sins.

While he is nameless in the Bible, we will all know him in the next age. We’ll know his name then. Who knows what he was able to do afterward? Who knows if he wound up being named later in the Bible, perhaps in Acts. I have no idea. What I do know was this man was quite special. It is time for man to give him his due. Glory to the unnamed Prophet.