Written Sept. 17, 2009

Greetings to those who read this. May God open your eyes and ears as you read on. In this wicked generation, too many do not even have willing eyes and ears. People refuse to acknowledge the first part of wisdom, that is to fear God. The ultimate irony is usually people have fear of the unknown. The soul denyers have no fear of what they don’t know, but they definitely should. Even forsaking their judgment, they bring onto themselves great treachery before their ultimate arrival. Those with no spiritual center will revolve around anything carrying its own weight. Those with no moral compass will hover around plagues of ambiguity to their own undoing and end. In this era, those carrying their own weight believe they are their own personal god. They go on projecting their self-made gospel which attracts the cult of the spiritually empty. This is no more true than with life in today’s world. People become zombie-like followers of the new logic in which right and wrong have no roles to play. It doesn’t even have to be an actual person, but an ideology as well. The self-made gods and doctrine then have their own disciples which are willing to sink with the ship blindly headed for the stormiest seas.

Most soul denyers are personal geniuses which claim they know everything there is to know under the Sun, but they deny something which is at no distance away from them. They do not ask themselves a simple question: “why do I have a conscience?” Well they do ask silently in the confines of their own mind to which their reply is to then compromise with what their conscience tells them to do. On this destructive journey, the conscience gets whittled down to a splinter. Because it is their soul, they cannot remove it altogether but the voice is merely a shadow in their thoughts. When those ignore their wrongs and their conscience telling them about it, no matter if their view is “the ends justify the means”, they will eventually become the lost. That is unless they finally look in that mirror and see themselves honestly for what they’ve become. Far too many do not. Instead they become the lost. The lost then have become corruptible: a dandelion waiting for someone willing to pull it out of the ground and carry it away without reverence.

The splinter that used to be their soul/conscience acts just as a splinter would in their minds and hearts. The person doesn’t only not feel good, but right. Instead of looking back to correct their wrongs, they look for ways to cover up the way they feel. The hardheaded would rather continue on their destructive path than admit they’re wrong. One of the most sad testimonies of today’s world. These people go on a personal quest to do what feels good to counteract what feels bad. They also camouflage the bad feelings by coming up with cliches which really mean nothing. “Live without regrets”. What massive ego must one have to believe they are above regret? How conceited must a person be to think that people are to be treaded upon without looking down by their feet? There are some who are half-heartedly apologetic, but they reduce people down to lessons to learn from while not making amends. Still they go on with their chins stridently up and continuing on being what they’ve turned themselves into, thus proving they’ve learned nothing. Their flawed logic doesn’t come up with the statement that more wrongdoing is much worse than admitting you’re wrong and making amends. There is much worse than admitting your wrongs and feeling bad for them. Forgiveness is a powerful tool, which would allow for all parties to move on. The satisfaction of living, learning, and making amends greatly outweighs the guilt one would feel for not admitting their sins. This is something anyone with a willing eye and ear will easily understand.

This life is a short one, and at any time either you or the person you’ve wronged can be taken away. Without a moment’s notice, your last impression left on a person can be something you’d do anything to take back. Who is willing to allow such a weight on their conscience? The lost who would rather go on as if there’s nothing to answer for? Those unwilling to look one second in the mirror to see the questioning eyes looking right back at them? The eyes which ask “what are you doing to me?” Once their life or yours is over, you cannot go back and make amends. You’ve become a master stonecarver leaving an everlasting impression on them, and ultimately on yourself. You may not be able to make amends, but you will have to answer for your wrongs. Those you’ve wronged and didn’t make amends with will be witnesses testifying in your hearing with the Holy Spirit as their evidence. As is written, fire will test every person’s work. Even Christians will have their works tested. Will they offer gold, silver, and precious stones, or wood, hay, and stubble? Will you look for those you hovered around and explain to those who’ve brought their case against you that it’s really their fault and not yours? Will you say “I listened to him” or “this ideology”? Will you say “everybody was doing it” or “everybody was like that then”? Will you expect anyone including God to give you a pass for saying these things? If you do, then your “lost” will be forever corrupted. Do not make this your destiny. It’s so easy to correct. The price you’ll pay is beyond anything you can imagine. God bless everyone of you.


  1. albert volpe says:

    Repent your transgressions and they disappear from the pages…….as you recall your past, take time and remember……Good deeds cover a lot of sin. Bless God, he will always bless you. Yeshua IS the WORD of God.

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