I have written in the past at other websites about global warming and other political issues, but now I realize that politics isn’t my fight. Getting people prepared for the time to come and explaining God’s word without the entanglements of traditional and denominational teaching is my fight. The political fight will rage on without me. This post does entail global warming because of its agenda of being a global government. The global government comes with a loss of sovereignty. Loss of sovereignty comes with a loss of freedom. Loss of freedom comes with a loss of humanity. Loss of humanity comes with things that should never be heard or seen.

When I was young, scientists said we were either in or about to enter an ice age. As a matter of fact, many including Obama’s climate czar said by the mid 90’s the northern hemisphere would be mostly covered in ice. Since I’m not ancient, this happened not long ago. If memory serves me correctly, the ice age hysteria lingered until 1980. The real reason for the cooler weather was lack of sunspot activity, even though they blamed the cooling on CFC’s. In 1988, the UN came out saying there was manmade global warming. Instead of scientists learning their lesson after the ice age fiasco, they screamed like Chicken Little again and proclaimed the Earth was melting. For anyone with a curious mind, one must be able to ask how can man cause the scientists to go from the talk of manmade ice age to manmade global warming within a decade? That’s impossible, isn’t it? How can our creation cause such a drastic turnaround within ten years? A question global warming hysterics either won’t ask, or don’t want you to ask.

The Earth was warming during the 80’s and 90’s, but the last few years the Earth has been cooling. Look it up. Don’t look at projections which are outdated or manipulated. Look at actual stats. Heck, put your finger to the air and feel. It feels cooler than it was about ten years ago, doesn’t it? The last few years, it has gotten particularly cooler. The reason: lack of sunspot activity. During the Earth’s warming, we weren’t alone. Mars too was warming at about the same rate since the 70’s. There will be a link below to that story. If lack of sunspot activity was the real cause for the cooling back in the 70’s and again now, and when our planet warmed along with another planet, couldn’t anyone with a rational thought conclude that it was an increase in sunspot activity that caused the warming? There was an increase in sunspot activity during that time, afterall.

What may have started off as an innocent but headline grabbing proclamation that the Earth was warming, governments saw it as a chance to grab more control over their people. In turn, they would give scientists grants to keep going along with the hysteria while ostricizing any dissenting voices. This is worldwide. Scientists are routinely ostricized, threatened, and even misquoted in studies if they dare go against the “man causing climate change” religion, as was shown in “The Great Global Warming Swindle” on Sundance. Yes, Robert Redford’s Sundance Channel actually showed it. From there, Al Gore took up the cause while making a lot of money from it. When anyone actually challenges him, he dismisses them. He actually told a scientist that wanted to debate him that he can’t debate the science. Imagine that, Gore telling a scientist that he couldn’t debate the science. I guess you are right, Mr. Gore. You cannot debate the science with a scientist. This scientist probably wasn’t getting government grants nor desired them, so he had freedom to share his real thoughts. Gore also has taken on a strategy of humiliating his opponents by insulting or trying to minimize the voice of regular people. He has called anyone that doesn’t believe in manmade climate change “a flat-earther”. He has complained to media that people who don’t believe in manmade climate change should not be given equal airtime. He has even told students to not listen to their parents when it comes to the talk of manmade climate change. Yes, he said that. Of course they changed the term “global warming” to “climate change” since it is getting cooler but keeps up the propoganda. Maybe they should have thought about this term in the early ’80s. It’s as if the Earth never changed temperatures before. According to any scientist, the Earth has gone through much drastic changes in climate over the centuries. Were the Romans responsible for global warming by making metal for shields?

The whole reason for the government wanting climate change legislation is for power. Former czar Van Jones did a speech saying green jobs was a way to spread the wealth. You can find that on Youtube with no problem I’m sure. There is a link below to an audio clip of him saying this. Still, that is not the purpose for climate change legislation. Any program such as healthcare, bailouts, or green legislation is for the government to increase in power. Last year when Bush was still in office, Henry Paulson twisted the arms of banks that didn’t want to take government money in that TARP bill to take it. That is according to many bank officials themselves. The government wanted their hands on that money. Obama has taken it a step further. Obama reluctantly let the banks pay back the TARP money but put a clause that if the government felt troubled by our financial institutions that the government would again take control over them to prevent a crisis. The government does not want to keep their hands out of that cookie jar. That is just one bill. What about cap and trade? Obama spoke about his cap and trade program where he said, and I quote “electricity prices would NECESSARILY skyrocket… and the energy companies would then pass that onto the consumer.” I have a link below to this as well so you can see him saying it yourself. With our economy in utter shambles right now, why would he want to cause us to pay more over an unproven and contentious issue at best? Redistribution of wealth or the growing of government and world governments coming together? You make the call.

This is a history lesson for the future. Whenever governments try to “spread the wealth”, it is only a mantra that would cause the masses to flock to their cause. In no case ever in any other government in the world’s history was wealth ever spread. In every case in any other government in the world’s history the poor stayed poor and the rich stayed rich because the rich played ball with the right people. They got behind the government’s quest for power so they kept their money. As a matter of fact, in every case the amount of poor people rose in those countries. Poverty grew in every case. The ONLY “intended” outcome was more government power. This is the true agenda behind this thing we call global warming. Don’t gloss over that word “global” either. Global government is where we are headed. Combatting climate change is an easy way to help bring this together.

It would seem that someone might point out that no socialist government eradicated poverty. Since the impoverished grew along with the government, the people had less power. A bigger government then becomes a fascist government eager to squash voices of dissent. You can’t question an overbearing government and get away with it. If you have your ear pointed the right way, you can hear that happening in our very own country right now. Actually, if you can’t hear it you might want to listen to Lee Majors and get a hearing aid.

Man causing global warming is a scam, and it’s intent is not to spread the wealth. It is to make government bigger and stronger,  since there is no example of a government spreading the wealth in human history. It would be better if the government took the money of the rich and directly handed it to the poor. That’s still wrong, but that would be better than grabbing the money and making programs intent on wasting the money away since the waste goes in their pockets. That’s right. Either they or the ones that back them get the money that is wasted. Where do you think the money goes? Your money. You’ve been had if you believed the government was truly trying to combat climate change. It can’t be done. Unless we blow up the Sun, we cannot combat climate change. It has happened in the Earth’s history over and over again. You’ve been had if you think the government had an innocent agenda. Power is a snowball rolling down a hill. It only gets bigger over time. And since it’s “global” warming, the scam is also global.

What does the Bible teach? Global government and people being delivered to their deaths for their beliefs. It also does say that a vial will be poured upon the Sun which would make the Earth feel very warm. That will happen in the not too distant future. We have been cooling. We will soon be warming. Maybe then the government will convince enough people that something must be done to combat the warming. Even though nothing can be done, the governments of the world will not be able to squander that opportunity.


It seems a hacker broke into the email account of the head of Britain’s top Climatology Research Unit, Phil Jones. The emails were confirmed by Jones himself as being authentic, and tried to explain away what was written. Of course the elite media doesn’t want to go anywhere near this, but the emails show collusion with other climatologists who are pushing forth manmade climate change to doctor statistics so it looks like the Earth is still warming. The emails exchanged showed how they “tricked”, deleted, or completely left out data. Jones spoke of “hiding the decline” in one email, as well as telling others to erase correspondance to remove evidence of their collusion. Jones was even celebratory over the death of manmade climate change critic John Daly, saying it was “good news”. The emails are genuine, and the story is all over the net. A link will be provided below. Why would they need to cook the books? Who else was involved? Well there’s a list of those that contacted them, including the World Wildlife Fund telling them to “beef it up (reports of  temperatures) if possible”. This is what the governments of the world are funding, ladies and gentlemen. There is a reason why the governments are only funding these types of scientists. There is a reason why they defund and ostricize scientists that don’t go along with the global warming scam. There’s a reason for Obama wanting cap and trade during an economy like this. Wake up!

**Another Update**

The UN has admitted to two critical errors in just the last several days over their contention of manmade climate change. They admitted that the finding of a scientist about the Himalayan glaciers melting was incorrect. The scientist admitted that he was just making a projection while not using any scientific data to arrive to his conclusion. Wait, that’s not all. The UN has also admitted that the findings of the World Wildlife Fund over the Amazon rain forest fires were due to global warming were also incorrect. Yep, that’s the same WWF that insisted that the British CRU to cook the books when it comes to manmade global warming. The same WWF that puts those commercials about the polar bears needing help from the melting ice up north, even though that the new data shows the numbers of polar bears are increasing. Wake up, people. You’ve been had.

**Another update**

Dr. Phil Jones, the climatologist at the center of the Climategate controversy, had an interview with the BBC. In the interview he said that there has not been any significant warming going back fifteen years. He also said the stats show it has been cooling since 2002. The most important thing he said was that the warming of the last two decades of the twentieth century was not unique to the warming period between the 1930’s-1940’s, or the 1850’s-1860’s. He even went as far as to say the warming was greater during the time of the Roman Empire than of any over the last hundred years, but because of the time he cannot say it was fully global.

The Great Global Warming Swindle is on Youtube in 9 parts. The first part is in a link below. Very eyeopening. 

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