Many traditional Christian teachers teach their flock that the Bible says the Earth is somewhere between six and seven thousand years old. To think this is true and to teach it means the person has not done much research in the original languages and taken the New Testament into account. At the beginning of Genesis, it does speak of how God formed the Earth and stars we see as day by day went on. There were some days that weren’t exactly consecutive, besides it is written twice in the Bible that a day to the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day. Many days to us were between each day to the Lord God.

In the New Testament, which was originally written in Greek, the word “world” many times was mistranslated. For instance, the phrase “end of the world” was mistranslated each time it shows up in the King James. The Greek word for “world” is “κοσμος” (kahs-mohs), but in neither instance was that word used in those phrases. Instead the original Greek word was “αίων” (ah-KHEE-own), which is their word for “age”. Let’s look at Matthew 24:3, for example. The disciples asked Jesus “what are the signs of Your return and the end of the world?” They were really asking about the end of the age. An age is a period of time that has both a beginning and an end. Jesus is the foundation of this age. When Jesus returns, that ends this age and this age alone. Revelation 20 is about what happens after His return. There is a whole thousand year period written after His return where He and His saints live here peacefully while Satan is imprisoned in the bottomless pit. Many falsely believe this already happened somehow because it was written in the past tense. The reason why much of Revelation and many prophecies throughout the Bible are written in the past tense is because those prophets saw the future. It was past to them, not us. This causes a lot of confusion with many prophecies throughout the Bible. Keep that in mind, always. It does say Satan is released after his millennial term is up in the bottomless pit. When did he get out? Where is the bottomless pit? The bottomless pit is described as something people can see. These things have not happened yet. Anyways, after Satan is released, he tries to tempt those who still need to make a choice. Those that fall for him will try to make war with the saints, but God stops them and ends that age. Then the books are opened and the great judgment comes. If someone follows Satan then, that is it for them.

Speaking of judgment, there are those among our creation that have already been judged. Romans 8:30 explains that those that God foreknew He predestinated, those He predestinated He justified. The original Greek word there for “justified” is “δικαιοω” (dik-ah-yah-oh), which means “to judge/render one innocent”. If they were judged innocent, then when and how were they judged? What did they do to set themselves apart from most of our creation? There must have been a time and way for them to prove their worth to God, which is why they are called the election (chosen) of grace. Romans 11:6 explains that they were not chosen for any work they’ve done in their life or else it would not be called grace by which they were chosen. Let’s also look in Jeremiah 1:5 where God told Jeremiah “I knew you before you were in the womb. Before you were out of your mother’s belly I sanctified you and ordained you a prophet to the nations.” What could Jeremiah do before he was born to be named a prophet? Obviously nothing, which goes directly with what Romans 8:30 and 11:6 explains. Truth is God knew all of us. We are of the same creation. Very few have already been judged and were judged innocent, and there are those who are not in the Book of Life, who have been completely condemned. God has not judged most of our creation yet, which is a good thing for most.

Atheists like to mock Christianity because of this belief that the world is only six or seven thousand years old. Christian teachers do Christians no favor by saying things like dinosaur bones are part of Satan’s plot or that Satan put them there. They don’t take one second and consider Romans 8:30. They don’t wonder “how were they already judged and when?” A question that anyone should ask before arriving to a staunch-hearted conclusion. This age is somewhere between almost six and seven thousand years old. The world itself is much older as our souls are also much older than our bodies. Three Earth ages and three chances to make things right. If you don’t do it in this life, you better hope the third time’s the charm. If it’s not, then you’ll be right alongside Satan and you’ll have no excuses. God has given and will give everyone every chance under the Sun.


This is an important message to minorities that I feel many, if not all should read. Before getting to that, I have to say that as one of the true election of grace, I not only am not allowed to be racist, but I don’t even have the ability. There are some things that I must write because the time is growing short. Things will come soon that will play on your intellect and anger. Those that find this post after the collapse, pay attention to the date written. It will give more credibility to what I’ve said and predicted. We’re all in this together. God has created every soul and every major race, while men have also created their own races. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re married. I pray that you will take this whole post and this sentence to heart, you are nothing but cattle in the eyes of those who play up to be your allies. That is the absolute truth. May God open your eyes and ears as you read on.

The left-wing powers that be hate you. They always have. There have been those on the right that have and still do, unfortunately, but clarity is needed here so you know who your enemies are. Certainly those that see you as their enemies. The left-wing powers that be only like you if you are under their thumbs. If you are within their cage, you can be of some use to them. If you wander outside that cage, they will show their true feelings to you. If you are on the public dime, they can use you as ways to bankrupt this nation and keep control over you. If you are able to become a success through hard work and dare to speak against their ideas for you, you will become the biggest enemy to them. Sadly in many instances, minorities have and will call those that become successful and speak out against living on the public dime “sellouts” and much worse things. It’s actually oxymoronic to say that black people who speak against dependency that they are sellouts or Uncle Toms. How is saying that being dependent on others hurts black people is like being an Uncle Tom?That is what the uberleft want you to do, to attack other minorities who make it on their own that voice how to become successful without government. It is modern day slavery, except there is the ability to choose what you can do. When you are of no longer use to those powerful progressives, they’ll attack relentlessly and are not afraid to use racial slurs to attack. These white elites get offended when a minority dares to bite the hand of his master. That is how they see it. Because of this “offense” and since they want money to go to minorities without doing anything, they feel that they are allowed to use racial slurs to those who dare get from under their thumbs. Ask Condoleezza Rice, Herman Cain, and Michael Steele. Whether you agree with their politics, you should not be the less offended when white people use racial slurs to insult them than you would if some minority you like is attacked with the same words. All you have to do is watch how the progressives attack minorities if they dare have different views and think what would happen to you if you also dared to take their thumb off of you. It’s not just by offense, but it’s also strategic.

Them wanting the government to pay you is so the government goes broke and collapses. Not because they have kindness in their eyes for you and sympathy. I’m sure there are some out there, but the real powers that be do not. They want the government to collapse so a new one can come that they can become the rulers of. A world government where everyone will be under their thumbs. They have wanted you to be poor, but they want everyone else that isn’t with them to also be poor. The poor are powerless in many ways. If you show power, they’ll take offense. After the NWO comes, if we show power, they’ll take great offense since this is their grand scheme. You not only insult their power, but logic in bringing about the collapse and rise of the new government. A worldwide socialistic government. I’ve heard some minorities and progressives say recently that the accusation of “socialist” is a racist charge. I’m going to explain to you what socialism truly is. Before that, I need to explain to you who brought the idea of socialism and the race of the people that gave birth to its idea.

At my site recently, I have written much about the Kenites. I am quite sure this is some new information for many of you, but will use the Bible without twisting one word of it to do so. I am not allowed to twist God’s Word. Satan, as many know fell from God’s graces because of his desire for power. He wanted to become God, as it says about Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12-14. In the original Hebrew, the word for Lucifer was “Helel”, which means “brightness”. Lucifer is the latin translation of Helel. There was some wisdom why the Catholic Church changed the name with the next line… “Lucifer/Helel, son of the morning….” In latin, Lucifer is also the name of the morning star. Satan’s name used to be Helel. After he committed his crime, God changed his name to Satan, which means “opponent/adversary” in Hebrew. In some cases in the OT, it can mean “persecute”. He used to be the morning star, the angel of light. Now he’s the adversary and has/will persecute our creation. He hates every living one among our creation. The serpent that beguiled Eve was not a reptile, but was Satan himself. Revelation 20:2 “And he laid hold on the dragon, THAT OLD SERPENT, which is the Devil and Satan and bound him for a thousand years.” John of Patmos was explaining that the serpent was Satan. Pay attention closely to what is written in Genesis 3. God told the serpent that his seed and the woman’s seed would have enmity towards one another. God told Satan that his seed and the woman’s seed would have enmity. Who was Satan’s seed? Cain was. Cain killed Abel. Enmity. While Eve gave birth to both, Satan only fathered Cain. After Cain was banished from the Garden of Eden, he married a woman of a different race in the land of Nod. I have written how this happened in “How Did Cain Marry A Woman”, if you want to look it up. Sorry, my ability to use links is broken for now. Just type those words in the search bar at my site. Cain’s children then became known as Kenites. The Kenites were a nomadic race that settled mostly in Midian and Canaan. When Moses was banished from Egypt, he found himself in Midian and married a Kenite, according to Judges 1:16 which says Moses’ father-in-law was a Kenite. For Moses to marry this woman, she had to be very similar to the Jews. When the Jews were on their exodus from Egypt with Moses leading the way, they fought their enemies in Canaan with the help of the Kenites. The Kenites weren’t being good people by helping the Jews. They were out for self-preservation. Since the Kenites were similar to Jews, they had the same enemies. From that point forth, the Kenites went along with the Jews on their trek through the wilderness and onto Israel. Being that they are of the seed of Satan, they were very clever. They were manipulative. They were great at hiding their true intentions because of their subtlety, just like the serpent was subtle. This is why the Kenites were appointed to become scribes in 1st Chr. 2:55. Scribes were people that interpreted the law. For outsiders to be given such a prominent position in Israel, they had to be great at what they did. They are very convincing. Something you should keep your eye on as you read the rest of this post. Over time, since they were power-hungry just as Satan was, they put themselves in positions of power. Do you remember Jesus repeatedly saying “woe to thee, scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites!…” Jesus was speaking to the Kenites that found enmity to the Jews once they were safe in the borders of Israel. This is why many scribes and Pharisees sided alongside the Romans against other Jews, including Jesus. That wasn’t the only thing Jesus said about Kenites. In Rev. 2:9 and 3:9, Jesus spoke about people who say they are Jews, but are not. He called them liars. He even said the synagogue of Satan will be started by those people. They are Kenites. People who think they are Jews, but have an innate hatred for them and the land of Israel. I’m sure this is making some sense to you if you watch the news. 1st John 3:12 also said that Cain was of that Wicked One. Lately I have seen a lot of idiotic Jew-haters talking about Khazar Jews. That is a myth brought on by blind, but so-called educated Jew-haters. They hate Israel too. If you hate Israel, you align yourself with Satan. I prove this in “Those Who Hate Jews” pts 1 and 2. This is beyond any possible argument and cannot be explained away if you read those. Before you say or think “Zionist” this and “Zionist” that, read Psalm 129:5. Nevermind that those who are supposedly Zionists that want a world government do not want a worldwide Israel and speak against Israel often. Enmity. Watch out for the Kenites. They have dooped many of you, but before thinking I am insulting your intelligence or thinking I am calling you “gullible”, I want you to understand just how convincing these children of Satan are. The Kenite scribes and Pharisees rallied the Jewish crowd to call for the death of Jesus. I’m sure many of these same Jews were either healed or knew someone that was healed by Him. Many heard Him speak and felt His presence. Because of their ability, the Kenites blinded the Jews to call for His death. Enmity.

Kenites throughout history have tarnished the legacy of the Jews. One was named Karl Marx. Marx came up with this idea of socialism that many thought of as a way to achieve social justice and fairness. Thinking of the possibility of him being a Kenite should cause you to look more into the idea of socialism a bit more closely. If he’s a Kenite, what would be his true intention? I thought of this but it wasn’t long before it came to me. The idea of socialism wasn’t about social justice at all. It was a way for Marx and his close associates to play on the hearts and minds of those that didn’t have much to propel them into power. Think about it. Nowhere has socialism ever brought about fairness or social justice. Let’s look here in America at the closest examples of sociallism and see the results. It’s not minorities that have made cities like Chicago, Detroit, Gary, and Washington DC so crime ridden. It is the poor who are under the thumbs of those that use them. Marx didn’t see those days to be put into power, but it was a brilliant plan. Play on the minds and hearts of the poor who want justice to become lower-tier revolutionaries so they can propel the elite revolutionaries to power. That’s what his idea has done. Let’s look at Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, and Hitler. They were all socialists not for fairness, but to become powerful. Lenin used those people to propel him into power and called them “useful idiots”. They had no idea what they were about to give birth to. This will happen here soon. Marx also talked about banning religion, having state control over property and media. He came up with these and other awful ideas in his book “The Communist Manifesto” which today’s elites look at as an inspiring book. Marx wasn’t the only Kenite of importance. George Soros is one. Research his history of taking down countries using “subversive activities” as he puts it, which divides people any way he can.

What happens in these revolutions is the same script. After collapse, the elites get the poor to act with hostility towards the rich. It’s like a human reflex to see those who have much when you have nothing to hate them. In all of those worker’s revolutions, from Russia to Germany to China where the have nots were fooled into doing the dirty work for their marxist puppet masters, how many of those fooled were black? Were there people fooled into believing Lenin, Hitler, Mao, and others truly wanted social justice? Absolutely, so how many in those countries were black? Follow the commandment, “Thou shalt not covet your neighbor’s possessions”. The poor has their genuine dissatisfaction, but the elites that rule over them are just using the poor for intimidation. It is to get the rich on the side of the revolutionaries. Little by little and time by time, the rich after fighting against the revolutionaries submit so they can keep their money. Sure they pay a penalty, but for being on the side of the revolutionary elites they will get plenty in return over time. It’s happening right now. Obama curses big business and bankers time and time again, but he’s so disingenuine it makes me sick. He was all fine for the TARP bailout for the rich fat-cats as he calls them. TARP came in two parts. He voted for the first part as senator, then pushed the second part when he was President. Did TARP help you out? Or did TARP put government’s hand in their cookie jar? Look at GE. He curses big business time and time again, right? Guess how much GE paid in taxes last year. None. Why? Because they are on his side with Jeffrey Immelt being a close ally. In time, that is all of what this is about. To get you angry at the rich so the rich will go along with the future revolution because many of the rich only care for their money. They’ll fight for a period of time, but they’ll relent when the time is right. Once that is over, we’ll see how you are treated. Those progressives have shown in this very country what they could come up with when they have power.

George Bernard Shaw wasn’t American, but he is a hero to the modern day and past progressives. He is the one who came up with the idea of gas chambers the Nazis used with the Jews. He said that people should be brought forth before a panel every five years and explain why they should be allowed to go on living. What service they could offer humanity. If they don’t prove themselves to be worthy of living, that they should be killed in a kindly manner. To put them in chambers telling them of the good things that the chamber holds before they are killed. The Nazis told the Jews the chambers were showers and there were delightful things there. He inspired many people that thought killing off people that were unsavory for the sanctity of mankind was necessary. This included minorities. Margaret Sanger, who is thought of as a hero to many progressives like Hillary Clinton wanted blacks to be forced to abort their children because of their intellect. Sanger started Planned Parenthood and spoke at a KKK rally. I will post a link to her writing so you can see for yourselves what kind of “person” she really was. You won’t hear the truth about her from progressives. Did you know she wanted minorities to be forced to abort their children? Wonder why Planned Parenthood clinics are so common in poor, minority communities. Is it to help or do what Sanger intended for it to do? You can cry “racist” at conservatives, but they want black and other minority children to live. Think about it. Eugenics was a progressive idea.

When progressives, who say the represent you because of the kindness of their hearts, most of them are lying. They’ll push that you are victimized and there is no hope for you, just as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton does. They have their own interests at heart. Even if true, no one can say that making a person feel victimized and there is no hope for them helps them. It hurts them. The Bible is full of hope.

I’m sorry this was such a long post, but I urge you to read it a couple of times and share it with people you know. Education is the most important thing next to a good relationship with God. If you know what’s to come, you can be prepared and help those who are staggered. God bless everyone of you.

PS: When you read the Margaret Sanger link, keep in mind the so-called religious leaders in the black community. Sanger’s idea.

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A link to a well-written essay by Michael Crichton about eugenics and those who are heroes to the left.