Yesterday, the Obama administration made an agreement along with other nations with Iran over its nuclear program. On the surface, the Obama administration will have you believe that this agreement is good for all nations, including Israel and makes us all safer. He would have you believe that this at the very least buys time and for this agreement to work, Iran is a nation we can trust. Despite the message by the Obama administration, there is no way Iran will honor this agreement and Obama is fine with that. Iran unquestionably wants a nuclear weapon, so any agreement they would make with the international community absolutely would not curtail their ambition. President Obama knows this. We all know this, so why the agreement? Because this agreement by Obama vociferously tells Israel that if they want to stop Iran from getting a weapon that they must act alone to stop it. I said almost a year ago in the page listed above “In The News” that Obama has no intention of stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons because he wants Israel to act alone to stop them so they will be to blame for all of the subsequent problems of the world. Despite policies that will inevitably take down the United States, thus the world, other people must be blamed so a grand solution can come to solve the problems he purposely caused, and marxists must tie Jews into it somehow. As I said, Israel will act alone to stop Iran’s nuclear program, so what do you think will be the repercussions? What do you honestly think will be the reaction of President Obama if Israel bombs Iran? If you can picture his utter disappointment and him saying “Israel jumped the gun after we made progress to curtail Iran’s nuclear ambitions”, then that would make two of us. So again, why the agreement? If this agreement helps Israel, then why are they supposed to it? Israel has more important things than politics to worry about concerning things like this. They have their existence to worry about, and they have history backing up their fears.

Every once in a while, President Obama lets you know that he indeed is a twenty year student of Reverend Wright’s self-professed marxist church. For anyone blind enough to think that Obama didn’t know of those horrible things Wright said in the videos or that he didn’t agree with them, I will make it clear to even his greatest sycophants that not only did he know of them, but agreed with them. President Obama claimed he was unaware of those videos and those opinions, and enough Americans actually bought this to elect him in 2008. President Obama went to that church for twenty years on the average of twice a month- his words. He wrote a book called “Audacity of Hope” which was a title of one of Reverend Wright’s sermons. That book was based on Wright’s sermons and Obama said for this book he studied Wright’s writings, sermons, and opinions intently. The Sunday after 9/11 Wright said “America’s chickens have come home to roost”. Obama might not have been there, but the news of this sermon appeared in the New York Times the very next day. Obama didn’t know his pastor said this? He went there for more than six years afterward. And that video of the Sunday after 9/11 told me everything I needed to know about Obama. Before those videos came out, I had no opinion of him. I did wonder why he was being so purposefully ambiguous. He would make a twenty minute speech on how shiny forks can be. When those videos came out, especially the video of the Sunday after 9/11, I saw everything. I have studied people intently all of my life, and what I saw in that particular video made me know what Obama was and why he was being so ambiguous. Put yourself back to the same mindset you had the Sunday after 9/11. Remember your hurt, your grief, your shock. Remember all of those around you were just as hurt as you were. Now imagine in 99% of all churches the pastor, priest, preacher, rabbi, or whoever gets up there and says “America’s chickens have come home to roost”, what would be the reflex of the people who were there? More people at least percentage-wise probably went to church that Sunday than in decades because of the greatest catastrophe in American history. Thousands of Americans had just died and the pastor says “America’s chickens have come home to roost”. What would be the reflex of the congregation upon hearing this on that day? It would be stoned silence. They would not believe what they were hearing. They wouldn’t be angry, at least not instantly. They’d be wondering if the pastor was having a breakdown, or an aneurism, or maybe they were in a weird way playing devil’s advocate to get to a point to show what evil people might think, but if it carried on, then they would get angry. The congregation at Obama’s church heard those words and instantaneously applauded. There was no pause between words and ovation. This told me it wasn’t just these videos. For those people to be so desensitized on that solemn day, knowing thousands of innocent Americans were murdered by terrorists, that they clap when the pastor says they got what they had coming? They had to hear those repulsive words we saw in the videos quite often to be that desensitized, which means Obama was quite aware of Wright’s vile opinions. Remember, Oprah also went to that church for two years, but left. Given some of her recent opinions, I believe she stopped going not because she was offended at what she heard, but was afraid people would find out what her pastor was saying and she would be hurt financially. At least she had better foresight than our current president. Only because America is so lost and the media was on a full court press to marginilize the idea that Obama was aware of Wright’s videos was he allowed to become president. He knew what Reverend Wright was saying. For those who accept this fact, but think he didn’t agree with them, esssplain this for me. Those things Wright said were so repulsive, so vile, so divisive that if you don’t agree with them, you leave. None of those things were things you would think “I don’t necessarily agree with what he said, but I see his point”! There is no way one can go there for twenty years and hear these things and not agree with them. It’s impossible. You cringed seeing those videos. The president obviously did not.

If you peek past the facade and stop focusing on his nice smile, you will see that he is Reverend Wright. You have one of the authors of his signiture healthcare law, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel (Rahm’s brother) who came up with the Complete Lives System that measures a person’s worth by their contribution or drag to society when taking in factors like age and disability. You have the IRS targeting the president’s enemies, and asking them what God they pray to and how they feel about Israel. You have him moving us in a direction where there is no coming back after calling former President Bush “unpatriotic” for spending too much money, and don’t buy his excuse. You have him treating Israel the way he has and you cannot deny the fact that Obama is indeed of one mind with Reverend Wright. Wright blamed Israel often. Add that with the fact that Obama was close friends with a former spokesman of the PLO named Rashid Khalidi, then you will understand why this agreement was made. No one with a brain should think that Obama thinks this deal with Iran is good. He knows it’s bad for Israel and the entire world, so that is why he made it. It wasn’t to claim an achievement. It was to tell Israel “you are and will be alone”. Americans who have the resources should help Israel out starting today to make up for the undeniable absence of our unholy government.