Yes, He is. While too many will bring up the story of Sodom (Sodom’s crimes were many), God did speak against men who lie with men, men being effeminate, and women who wear the clothes of a man. Many people have misinterpreted that line as literal. There is even a denomination that strictly lives to the literal definition. All they would have to ask themselves is “what did men wear back then?” They wore the same things women did-dresses. What God meant was women shouldn’t play the role of a man. A woman being with another woman is her playing the role of a man. Men should be with women. You can talk about modern times all you wish, but God is Alpha and Omega.

Why is this a rule? Maybe it’s about humility. Maybe He knows what’s best for our flesh isn’t necessarily what is best for our souls. Let’s look at what He has sacrificed for our creation outside of just creating us. There are very few amongst our creation who have been judged before this life started. Romans 8:30 speaks about those God justified from beforetime. The original Greek word was “δικαιοω” (dikahyaho), which means “to render innocent”. The only ones amongst our creation that have been judged were those He judged innocent before this life. They were made to live in this sinful flesh also. In this life, they are known as the election of grace, or God’s elect. God has reserved to Himself 7000 men and women of the elect for the last generation. By far most of the elect would be reserved for the final generation of this age due to population and importance. For anyone who questions my doctrine on the elect, just answer me this: how does God reserve to Himself someone from His point of view? Now consider the billions of people who have lived from the days of Adam to now, and only several thousand were judged innocent. If He did judge all of us, what would His judgement be to the rest? There would be many, but not most rendered forgiven. The rest would have been judged guilty. Well more than half our creation would have been condemned forever for their crime. With Wisdom I know this. Those who were judged innocent would also have to live in this flesh because God wanted to give our creation another chance and they would have stood no chance without the elect. Not only do the elect through no fault of their own have to live in this flawed human flesh, but would have to go through pains most do not so they are prepared for their heavy burden. Romans 8:36 “For your sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.” He sacrifices those He judged innocent in hopes this creation will give ear. Not one book in the Bible was penned by somebody outside the election of grace. Not one. Not only does He sacrifice the innocent, but He sacrificed Himself! He put Himself in the human flesh to carry the burden of sin and redemption by never sinning and died a most gruesome death while those who thought they knew so much mocked Him. He creates our creation, doesn’t condemn any after their sin, sacrifices the innocent and Himself in hopes as many people as possible just might rejoin Him? My, what a Lord we have!

Now some atheists or unwise Christians, if they are indeed Christians will point out that Jesus never spoke against homosexuality, and it was only Paul that spoke against it. It would be very unwise to separate the apostle Paul from Jesus since Jesus Himself appeared before Paul to set him on the right path. Any Christian with a thimble full of wisdom would know that Paul spoke for Jesus when he condemned homosexuality. Also, homosexuality was forbidden in the Old Testament. Jesus said that He did not come to destroy the law and the prophets, but fulfill. What He was saying was that with His life and death, it was time to forgive the sinner, not erase the ability to sin. They also conveniently pass by Jesus’ condemnation of fornication. That would obviously include homosexuality.

I have even heard some bring up the story of the centurion who had a servant that was sick, and he showed Jesus so much faith that He said He hasn’t found anyone in Israel with such faith. They’ve pointed out that the original Greek word on two of the occasions was “παίς” (pah-HEECE), which has different definitions, but most commonly it means “boy”, as in a servant boy. They’ll say that Romans routinely had these servant boys as sex slaves, saying that was also the case with this centurion and his servant. True, this was common, but nowhere near a rule. Romans were a very permissive society, hence one reason why they fell. I will gladly destroy their assertion so utterly that they won’t have an explanation, at least a plausible one. If this centurion had this boy as a child sex slave, you don’t think Jesus would say something? He would have known if there was this type of relationship. He knew what was in the mind of Pharisees and chief priests. Jesus spoke intently about harming children. We also have the story of Jesus coming to the rescue of a woman who was about to be stoned for adultery. He wrote in the dirt and said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” After they left, Jesus said to the woman, “Go, and sin no more.” Now He tells this woman to sin no more, but doesn’t tell the centurion the same? Which is a worse sin? Committing adultery or having a boy as a sex slave? You be the judge.

For those who call God or the God-fearing a “homophobe”, or are just chomping at the bit to meet Him so you can lay into Him with your take on things and His incompetence, you will all get your chance. I urge you to take that opportunity to tell Him off. But before you do, just do me this one small favor first-come get me. I want to see that.