I loved the movie “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”. The great thrillride of trying to achieve the most sought after religious artifact ever, and battling the Nazis at the same time. The third Indiana Jones movie “Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade” was another great one after another religious artifact, the cup of Christ. So where are these things? I’ll give you some answers before you don your leather jacket and bullwhip to look for them.

The ark of the covenant is nowhere on Earth. That’s that. Too brief? Okay, well I’ll elaborate. In Revelation 10:6 it says that the ark of His (God’s) testimony will be opened in heaven and there will be thunderings and such. Those are the same things associated with the opening of the ark of the covenant. The ark of God’s testimony and the ark of the covenant are the same thing. What is God’s testimony? The Ten Commandments. What is this testimony inside? The ark. So you can all now stop your searching. It will never be found because it’s not here. I have to tell you, that’s a pretty easy one.

The other thing is the Holy Grail: the cup of Christ. As it is written, Jesus says anyone who drinks from this cup will have everlasting life. Again, this one is really pretty darn easy. He’s saying anyone who believes He was the Christ and died for our sins that they will have everlasting life. Notice He didn’t say “heaven”. You can read the blog “There Is A Difference Between Heaven And Everlasting Life” for more on that. There is no mug around somewhere you can find and drink that will allow you to be human forever. Sorry, it doesn’t exist. Jesus also broke bread and said “this is My body”. Was the bread pieces of His skin for the disciples to eat? Of course not. That’s sick. Neither was He saying if someone drinks from that cup that they live forever. All the disciples there drank from the cup. They’re all dead, but have everlasting life. Yep, pretty darn easy folks.


We are a very self-obsessed society these days. “It’s all about me” is today’s motto. You ask most people nowadays what they want most and they’ll answer “to be happy”. People look for happiness, not looking to be content. Those who will look for happiness will never find it. Usually people want material possessions in order to be happy. “If I only got this, I’ll be happy.” Unless that person works out on making their souls right, they can never find happiness. They might as well search for the yeti if they don’t deal with their soul. Since many people don’t have a good grasp of their own soul, they are unhappy. The soul is a peculiar thing. It’s quiet. And the more a person ignores their soul, the quieter it becomes. At the same time, that soul will definitely make itself known. The person will feel uncomfortable and restless among other things. This is the soul’s way of attracting attention.

Every human being has three entities within them. There is the human mind, the human heart, and the God-given soul. The human mind deals with things such as ego, believing in things it only sees, logic, and the desire or antipathy to fit in with the crowd. The human heart deals with the cares of this world, sympathy, love, and passion. The soul we all must take with us knows always what is right and what is wrong. Those who are in good touch with their soul are the ones who seem to always do the right thing.

The human heart and the human mind always disagree. They’re polar opposites of one another. The human heart and the soul usually agree while the mind and the soul usually disagree. The flaws of the heart is looking to explain the good things out of everything or showing kindheartedness to those even if it’s making them worse or does them no good. Giving charity to someone who’s hooked on drugs knowing what they’ll spend their money on is the wrong thing to do. Thinking you’re more compassionate than God and His laws is foolhearty. Because of the human heart possibly dominating your thoughts, you cannot take into consideration that there are more important things than one’s temporary, human body.

The human mind in this day and age is what seems to dominate people’s thoughts. Most are ruled by the mind today. Usually for a period of time after becoming an adult, the mind will take hold over a person. Being that the mind desires to keep control over a person, it’s hard to let it go. Even with questions like “why am I here” that everyone of us deals with on occasion, the mind will try to keep the person from actually looking. If the person looks to see why they are here, that may lead them on a journey of rediscovering their soul. Something the mind does not want them to do.

Because most of us are headstrong, we have little recollection of our souls even though the soul is trying to get each of us to notice it. Afterall, it is the only thing you take with you. Each of us has to answer for our souls. Nobody’s heart or mind is in danger of losing everything when all is said and done. It is our very souls on the line.

What must we do to get a hold of our souls? Don’t soulsearch. Don’t look to be happy. Don’t try to find yourselves. You want to make those bad feelings to go away? You want to be content and actually be happy? Then just drop everything. Let everything go. All these thoughts of striving to be happy you must let go in order to be happy. Complicated eh? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Even with nearly everyone having the spirit of slumber, the Bible has the answers for you to find yourself. When you are able to foresake man’s influence on the Bible, realize God’s always right, and listen to your conscience you can get a good hold of your soul. Through Christ, God has put out the welcome mat. It’s up to you to realize that God is all-wise, and despite today’s message, His ways are not outdated or antiquated. God is Alpha and Omega-timeless.

Since most everyone really is only here to make a decision, one must prepare themselves to make the right decision. When you reach the point of no return, which is it’s nearly impossible for you to make the wrong decision, you will be content and thus happy because of your choice in Him. You’ll have answers to many of your mysteries if you do the work, for God rewards those who diligently seek Him. You’ll know what you’re here to do. You don’t think God will reward you for getting to that point? Trust me, He will.