The end of this age will be the climax and therefore the worst time in this age. As a matter of fact, Jesus said it will be the worst time our creation will ever know, which is saying something to those that have the wisdom of the three earth ages. The tribulation period will try those who are here. It’s designed to make it difficult for them to make the right choice. I will get to why that is later. This period of time is not for the election of grace, or God’s elect. They will be here but these plagues for the most part will not affect them. I will explain that there are only a few thousand of God’s elect. Despite what your teachers might tell you, not every Christian is one of the election of grace. Not even close. How can a person that chose Christ say that God chose them? That’s what God’s elect means. God’s chosen. Choosing Christ is a work. God choosing a person is done by grace. That’s why it says in Romans 11 that a work is not grace. In that verse, replace the word “grace” with “an act of God” and you will get the meaning. A man choosing Christ is a work. God choosing one of the election of grace was done by grace alone, and not by anything that person did in this life. The election of grace happened before this age started. Before the days of Adam. The election of grace is the name of the people God chose before the foundation of this age. Simple as that. To further prove my contention, in Romans 11, Paul after reiterating that conversation between Elijah and God said that “there is still a remnant according to the election of grace”. A remnant. If Paul meant what just about every Christian teacher thought he meant, then there would be some living still. That’s impossible. Elijah lived around 900 BC. This was written 900 years afterward. There could be none living when Paul wrote this. The remnant he was referring to were those who have not lived yet who were of the election of grace. Showing faith is a good work. Being unfaithful is a bad work. Since showing faith is a work, how could these 7000 be chosen for not bowing their knee to Ba’al in this life? Jeremiah 1:5 also says that God knew Jeremiah before he was in the womb, and ordained him to be a prophet before his birth. What could have Jeremiah done in this life to be chosen by God as a prophet? Nothing. Just as it says in Romans 11, these people were not chosen for any work they have done in this life, therefore there must have been something more to the picture of Ba’al, not to mention their faith was shown before this life.

What scripture there is written that says that the election of grace will not suffer the same way that the rest will is in a couple of different areas. In Rev. 6:6 where it’s talking of the plague of great inflation and economic woe, it says that the oil and wine will not be hurt. “See thou hurt not the oil and the wine”. If there is a plague of economic woe, then of course actual oil and wine will be hurt. So what does that mean? What do you do with oil besides cook with it? You anoint with it. What happens during the process of turning grape juice into wine. It’s not just the fermentation, but the purifying. The impurities come out during fermentation. What it really says is “see you hurt not the anointed and the pure”. Those are God’s elect. Also in Psalm 105:15 says “Touch not Mine anointed and do My prophets no harm.” That’s basically the same thing as what is written in Rev. 6:6 as I described it.

The tribulation period is to try everyone else. For those who say “I’m a good Christian and I’ve lived a good life, so why do I have to go through this?” What I will say is what is written in Ecclesiastes 1:9. “There is no new thing under the Sun.” All of our souls are much older than our bodies, as was written in Jeremiah 1:5. God knew all of us before we were put in our mother’s womb. The words “know, knew” also meant “accept”. God foreaccepted Jeremiah. He knew all of us, but only accepted few of us before this age started. Just because we cannot remember anything before we were born, it doesn’t it didn’t happen. Nobody’s soul is innocent outside the election of grace. Only they were justified before their birth, as is written in Romans 8.

While we are taught by Christians who refuse to trace the KJV back to it’s original languages as they should that the Earth is several thousand years old, it’s only this age that is several thousand years old. As is written in the original Greek, this is an age we live in, and this age will end when Jesus returns. The age will end, not the world. Those who don’t believe in this cannot explain away the thousand years that Jesus reigns here with his saints while Satan is in the bottomless pit for a thousand years. When that millennium ends, Satan is loosened from his prison and tries to deceive the world once again. There is no new thing under the Sun. God chose Jeremiah and His other prophets when and from what. Those who are deceived try to make war with the saints, but God stops them and ends that age. THEN the books are opened and judgment is given. Not beforehand. Are you going to believe God’s word in its original form more than God’s word with the influence of men translating it? I hope not. Get a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and open your eyes. It’s inexcusable that with all of the tools at our disposal today that any teacher would teach the Earth is just thousands of years old.

Our souls are a LOT older than our flesh bodies are. How else would God choose a soul to be one of His prophets? He didn’t choose them during this life and God does nothing at random. He didn’t create a soul and then say “okay, you’re going to be My prophet”. They already proved their worth sometime before this age started. Everyone else failed at least for a moment.

This age is another chance. So is the next one. A chance to show your faith. Why it’s so hard in this age for keeping faith is because this is our creation’s punishment for past crimes. The greatness in His heart allowed Him to create this age with a way out. Jesus is the way. Whether it be in this age or the next, each soul will have to make a choice outside of the election of grace, and perhaps those who repented after they bowed their knee. ALL will know at sometime in their soul’s existence what the right choice will be. This age or the next one, every soul that still needs to make the right choice will know what the right choice will be. That doesn’t mean they will make it even knowing who Satan really is and who Jesus is. God is doing and will do everything He can to help them make the right choice. That’s why there is this age to begin with. That’s why He sent His only begotten Son to live and die innocently for a way to righteousness. That’s why those He already justified are here living as well. After that, it’s all up to you.


The “Battle of Armageddon” is well recognized as the last battle between good and evil before the world ends. This is unequivocally wrong. First off, anytime the NT mentions the end of the world, that word “world” there is actually the Greek word “αίων” (ah-KHEE-own) which really means “age”. Not world. This is true in Matthew 24:3 when the disciples privily asked Jesus the signs of His coming and the end of the world. That word “world” is really “age” in its original language. Secondly, there is a war mentioned after the supposed “last war on Earth”. It’s right there in Revelation 20, isn’t it? After Satan is loosened from his prison he gathers together those who believe in him to make war with the saints. So how is the Battle of Armageddon the last worldly battle between good and evil? It’s not.

As is written in the very important original Greek, when Jesus returns to Earth that will end this age, not the world. After that there is a new age to begin. There is a whole thousand year period written in Revelation where Jesus reigns on Earth with his saints while Satan is in the bottomless pit, right? It’s been in the Bible the whole time, so why forsake this writing?

Armageddon comes from two words “Megiddo” , which is in northern Israel, and “har”, which means mountain. Put together, armageddon means “mountains of Megiddo”.This is where opposing forces come to try to take over Israel and especially Jerusalem. Satan at that point will be the Antichrist. To clarify, Satan will be here in the flesh after he is kicked down to Earth from heaven by Michael and his angels. For the first three and a half years of the great tribulation period, the Antichrist will be a human being with the spirit of Satan inside him, but he will die. Three days later he will seemingly rise again but it will not any longer be a human being with the spirit of Satan in him. It will be Satan himself.

The nations that come to be the evil nations will be the eastern nations. Russia, the Arab World, China, and other eastern nations will gather at Megiddo and will be ready to invade. The nations fighting for Israel, hence Jerusalem will be the western nations. Not all western nations obviously. I’m speaking in general terms. These facts are ignored by supposed Christian Jew-haters. If you are against Israel, you are on the side of Satan.

It is very possible that at the end of the next age that Satan and his followers will again come from Megiddo, but that’s not written in Revelation 20. Megiddo is the site of many battles of the past. To make that assumption could very well be correct, but that’s only an assumption one can make. It’s certainly not based on fact, so one shouldn’t assume it is anything but a mere possibility. As is written in Rev. 20, Satan and his deceived will be stopped by God. That will end the next age. Then the books will be opened and judgment is given. Not beforehand. Read with your own eyes and let God’s word explain itself to you. You will see that the Battle of Armageddon is not the last battle between good and evil before the end of the world. Take God’s word or the word of men. That’s your choice to make.