I’ve heard people ask “what is the most important chapter in the Bible?” My answer to that question is without a doubt Psalm 22. The reason is it brings the Old Testament and New Testament together. It proves Jesus was the Christ, and everything that is written about those with faith along with it.

Jesus on the cross said “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” That is supposed to make you ask “why wasn’t that a sin?” Don’t let traditional teachers tell you Jesus didn’t have the ability to sin, because that’s nowhere near true. Remember Jesus in Matt.4 went to the desert specifically to be tempted by Satan. If He couldn’t sin, what would be the temptation? Satan also knew very well who Jesus was. He did offer Jesus all of the kingdoms of the world if He’d bow to him. Jesus didn’t sin, therefore He didn’t fail. Don’t shortchange what our Messiah went through in keeping His life pristinely free from sin by thinking He wasn’t able to sin. So why wasn’t that a sin on the cross? Maybe He wasn’t speaking to God at all.

It is accepted by many that what Jesus said on the cross was His moment of doubt and pain. To accuse God of forsaking Him would be a sin by anyone. I don’t know where some people get these ideas from, but to not look for simple questions which should shoot their logic down is simply lazy. You’re telling me that this Man who healed hundreds, divided a few fishes and loaves amongst hundreds had doubt? This Man knew exactly who He was. He even told the disciples He would be scourged and crucified before it happened. They expect you to just go along with that doctrine. He puts the ear of a centurion’s back on and told the disciple who smote it off that He could call on legions of angels to rescue Him if He wanted, but how would the word be fulfilled? They seriously expect you to believe that after He is beaten, after He is scourged, after He is crucified that it is THEN He has His moment of doubt and pain? Come on!

Psalm 22 begins by saying “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” When were the psalms written? They were written around 1000BC mostly by King David. As you read on through Psalm 22, you’ll get to verse 16. It says “For dogs have compassed Me; the assembly of the wicked have inclosed Me; they pierced My hands and My feet.” How did Jesus die? He was crucified. He had His hands and feet pierced. This was written a thousand years before it happened. It also explains in that psalm that He would have His garments lotted upon, just like what is written in the gospels. As with many prophecies, this was written in the past tense simply because the prophets saw the future. It was the past to them. This holds true throughout Revelation.

Jesus was speaking to us on the cross, not to God. He was saying that Psalm 22 is being fulfilled, proving He indeed was the Messiah. All by the simple words He said on the cross. The genius of Psalm 22 is that it was destined to be repeated on the cross by Jesus, and that would hopefully then make you ask why that wasn’t a sin. This is the answer.

This is one of those things it only takes willing eyes and ears to acknowledge to be true. One must be a good student in order to find it on your own, due to the spirit of slumber given to all outside the election of grace. This psalm is the greatest example of the spirit of slumber I can point to. Most people cannot put Psalm 22 with what Jesus said on the cross on their own, and many when seeing the two won’t accept that they are connected due to their allegiance to personal, traditional, and denominational doctrine keeping them blind to the simple truth. Most people when this is pointed out to them should be able to see there’s no way Psalm 22 isn’t about the Christ in His last moments. God put the spirit of slumber upon nearly all, but men put on their own additional slumber with their personal blindness. Because of these things, Psalm 22 isn’t common knowledge Christian teaching as being a prophecy about Christ’s last moments. One additional point to prove about the spirit of slumber is what the next psalm is. The next psalm is the most popular psalm of them all – Psalm 23 “The Lord is my shepherd”. Psalm 23 being right there should be a beacon for anyone reading any psalm anywhere near it, thus connecting it to Jesus saying on the cross “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” It’s been there the whole time. I now introduce you to the spirit of slumber with Psalm 22 being its evidence. With the acceptance of the true doctrine of what Jesus said on the cross with Psalm 22, there’s no explaining it away by any of the most blind atheists. They can’t explain away Psalm 22 with any integrity because Psalm 22 was there long before Jesus lived. Even if Jesus didn’t point out Psalm 22 on the cross, it does predict He would have His hands and feet pierced. It brings the Old and New Testaments together. It proves Jesus was the Messiah. It proves the Bible is genuinely God’s word. Psalm 22 proves everything. That is why Psalm 22 is the most important chapter in the entire Bible.



Most people look to Revelation as being the most difficult thing in the Bible to understand. Some even say that it’s impossible for men to understand it. This is folly. Revelation comes from the Greek word Apocalypse, which means  “reveal”. To reveal something that you’re not allowed to understand? That doesn’t sound right. Revelation is indeed very difficult, but it’s not impossible to understand to a pretty good length. It is true, most are not allowed to fully understand all of it, but that goes for the entire Bible. Everyone outside of the election of grace has the spirit of slumber. When prophecies come to pass that aren’t clearly defined in Revelation, believers will point them out while nonbelievers will say the believers are twisting Revelation’s words to show proof their beliefs are right. The murkiness serves a purpose.

The hardest chapter in the Bible to understand to its entirety is without a doubt Romans 11. In order for you to fully understand it, you pretty much have to get to the end of every mystery that you are confronted with, and then read it and understand in hindsight that this one chapter revealed the secrets of just about everything. It reveals why we are here in the human flesh. It reveals how God chose His prophets. It reveals why the rest were given the spirit of slumber.

Ba’al was much more than just a pagan God in the eyes of Paul, Elijah, and God. To hold back its secrets, they didn’t reveal what he truly was. Ba’al was the deity of the planet of Venus as well. With some studying, you will see a connection to the planet of Venus with another entity.

The election of grace was chosen by God for nothing they’ve done in this life. Many foolish Christians believe once you accept Jesus, that you too are one of the elect, thus equating your decision with God’s decision. Some even believe all Christians were destined to become Christians. There are many parables Jesus gave that proves otherwise. The parables of the wedding, the ten virgins, and others shows that people who could indeed find righteousness fail to find because of the hardness of their hearts. Jesus speaking of the man who had ninety-nine sheep but lost one got that lost sheep back and was overjoyed.

How many people did Jesus speak to during His life? Many multitudes. How did He speak to them? In parables. Matthew 13:10-16 reveals the spirit of slumber. The disciples asked Jesus why does He speak to the people in parables. He said because they don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear. Isn’t that what is written later in Romans 11? Weren’t those multitudes Christians? Christians, but didn’t have it in them to have that understanding. Jesus then revealed to the disciples that they do have eyes and ears, so He was allowed to reveal the secrets of the kingdom to them.

Even with the spirit of slumber being upon nearly all, that doesn’t mean people are not allowed to understand God’s word to a good extent. That comes with diligence. One must be willing to forsake the traditional teaching of men and never be afraid to ask questions about church or common knowledge doctrine. Never get to a point where you have questions but refuse to ask them because it does your insight no good. No matter how high God has your ceiling, you can lower it by not being a diligent student of His word. Everyone is allowed to build their faith. If you show your diligence with absence of fear, God just might raise your ceiling.

Take into account Jeremiah 1:5 where God said to Jeremiah that He chose Jeremiah before any work he could have done in the human flesh. God said He knew Jeremiah before he was in the womb. No work accomplished to be chosen, but grace alone. Jeremiah was destined to become a prophet before this age even started. That was when the election of grace were chosen. Before any work. Before any were dispersed. Before any of the seven thousand would be put in the flesh. This grace was bestowed upon them for not any work they’ve done in this life, but God did not choose these people at random. There must have been something that they either did or didn’t do at some point before they were born which proved their worth. That is revealed … guess where… Romans 11.


God spoke to Moses to give many laws to the Jewish people. There were laws of divorce, sin, and what to eat. Among the things they could not eat were shellfish, cloven-footed animals, and any blood was forbidden by these laws. Food and drink laws were very strict to the Jewish people, but Christians of good faith eat things such as shellfish and pork regularly, so what happened?

I know a part of a Christian denomination that teaches the eating of lamb is a sin because Jesus was the lamb of God. Even though it’s written nowhere that eating lamb is a sin, again men have to take it upon themselves to create their own word instead of just adhering to God’s. Why Christian Gentiles began eating things that were not lawful for the Jews to eat comes from Acts 15:20, which says the Gentiles only have to keep away from animals that were strangled, blood, the pollutants of idols, and fornication. Gentiles are allowed to eat shellfish and even those Christians that believe eating lamb is a sin but can’t keep their lips off of pork can indeed eat all the pork they want, save for gluttony. That’s a good thing too because I love shrimp as well as a good ham dinner.

The reasons for the health laws was that the Israelites were God’s chosen race, so they had higher standards. The animals forbidden were bottomfeeders, scavengers, and animals that were considered unclean. Perhaps there is also something in the DNA of the Israelites that would do them harm if they ate those animals considered unclean. Certainly for sure the main reason is that God had higher standards for them.


Yes, He does, at least pretty much. He will even use the wicked to carry out His plan. Is a plan destiny? No, it’s not. Only God’s elect have futures set in stone. In Romans 8:28-30, Paul speaks about those God foreknew. Well God knew all of us before we were put into the human flesh. The words “know” and “knew” also mean, and as it is in this case “accepted”. God foreaccepted these people. God foreaccepted Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:5). These people have been predestinated. And as is written in Romans 11, there aren’t many of them. Read the page above “An Introduction To The Real Election Of Grace” to help with understanding who the elect are.

Everybody has a purpose, which is why we have life. God’s plan is to hopefully bring everyone He can to righteousness through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. His plan for people beyond that is hopefully they do good works that bring more people to Him. With parables, Jesus pointed out that there are people who have invitations to become righteous will fail. It’s not enough to say “I believe” and live a life full of sin and breaking every commandment without repentence and still have everlasting life. Jesus scolded representatives of Moses’ law, from scribes to Pharisees saying prostitutes will get into heaven before they do. The reason is because at least prostitutes might be humble enough to repent.

This age itself is the ability to not just have, but keep free will. This is why Satan is allowed to tempt us. The Tempter will weed out from this creation the unfaithful from the faithful. Those who are judged as faithful will not fall for future Satans or become future Satans after the Judgment even with free will. Satan already tempted the angels and a third followed him. After this is over our creation will have free will with no fear of failure.


Unfortunately some teach that all Christians are God’s elect. They obviously ignore Matthew chapter 7, where Jesus says some of those self-described Christians won’t make it. God’s elect doesn’t mean man’s elect. God’s elect “εκλεκτός” (ek-lek-TOHS) in Greek means God’s chosen. How can a man that chose Christ say that means that God chose him? How is a man making his election to God equal to God making His election of that man? Obviously the two aren’t congruent.

There are two types of God’s elect. There is God’s elect race, which are the Jews. Then there is the election of grace, which at least many of them aren’t Jewish. In Romans 11:7, Paul explains that Israel has not obtained that which he seeks for but the election has obtained it. Earlier on Paul explains who the real elect are. He reiterates a conversation between Elijah and God in 1st Kings clearly in the context of the election of grace. God explains He has kept seven thousand men (and women) who have not bowed their knee to Ba’al. There are different words used in 1st Kings and Romans 11 describing how God has “reserved” these people, and the most congruent meaning that ties the original Hebrew and Greek is the term “left back”. So God says that He has left back, or reserved seven thousand men in Israel. Then Paul adds on his own that there is a remnant according to the election of grace. Well, with him saying that it contends greatly traditional teaching of who the election of grace are. One has to ask themselves, how does God leave back or reserve a person? Can a person who has lived in the human flesh be called “reserved” or “left back” from God’s point of view? If God has left back a person, then that person has not lived yet.

Those who have not bowed their knee to Ba’al doesn’t necessarily mean Ba’al in the terms that men have come to know this pagan deity. He was much more than just a pagan deity of the planet of Venus. God knew that. Elijah knew that. I will not explain what Ba’al truly was. That’s another lesson way down the road.

Those seven thousand are reserved for the last generation to live. When else would God reserve them? That doesn’t necessarily mean there are seven thousand total who are the election of grace. There were some that were dispersed throughout this age, hence what Paul meant by saying there was a remnant according to the election of grace. It’s just that seven thousand of them are reserved for a specific time. Those people weren’t actually in Israel at the time. They will be. Remember, even Jesus said to His disciples that there will be some standing here that will not taste of death until the kingdom of God has come to Earth. Obviously there aren’t people over two thousand years old on Earth right now. He meant there will be some on Earth that will not die until the end of this age. Likewise, those seven thousand in the final generation will be in Israel at some point. Perhaps several times.

As it is also explained in Romans 11:6, God did not choose these people for any work they’ve done in this life. Faith is a work. Showing faith is a good work. Being unfaithful is a bad work. If they didn’t bow to “Ba’al” in this life, which shows their faith, isn’t that a work? If it is a work, then they couldn’t be chosen for this work because they were chosen by grace. This should be conclusive that God chose His elect before this life. This should also prove that those that didn’t bow to “Ba’al” didn’t show their faith in this life, also meaning there is something more to the picture to Ba’al than what we’ve thought of him to be. Now there are those called by grace, but not all answer their call. Every Christian becomes one by grace, but Jesus Himself gives many examples of those who fail from the ten virgins who all know the coming of the groom, to the three servants given talents.

Further proof of this is what God told Jeremiah. God told Jeremiah that He knew him before he was in the womb. God said before Jeremiah was out of his mother’s belly He sanctified him and ordained him to be a prophet. This means that God chose Jeremiah to be His prophet without having done one thing upon Earth in the human flesh. Isn’t that what Paul explains also in Romans 11:6? That God does not choose anyone for any work they have done, or else it would not be called grace.  Not for one thing they did in this life did God choose His elect. So what did Jeremiah do to prove his worth to God? God isn’t going to create a million souls and say randomly to the next one He created “okay, you’ll be My prophet”, then create another million and repeat. Jeremiah must have proven his worth for God to choose him to be a prophet. What did he or didn’t he do? He did not bow his knee to Ba’al or anything like him before he was put in the human flesh.

How many people did Jesus speak to during His life? Many multitudes. How did He speak to them? In parables. Matthew 13:10-16 reveals corroboration of the spirit of slumber given to everyone outside the election of grace. The disciples asked Jesus why does He speak to the multitudes in parables. He said because they don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear. Isn’t that what is written later in Romans 11? Weren’t those multitudes Christians? Christians, but didn’t have it in them to have that understanding that God’s elect did. Those people had greater faith than just about anyone here on Earth now. They saw Jesus heal people. Some were even healed by Him. They heard Him speak. Whose faith on Earth now could be stronger than theirs? Still, Jesus could only speak to them in parables about the kingdom. Jesus then revealed to the disciples that they do have eyes and ears, so He was allowed to reveal the secrets of the kingdom to them. They were some of the elect dispersed throughout the age.

For many are called to be at the wedding between Jesus and His bride, which is our creation who were faithful, but few are chosen. Obviously not all that will be at this wedding will be chosen to be there. Also there will be many that were not called to be at this wedding. It says many are called but few are chosen. Not nearly all are called to be there, but the rest are chosen. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that even go against your belief system. Romans 11 explains who the real elect are, and it’s obvious it’s not every Christian like many believe. Romans 11 is the most difficult thing written in the entire Bible to understand to its fullest extent. Inside it tells you why even. The rest were blinded. Only the election of grace do not have the spirit of slumber. God has given everyone else a ceiling of understanding. Sadly though, far too many have put their own ceiling upon themselves. It’s written that it takes the sounding of the last trump before the mystery is gone. I think that says everything about the faith of men, don’t you?


In a word, no. Don’t worry, I’ll elaborate. Purgatory was invented by men to do one thing: increase money to the church. If you donate enough money, your stay in purgatory will be less than if you didn’t. This is another power taken away from God by some and put into the hands of men. Always when men take powers away from God, they invent something that is not written anywhere in the Bible.

There is no evidence of a purgatory in the Bible, and I’ve looked. Those that came up with purgatory claim it’s to purify souls before reaching heaven. The soul has no need of purification because the life is over. What a person has done in this life is over. Whether that soul is worthy of heaven, everlasting life, or punishment is up to One. Nobody else. Either way, once the soul has been loosened from this human prison it goes straight to the Maker. From there God chooses whether that soul goes with Him or not. There is no pit stop on its way.

One should ask themselves if a person makes the right choice and lives their lives honorably why God would make them suffer through something called “purgatory”. If there is a purgatory, then why isn’t it written? Are you going to believe the Bible, or someone that came up with something on their own? You be the judge.

Paul said to be absent from this body is to be present with the Lord. Does that sound like there is a stop at something at purgatory? On the rare occasion when someone dies and are brought back to life, the common thing seen is a tunnel of white light. If you imagine yourself travelling through space with stars, galaxies, and other heavenly objects flying by you many times the speed of light, what would you be seeing? A tunnel of white light. Does that sound like there is a purgatory?

Men do such wicked things in the eyes of God by inventing things of God that do not exist for the sake of their own cause. This is the silliest and least biblical example possible. I dare any theologian, priest, cardinal, pope to find me biblical evidence of purgatory. They can’t do it because it doesn’t exist. Men should be careful about inventing things to take power away from God and putting power into their own hands on such matters because God just may invent some things right back of His own. This is one of those things that angers me personally. I find it insulting when men invent things of God with no backing from God’s word. I issue a challenge to those that believe in purgatory. Find me biblical evidence. Not logic of why there might or should be a purgatory. Not who came up with it. Not it’s purpose. Find me biblical evidence of it. There is no such thing as purgatory. Take that to the bank.


A question both humanists and actual inquisitive people like to ask is why would a good God create Satan? This question usually comes from those who wish not to believe that there is a God and looks for excuses not to humble themselves and look into the wisdom that there has to be a God to have created all of this.

The truth is God created many angels, one of them named Helel. In the KJV the word “Lucifer” in the original Hebrew isn’t pronounced anywhere near Lucifer at all. It’s pronounced Helel, and it means “brightness” or “lightbearer”. Helel was one of God’s most treasured angels. Lucifer was the translated name of Helel from Hebrew into Latin. There was some wisdom to the Catholic Church translating the name because of the next few words “son of the morning”. Lucifer was also the Latin word for the morning star. God gave His angels free will, which is key to understanding how Helel fell and shows how much God loved His angels by letting them and also our creation have free will.

Afyer Helel fell, God changed his name to Satan, which means “opponent, adversary” and in some cases it can mean “persecute”. See, he used to be the angel of light, the morningstar. Now he’s the opponent and has and will persecute our creation. See, God didn’t create Satan. God created Helel. It was Helel who created Satan.