Short answer… no, He’s not. I know many on the right and those who have their heads up the tails of certain doctrines will point out that God told Jews not to marry outside of their race. They’re right. God told the Jews, that is J-E-W-S that they should not marry outside of their race. Now what would be the reason God would say this to the Jews. One, they were His chosen race. Two is that He was afraid that the Jewish men would be swayed into following other gods. This is specifically mentioned in Deuteronomy 7:3-4. He also wanted to ensure His Son would come from His chosen race, specifically through the tribe of Judah. These are the reasons why God told the Jews not to marry outside of their race. His prophets, the apostles didn’t say this to the Gentiles in the New Testament. Would be kind of odd for God to be racist when in fact He created them. Would especially be odd that Moses’ own wife was not a Jew, but a Kenite. For those that come to my site often, you may have read about who the Kenites were. In the posts “How Did Cain Marry A Woman?” and “Rise of the Kenites”, you can read about them.

If a Christian black man marries a Christian white woman and they have children, then God bless them. I do as an observer though feel that many are involved in interracial relationships for attention, whether it be positive or negative. Either way, they win. They get the attention. For those that are really in love and get married, I can’t be more happy for you. Some of the strongest and most beautiful people are the children of interracial marriages. Society may cause them grief without merit or conscience, but that may serve those children well later in life.