While in deep thought and prayer, I got a good glimpse into what our two Lords must be confronted with on a constant basis. The volume of things They must be confronted with is way beyond human comprehension and ability. Imagine it all for just a moment, then realize every second it is this way.

Of every second of every day, They have knowledge of things that warm Their hearts. People sacrificing for the sake of spreading the Gospel of Christ. People putting themselves in harm’s way for the sake of charity. Souls finding their way back to the Father. People praying to the Father to forgive their sins in the name of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Then there is every second of the day some Christian being ridiculed for their faith. Christians in danger for their lives for their faith. People are committing the most vile acts no one can process as being human. Children being molested or physically abused. Women being raped or beaten. Every second on Earth has these things. Every second for many, many years has had all these things and God and Jesus are ignorant of none of them.

Every second someone teaches and opens the eyes of others the Way to everlasting life. Every second someone perverts the Word for their own personal gain. Every second somebody figures out a mystery to a question they had about the Bible. Every second someone lies about what is written to another, pushing them away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every second somebody learns a pivotal lesson. Every second somebody blinds themselves to the Truth. The Lord God and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ are aware of it all. Imagine that. It can’t be comprehended by the human flesh. It can’t be.

Now add this to it all. We are all His children. We were all created by God. These are His children who kill one another. These are His children who lie about His Word and His Son. These are His children who abuse the young ones. Of every second of every day someone does something so wonderful it could bring Him to tears, and in that same moment someone else does something so vile He must have disbelief that this is His creation.

And what of the Christ? Every second someone is praying in His name. Every second someone takes advantage of His cruel, purposeful death. Every second somebody is thanking Him for His sacrifice telling Him they love Him unconditionally. Every second someone is mocking someone else for His name. Every second there is someone at least plotting to kill those who live for His name. People are imprisoned for His name. People are tortured for His name. Women are raped for His name. Even children face the evil of this world for His name. These things are as perpetual as the Earth spinning on its axis. It never stops. The only difference will be that one day those evil things our creation does will stop. Evil will be history and our Lords, the Holy Angels, and those judged righteous among our creation can finally have rest.

Our Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ, it is beyond human possibility to not only know Your Wisdom, but to understand what You see without rest. Speaking personally, I know we’ve had our ups and downs, all on my account, but I am eternally grateful for my existence and Your promises and the forgiveness of my sins. I hope I am doing work You are satisfied with because it is all for You. I am in Your hands. I am Yours to do with what You please. I am Your servant forever and ever. Amen.


Yes, He is. While too many will bring up the story of Sodom (Sodom’s crimes were many), God did speak against men who lie with men, men being effeminate, and women who wear the clothes of a man. Many people have misinterpreted that line as literal. There is even a denomination that strictly lives to the literal definition. All they would have to ask themselves is “what did men wear back then?” They wore the same things women did-dresses. What God meant was women shouldn’t play the role of a man. A woman being with another woman is her playing the role of a man. Men should be with women. You can talk about modern times all you wish, but God is Alpha and Omega.

Why is this a rule? Maybe it’s about humility. Maybe He knows what’s best for our flesh isn’t necessarily what is best for our souls. Let’s look at what He has sacrificed for our creation outside of just creating us. There are very few amongst our creation who have been judged before this life started. Romans 8:30 speaks about those God justified from beforetime. The original Greek word was “δικαιοω” (dikahyaho), which means “to render innocent”. The only ones amongst our creation that have been judged were those He judged innocent before this life. They were made to live in this sinful flesh also. In this life, they are known as the election of grace, or God’s elect. God has reserved to Himself 7000 men and women of the elect for the last generation. By far most of the elect would be reserved for the final generation of this age due to population and importance. For anyone who questions my doctrine on the elect, just answer me this: how does God reserve to Himself someone from His point of view? Now consider the billions of people who have lived from the days of Adam to now, and only several thousand were judged innocent. If He did judge all of us, what would His judgement be to the rest? There would be many, but not most rendered forgiven. The rest would have been judged guilty. Well more than half our creation would have been condemned forever for their crime. With Wisdom I know this. Those who were judged innocent would also have to live in this flesh because God wanted to give our creation another chance and they would have stood no chance without the elect. Not only do the elect through no fault of their own have to live in this flawed human flesh, but would have to go through pains most do not so they are prepared for their heavy burden. Romans 8:36 “For your sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.” He sacrifices those He judged innocent in hopes this creation will give ear. Not one book in the Bible was penned by somebody outside the election of grace. Not one. Not only does He sacrifice the innocent, but He sacrificed Himself! He put Himself in the human flesh to carry the burden of sin and redemption by never sinning and died a most gruesome death while those who thought they knew so much mocked Him. He creates our creation, doesn’t condemn any after their sin, sacrifices the innocent and Himself in hopes as many people as possible just might rejoin Him? My, what a Lord we have!

Now some atheists or unwise Christians, if they are indeed Christians will point out that Jesus never spoke against homosexuality, and it was only Paul that spoke against it. It would be very unwise to separate the apostle Paul from Jesus since Jesus Himself appeared before Paul to set him on the right path. Any Christian with a thimble full of wisdom would know that Paul spoke for Jesus when he condemned homosexuality. Also, homosexuality was forbidden in the Old Testament. Jesus said that He did not come to destroy the law and the prophets, but fulfill. What He was saying was that with His life and death, it was time to forgive the sinner, not erase the ability to sin. They also conveniently pass by Jesus’ condemnation of fornication. That would obviously include homosexuality.

I have even heard some bring up the story of the centurion who had a servant that was sick, and he showed Jesus so much faith that He said He hasn’t found anyone in Israel with such faith. They’ve pointed out that the original Greek word on two of the occasions was “παίς” (pah-HEECE), which has different definitions, but most commonly it means “boy”, as in a servant boy. They’ll say that Romans routinely had these servant boys as sex slaves, saying that was also the case with this centurion and his servant. True, this was common, but nowhere near a rule. Romans were a very permissive society, hence one reason why they fell. I will gladly destroy their assertion so utterly that they won’t have an explanation, at least a plausible one. If this centurion had this boy as a child sex slave, you don’t think Jesus would say something? He would have known if there was this type of relationship. He knew what was in the mind of Pharisees and chief priests. Jesus spoke intently about harming children. We also have the story of Jesus coming to the rescue of a woman who was about to be stoned for adultery. He wrote in the dirt and said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” After they left, Jesus said to the woman, “Go, and sin no more.” Now He tells this woman to sin no more, but doesn’t tell the centurion the same? Which is a worse sin? Committing adultery or having a boy as a sex slave? You be the judge.

For those who call God or the God-fearing a “homophobe”, or are just chomping at the bit to meet Him so you can lay into Him with your take on things and His incompetence, you will all get your chance. I urge you to take that opportunity to tell Him off. But before you do, just do me this one small favor first-come get me. I want to see that.


For those who come to my site regularly, you will see that I have laid out the truth as to who Obama is, what he always was, and who he will always be. He’s not the Antichrist, but I have no doubts if there were applications to become the Antichrist that he’d fill one out. He’s not a Christian. I don’t think he’s a Muslim. He’s an Obaman. As with all elite marxists, their only god is themselves. This is part of the character signature from the architect himself, Karl Marx. Godless people who have a God complex will exalt themselves and press their desires of an ideal world onto everyone under them. Obama is an elite marxist and nothing can be said to dispute his entire life’s history if one simply only looked.

Unlike most who have actually studied Obama’s history, I am not one of those that believe he must be defeated in the 2012 election at all costs. As a lemming that has jumped off the edge of the cliff, he won’t be dead until he crashes onto the Earth. That is the present state of this country and the entire world. We have been falling for sometime now, but we haven’t hit the ground yet. There is no avoiding it. Nothing can be done to stop it. While this election seems to be the most important election of maybe all time, my prediction is it will prove to be the most inconsequential. I predicted on November 2nd 2010 in “George Soros: Author of the Future Collapse of America”, that the midterm elections would change nothing despite the optimism shown by conservatives. Time proved me to be right. It won’t matter who wins. Soon after, the world will be on fire. Soros is the one running the show. This plan he has put into action has been flawlessly executed. It’s been more brilliant than any of his other revolutions. Check out Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Malaysia for examples. Nothing can stop it now.

One of the most important things that must and will happen is when the crash comes, caused by Soros and his henchmen, that the wrong people will be to blame. This will cause people who are either already desperate or become desperate, because of the swift crash of their economy, to go after those that they perceive to be the ones who caused their current state of despair. They will be lead by a few acolytes from unions and other revolutionary groups who will be getting their orders from Soros and his elite world government marxists. It’s happened before. This won’t be anything new. Despite the death sentence given by conservative pundits onto the Occupy people, I know that OWS was just a dry run. In desperate times, the Occupy movement will grow beyond leaps and bounds.

Professors have brainwashed the young as they have always done. Professors and other true intellectuals base their thoughts on being the complete opposite of conventional thinking because they feel they are smarter than everyone else. If the common person thinks one way, they must think the opposite because the common person isn’t a supergenius to the 10th power. Marxists, as their literature says, target the youth because their thoughts have not formed yet. Lenin did call the students and union members who were out there threatening and killing the rich “useful idiots” because they were killing people who could help them fund a future revolt after they realize Lenin had the worst of intentions for them. The rich who survived played ball with Lenin. Not them. This is the true history and intention of marxism. As I said in my last post, there are two types of marxists in today’s world- those who know it’s a scheme to achieve totalitarian power and the stupid. There will be a lot of stupid people again who have no account of history or any analytical ability of it out there being manipulated to their own detriment. This should not be cloaked, but it is…. perhaps for a reason.

For those who will inevitably say “don’t you care about what happens to this country?”, I will gladly point out the book of Revelation. The rider of the white horse to be precise. This is the Antichrist and he will conquer the world, including the United States. God has warned in the OT that people should not believe their kingdom is infallible. We have fallen. Soon we will crash by design.

The architects of the New World Order to come will believe they have permanently remolded the world, but this won’t last. I relish the anticipation of that day. President Obama, this message is for you. You claim you are a Christian. I know you’re a liar, and not just about that. Forsaking the other lies, I will highlight something in the Bible you cannot explain away or say “let me be perfectly clear” and contend with. The book of Revelation speaks of a seven year period known as the Tribulation Period. The rider of the white horse conquers the world. I’m so sorry it won’t be you. I will shed a tear for you when you realize you won’t be the puppet leader of the New World Order. Sort of like how Hillary Clinton did when she realized that Soros would stop at nothing to make sure she goes down since she was not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Make no mistake, she’d be doing the same exact thing you are doing for the same reason. But people knew her. People didn’t and for the most part still don’t know you, which is why his media deitified you while attacking her relentlessly. It’s unavoidable that they will come to know you. Anyway, the New World Order will come. The Antichrist in Daniel 9 confirms a covenant with many that is also supposed to last seven years. Interesting, isn’t it? And it is written that in the midst of that seven year period, the Antichrist himself will break up this covenant with war. It will be portrayed as Lincoln trying to bring back the southern states into the Union, but it will only be portrayed that way. The Tribulation Period written of in Revelation that lasts seven years is also divided in two separate three and a half year periods. A covenant with many that is supposed to last seven years breaks in the midst… sounds like a match to me. Then we have the geographical portrayal of the war to come. If you look at it, it’s basically East versus West. The kings of the east, then you take in the Arab World, which you and your master are working with at the present, will take on the West which would include the United States. It would seem like a Christian wouldn’t have any part of this and certainly be aware of this being written. You can’t explain this away biblically. The West will wake up. We will wake up. We will know what you and your ilk have done and why you have done it. We will know by any shadow of a doubt all these things and there won’t be anything you or your puppet master can do about it. Soros’ flaw… the world is simply too big to control. This is what I relish for the second most. It won’t be you he kings, despite his possible promise. I hope you fight Soros on this when it happens. I truly do. If you think he was bad with Hillary and her family, including Chelsea, fight him and see what he does to you. You are nothing to him and you are nothing without him. All you are is a Soros creation. No wonder you are so prideful.

Here’s a bit of a weird possibility for the coming election. I know Soros has thought of doing this because the fifth step of Soros’ seven steps to revolution is to take advantage of a crisis surrounding an election. Here is the possibility: Soros fixes the election for Romney, even if Romney wins the election on his own. What do I mean by that? If Romney wins, tell the public he stole the election, and highlight examples. He did just that in the former Yugoslavia. The Soros-paid media showed how Milosevic stole the election all the while ignoring his own ballot-stuffing. Why? If he shows the election was fixed for Romney, you saw what happened in 2000. Even though the media themselves did the recount in Florida and it showed Bush increased his lead, people didn’t know much about it and to this day are upset about it. Imagine another perceived theft of a presidential election. Then Soros could give the orders to revolutionary, student, and union groups to begin rioting. Look up Soros’ seven steps of revolution. This is information worth knowing. Romney also represents a perfect fall guy for Soros which is why Soros has said he’s fine with either Romney or Obama winning. Romney is rich and he’s white. That’s two marks for the subversion chart. If Romney wins and Soros pulls the plug, Romney and the GOP (seen as the protectors of the haves) will be perfect scapegoats (along with Jews and Israel) with most of the media narrating this to death- literally. At any rate, it won’t matter who wins. He will begin the revolution after Romney wins, or will get things started for the 2014 midterms, which will probably be swept by marxist dems. The United States and the world will soon fall on purpose to remold it. It is inevitable.

UPDATE: Oct. 30, 2012-, an organization George Soros basically owns, put out an ad featuring seniors threatening to “burn this mother f’er down” if Romney steals the election. Maybe that possibility isn’t so weird afterall.


I’ve said in the recent past that I most likely was done with writing posts here because I’ve covered everything I know God wanted me to cover as far as doctrine goes. For questions like “how did Noah fit all of the animals on the ark?”, “how did Cain marry a woman?”, and “why did Jesus say on the cross ‘my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?'”, I have answered those here at my site conclusively and beyond any possible contention. Look them up. I urge all to. Being that there has been a lot of race-baiting going on, I thought I’d expose the real culprit of the disharmony and why he’s doing it. This again will be beyond any real contention because of his own words and history.

George Soros, as I have written many times here is a monster who has funded revolutions and collapsed countries through economic crisises that he perpetuated and then blamed the wrong people so the populace would rise up against them. Soros is a convicted felon in France for insider trading, but that is the least of his crimes. Read what he did in Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. They don’t exist anymore thanks to his Velvet Revolution, not to mention the Rose and Orange revolutions. There was also Black Wednesday in 1992 in Great Britain where Soros bet against the sterling and manipulated it by shortening it causing investors to panic and also sell. He made reportedly from one to two billion dollars while England took years to recover. He allegedly did the same thing in Japan, Russia, Indonesia, and Malaysia. There are many nations he bled dry and has even caused regimes to fall. Now he’s in America betting against the dollar and saying “the US should stop fighting the orderly decline of the dollar.” That should help those who don’t have much, huh? That should also remove any question as to his intentions here.

Soros has said on video that he funded revolutions and used subversive activities and he found it fun. Recently, Soros has had these videos swept from the internet where he let things slip due to his ego. These videos are getting harder and harder to find, but I assure you they exist because I’ve seen them. Glenn Beck in his three-part special on Soros aired many of these videos where there would be no possible positive context, so don’t believe the “he was taken out of context” line his allies would push forth. I’ve been studying Soros myself for a long time.

So what are subversive activities? Well, they vary. The one thing they are all aimed at though is distrust for the government. Create distrust and disharmony for people so they can be taken advantage of when they look for a way out of disharmony. Among Soros’ seven steps of revolution is to take advantage of a crisis around an election. Keep your eye on this one here. In most countries he used subversive activities though, there really was only one race. In marxist revolutions which they used basically the same gameplan, they didn’t have minorities either except for the Jews, who were the haves. The one percent as Soros’ useful idiots like to point out here. In this country, we have different races to take advantage of. They can say “you were oppressed” to blacks, latinos, and native americans. There are representatives from these races that speak for them not only to make them feel like victims to keep them down, but so they can be taken advantage of. This idea comes from none other than Margaret Sanger, who was no friend to black people or any other race other than elitist, progressive caucasians. Sanger is a hero to the left who try to hide her history and came up with the term “birth control” as a nicer way to say “population control”. She hoped to use sterilizations and abortions to keep the numbers of minorities down. I saw one ridiculous leftie at some news site say that she got caught up in the eugenics frenzy. Caught up? I bet they don’t give the Founding Fathers the excuse of getting caught up in owning slaves. What do you want to bet? She wasn’t caught up in it. She was the most vocal proponent of eugenics and even spoke before the KKK. Yeah, she got caught up in it. Now there are Planned Parenthood offices in every minority community, which the founder was none other than Margaret Sanger. Her idea in the meantime when they can get rid of all blacks, Jews, and other undesirables was to have a few black people speak for all black people to keep them in the box they want them to be in. She wasn’t alone with the eugenics movement. The NAACP was founded mostly by white progressives who were the ones pushing population control and eugenics. They even said that anyone that didn’t believe in eugenics and population control was dumb. Scientists were also saying that eugenics and population control needed to be done. Does this sound familiar to you? Global warming?

If a person is made to feel victimized, then they feel the world is against them and they have no chance of making it out of their situation alone. Even the President has pushed this message as early as today. How did he get to be president? Nevermind. If a person is given a few crumbs to sustain them, then they are less willing to try to get out of that situation generally. This works for the elites in two ways: one, the government spends money it doesn’t have. Two, the people who want to reform this will look like the villains. Subversion.

The case of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin tragedy is very similar to the Duke LaCrosse case. White guys victimizing a poor black stripper. The media portrayed that side of the story and even most of the Duke faculty signed a petition condemning them. She said she was sexually assaulted by these rich, white boys. It came out later that she wasn’t sexually assualted. Oops. Again, the media were all over George Zimmerman saying he was racially profiling a black kid for wearing a hoodie and shot him in cold blood. By the way, did you know George Soros gives money both openly and secretly to the so-called mainstream media? Don’t pay attention to that though, you know, the subversive activities. They edited a phone call on NBC where Zimmerman seemingly said out of the blue that he looked black. They edited out that the 911 operator asked him what color he was. Now NBC is doing an internal investigation. Yeah, right. Some token punishment will be given, but you know the heads wanted that phone call edited to make Zimmerman, the WHITE hispanic look like a racist. Yeah, the same Soros-paid media called Zimmerman a white hispanic. Why the “white” part? I know, George. I know. Bet you also didn’t know that Zimmerman tutored black kids on the weekend, unless you watch/listen to a media outlet not run by George Soros. Then the video came out, which they put forth “there’s no marks on Zimmerman! He’s a liar! Arrest him!” ABC wound up enhancing and clearing the video, which should have never come out, showed that Zimmerman had two obvious cuts on the back of his head and redness around it. Why did ABC do this? Probably due the fallout of NBC editing that phonecall. “We better not hide this one.” Let’s also not forget on MSNBC when the Tea Party was gaining in popularity that at a rally they showed video of a guy with a gun, and the female anchor was expressing her concern for the President’s safety by these horrible, racist white people. What MSNBC didn’t show was the man that was carrying the gun was a black man. Where was the internal investigation into that? By the way, why has AG Eric “Stedman” Holder not pressed charges on the New Black Panther Party or its members? The ones that put a bounty on Zimmerman’s head. The same group that Holder/Stedman dropped charges in that voter intimidation scandal where two of its members were at a polling station on election day 2008 holding clubs. Obvious case of voter intimidation which was on video. The same group that then Senator Obama marched with in Selma, AL 2007. There are pictures.

Are minorities being fooled and taken advantage of? YES! YES! YES! I know, that’s a racist statement to make, right? That’s what Soros’ pals and useful idiots will say. Here’s my coherent and inarguable reply to that. How many black people were fooled and taken advantage of in eastern europe, Russia, and China? How many? Close to none if it’s not none. Were people fooled in those countries? YES! Those were all worker’s revolutions, right? And the workers won, right? Did the workers get what they bargained for? Hell NO! How did the have nots win those revolutions but yet lose? Because they were fooled. In eastern europe, it was the supposed fault of the haves (many of them Jews) that they were in such dire straits. They were the one percent, and the ninety-nine percent could be manipulated if they coveted the things the haves had. “Thou shall not covet your neighbor’s possessions.” Why is this in the Bible? This is why. The elites who spoke for them and riled their anger gave them their working orders during the revolution. If the haves didn’t play ball, then kill them. Remember the slogan “kill the rich”? That started with the Russian Revolution. The haves that didn’t play ball were either killed or fled the country. The haves that played ball got on the side of the elite revolutionaries, not the have nots. That’s because the elite revolutionaries that were leading the have nots weren’t on the side of the have nots either. They were on their own side. Eastern europe as well as Germany, Italy, and China did the same things. Once the haves agreed to the doubleplaying elite revolutionaries, the elites with the power and money of the haves clamped down on the very same manipulated have nots that put them in power. This is the true history of marxism. Anyone that denies this, I have some questions you cannot answer with content. How did the Iron Curtain come about? Why were there barbed-wire fences that didn’t keep people out, but kept people in? How come when the workers won those revolutions that they really lost? Why did Lenin call those young people who were out there threatening and killing the rich “useful idiots”? Lastly, if Marx was so much into helping out the poor, why did he want to control the press? When I think of social justice, I think of controlling the press. Please answer with some integrity. This should tell you Marx had evil intentions, and so did his disciples.

In this country, they have minorities to play with. It definitely makes it easier for them. Soros in no question has said and is intent on taking down America so a New World Order can come. This intention also cannot be argued against because I’ve seen him say this on video. He has said that the “US was in the way of forming a New World Order.” That “the days of America being the great power are coming to an end”. Now he has been funding the dems in America because they represent the have nots. They know what he’s said and done. How to get it done is what he wants to keep secret. This is one aspect. Racial disharmony. It will get much worse. This I guarantee. Stay above the fray!

I really wish someone with more popularity will start seeing through these things the allies of Soros are doing. We have his words and history, and he’s obviously using the same plans. Even those who claim to know his history don’t read through stories like George Zimmerman and tell you why it’s happening. I’ve yet to hear it anyway, but it’s obvious. The repeated rushes to judgment on things that could be divisive is for subversion. The media, Congressional Black Caucus, Obama, and the professional race-baiters were all out there to commit subversive activities. The class warfare stuff is not political. It’s simple subversion that has been used time and time again in other countries throughout history. Someone else with a platform, please stop claiming you know George Soros, but yet can’t seem to look beneath the surface on any damn thing. This is so easy to figure out, so why don’t I hear you???


Yes, it is. This debate is one that makes me scratch my head because the debate somehow is turned into “women’s rights”. I don’t know how this falls under women’s rights being that there is another being involved. I also thought that the Declaration of Independence states that life is a right, although I’ve never heard that particular case being presented. One of the great things about women is that they see the better side of things naturally. How does the unborn all of a sudden simply become a fetus in their eyes? I’m generalizing of course. I guess even that term presents its problems since all one would have to do is ask “what is it a fetus of?” Everyone was a fetus at some point in their lives. I’m very adamant when it comes to the plight of women, but abortion isn’t a woman’s right in my eyes. If you could ask that fetus if it wants to be killed and it was able to respond, do you think it would say “yes”? No matter how you look at it, you are destroying a life.

Another big debate is where life begins. I believe both sides are wrong in the debate. A fertilized egg does nothing. A fertilized egg is simply a fertilized egg. Obviously it is a living thing long before birth, so that is a ludicrous argument. When a fertilized egg attaches itself to the womb is where life begins. That is when the fertilized egg begins to divide. That is when the magic of life begins. It is the liberal’s idea though that allows for babies to be killed after either a botched abortion or shortly after and no punishment is wanted. In Chicago after a baby survived an abortion attempt a doctor decided to put it in the laundry to die. A woman found it and held it as it died. A law was proposed to have it where doctors will have to help the baby live if it survives an abortion attempt. Obama as a state senator voted “no” to that bill. No matter his excuse, and he’s given a dishonest one, he voted no to have a baby that survives an abortion attempt to receive medical attention. Even NARAL had no problem with that bill, which then became a national law. Many times when babies are killed after birth, the punishment given is a slap on the wrist if one is even given. The thought that babies in the womb are simply fetuses allows for these horrible things to go on.

I find it sad that people portray pro-lifers as extremists for not wanting women to abort their babies. What is more extreme than ending innocent life? “What a terrible thing it is to force babies to live!” Are you serious? That’s extremist? The greatest proponent for abortion, or what we call “women’s rights” was Margaret Sanger. She is someone liberals and specifically liberal women point towards as being a great woman and advocate for women’s rights. What they won’t tell you, either because they don’t want you to know or they don’t know themselves is that she was a huge advocate of eugenics. She wanted minorities and certain “undesirables” to be forced to be sterilized. She was a racist who hoped abortions would lower the population of the black community and spoke before a KKK rally. It was also her idea to have a few black leaders to speak for the rest of the race to herd them into one mindset like cattle, hence Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton among others. Those racists on the right want black children to live while the hero to the left wanted black children to be aborted, which is why there are so many Planned Parenthood offices in minority communities. As I do with everything I write here, I only use facts. This is the true history of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.

Biblically speaking, John the Baptist when he was a baby in the womb lept when he felt the presence of Jesus while He was in the womb as Mary came into the room. Such a beautiful story in the Bible, isn’t it? There is already awareness the babies in the womb have. They sense light and they feel pain. They are just like you and I, except they depend on their mothers to keep them alive. Just because they are vulnerable, it doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to live. I think because they are vulnerable, they should have more protections legally than you or I would have.

I know some will say “what about the health of the mother?”, but that could mean anything. If a woman’s life is truly on the line, then she should still keep the baby. Give the baby a chance at life, just like those mothers had. With proper medical attention, death from childbirth is nearly a forgotten thing. As for any other reason, abortion is evil in the eyes of God. If a woman is raped, abortion is still wrong. The man who raped her deserves to be executed in my opinion, but shouldn’t punish an innocent life for the crime of the rapist. If a girl is molested, it’s the same case. The man should be executed and the baby should not be punished. Women and girls who are raped will receive no more sympathy than by me. Nothing anguishes me more about humanity than people who rape or molest, but it would be a horrible thing to destroy an innocent life. Women who just see their babies as an inconvenience have some problems seeing life for what it is. If a baby is such a burden upon their selfish lives, then give it up for adoption. There are plenty of people waiting to adopt children. Mother Teresa said it best about women who don’t want to raise the babies they carry “give them to me!” Now that was a woman. There are plenty of people out there ready, willing, and able to raise the babies you don’t want. You have no excuse but to let your child live, either with you or somebody else.

I think this really is the beginning of human evil for a society to say the unborn doesn’t have a right to life. This is the beginning of immorality. If we can’t decide as a people the most innocent and the most helpless of us all have a right to live, then what moral highground is there for us? If they don’t deserve life, then who among us does?

Update: Recently there was audio released of then state senator Obama giving reasons why he was voting against giving medical attention to babies who survive abortion attempts. Originally during the presidential campaign he said that the law was redundant since there was a federal law already on the books. My question is why not then just vote “present” like he did on nearly everything else? I said in the post that he had given a dishonest reason. I knew he was lying and now we have proof. The real reason he voted against it mainly was because it would go against the supposed mothers’ wishes. That is some sick opinion to have that he didn’t think a baby that survives an abortion attempt should be given medical attention. As I said, even NARAL was fine with that bill. This is the man the United States elected president.


My message is simple… get off of your butts! God has reserved seven thousand of you for this time to live, and we are at the doorstep ready to take the first steps towards why we live at all. We aren’t living for our own sakes, for we have already been rendered innocent by the Lord God (Romans 8:30). We may be some time away from the actual Tribulation Period, but bad times come beforehand. Very bad times. The first day of the Great Tribulation will be a day celebrated by most of the world, but not by us. The principalities of this world have seduced this creation into believing they are entitled to things they are not. They have used the covetousness of our creation against us, and now this world is at the brink of collapse to reform it into something they have long desired. Before the Antichrist confirms the covenant with many, hard times will befall this world. The protests being funded by one of the Kenites shows we are days away from the fall.

I feel the election of grace have lagged behind and far too many do not even know they are of the elect yet. This life isn’t about you. This life isn’t about your career or having fun by dancing at clubs and pushing away your calling. Hopefully in time you will get in gear and be ready for your purpose. You can’t fail yourselves, but you can fail those you have an innate sense of responsibility for. For those wondering if you are one of the elect or are just beginning to understand, I have written much about doctrine here to help you on your way. If you are one of the elect, you will know the voice of the shepherd. Get on the fast track and understand Romans 11 to its full, true meaning. I hope my fears will be unfounded, but this generation certainly is not suited to be one of the elect. The pull to sin is at its greatest now than ever before. We must fight this urge to sin and stop looking at everything inward. This goes for myself as well. We sin, for we are not perfect. There was only One who was, and He is not among us, yet He is inside us leading us down our path. Answer His call and His push, for time is rapidly running out. We have all been toughened like metal in some way, but we must not let ourselves become a victim. Once we do that, we will have begun failing this creation.

For every million amongst our creation, there is only one of you. Don’t let that intimidate you. Let that inspire you. Let that motivate you. What we will get during the next age and beyond is something none of us can imagine. Before our births, we were the only ones never to bow our knees. We did not buckle, nor shall we in this life. When the world embraces in celebration, we will sigh. When the world bends the knee as they see a dead man rise, our anger for him will inspire our triumph. When we shall be taken, and only we, this world will know what we were. When we leave, this world all in a moment will give glory to God. It shall only last a moment, but it is our trump that brings them to realize there truly is a God. What a day that will be when we can say to ourselves “my job is finished”! Sometime in this life, we will probably all see eachother. Until then, do what you were born to do.


I have been saying for more than a year that there are people who are not only ready for a collapse to take advantage of, but are making it happen to begin with. One of those people is named George Soros. Why do I suspect him? I’ve been writing about what kind of monster this guy is for a long time, so I have laid out many times what he’s done and what he said he wants done. This won’t be his first rodeo. Do you know why Yugoslavia doesn’t exist anymore? Soros. He collapsed their currency for capital and practice. Czechoslovakia doesn’t exist anymore also because of Soros. He’s a convicted felon in France for manipulating its currency. He helped bankrupt the Soviet Union. He is known as the man who broke the bank of England for betting against the British sterling. He nearly collapsed Spain as well. In asian countries, he funded and gave ideas for regime change through subversive activities and found it fun. Those are his words. You add those things up and some of his statements, such as:

“The United States is in the way of forming a New World Order.”
“The United States should stop fighting the orderly decline of the dollar.”
“The days of America being the power of the world are coming to an end.”

…then you should get the picture of why he started funding certain politicians from mostly a certain political party to push this country to the edge. He’s up to no good.

He’s not doing anything here that he hasn’t found success in other countries. He’s paying off politicians and media members/corporations to push forth a narrative that he wants the American people to be told. Not just for collapse, but for the preparation for after the collapse. It is the “after the collapse” that is at the heart of his plot. He’s counting on Americans to turn into ravenous wolves coveting the things the rich have at a fever pitch. Those people that do turn into ravenous wolves will have sold their soul and will get nothing in return. As with every marxist revolution, they’ll get nothing and not like it, but won’t be able to do anything about it.

Karl Marx came up with the idea of socialism, but me knowing that Marx was a Kenite, I knew there was a hidden agenda. Most people to this day believe he came up with the idea for social justice and fairness. Of course they ignore the other things he wanted, such as controlling the press and outlawing religion. They also ignore the simple fact that there isn’t one piece of history when marxist revolutions came that they instituted fairness or social justice. A Kenite is a race of people that are great at lying. They’re more comfortable lying than telling the truth. They think they are Jews, but are not (Rev. 2:9, 3:9). I have written a lot about Kenites of late, so I urge you to look at my site. I go into great depth about them, including Karl Marx and the great Kenite of our time, George Soros.

While the media Soros has in his pocket will give a certain narrative, the politicians are the ones that outline the story. They are the lawmakers, afterall. Almost everything they do or don’t do now, there is a Soros-driven reason for it. Now knowing Soros’ history, why would so many politicians take money from him and his seemingly unending “philanthropic” organizations? Kenites are very convincing, for one, but at the true heart of things is they have no inner core. No conscience. They aren’t naive to his past. I seriously doubt they are naive to his intentions. To help take down America and bring about a socialistic world government will come with its perks. Why he mostly only funds the democrats is because they represent the working class. That is what happens in every marxist revolution. Get the representatives of the working class on your side, politician and union, to amass enough people to intimidate the “haves” into submission. See, socialism was an idea simply to get those who coveted the things the rich had and have them push from underneath the elite revolutionaries to power that speak for them. In every instance though, once those elite revolutionaries came to power, the people that propelled them got nothing. They were now slaves to the very government they voluntarily asked for. In Nazi Germany, the union leaders that help propelled Hitler to power dared to ask afterward “where’s our share?” He had them killed. Hitler didn’t need the working class anymore. He now had the rich corporations with him. The rich and the corporations fight the revolution for a while, but when they know they can’t fight such a huge hatred by the people on strings, they give in. The outline for this story is already being laid out here now.

President Obama has had Soros at the White House on at least eight occasions. President Obama went to a “hate America” church for twenty years. Please don’t fall for that “he didn’t know” excuse. He went there for twenty years on the average of twice a month… his words. Those videos we all saw were done by the church he went to. He wrote a book based on Reverend Wright’s sermons called “Audacity Of Hope”, which was the title of one of Wright’s sermons. For that book, Obama said he studied Wright’s sermons and writings intently. You don’t think he saw those videos? The Sunday after 9/11, Wright gave that famous sermon where he said “America’s chickens have come home to roost.” Sure he might not have been there, but it was so outrageous that it made the New York Times. Obama went there for more than six years afterward. Oprah also went to that church, but left after two years because she was offended at what she heard. When the videos first came out, Obama said Wright was “taken out of context”. Of course there is no way to put a positive context onto what he said on those videos. He knew, alright? Anyone that doesn’t believe Obama knew what Wright was saying is simply sticking their heads in the sand.

Obama is doing what Soros wants to take down America, the great oppressors. That is how Obama ironically sees America as do all marxists. What’s so ironic is that this country wound up electing him and has given him so much. There is no question that he is doing things to collapse this country. He is spending money faster than any president in history. If there was no conservative uprising, he would simply spend us into oblivion. He would win there. Since there is a conservative uprising, he can blame them for the collapse once it comes. He wins there too. If you don’t see this plot being set up yet, you soon will.

Laws like the Dodd-Frank law made it difficult for banks to lend, thus meaning they keep their money. Other regulations are keeping people with money from investing into business ventures, so they keep it or play the stock market with little risk. What this does is draw a bigger contrast between the “haves” and the “have nots”. Obama doesn’t want them to hire. Unemployed people can be taken advantage of when they become covetous and hungry. They can become dangerous to the “haves”. They are potential “useful idiots” that can violently call for change without giving one thought into what they are about to give birth to. Ladies and gentlemen, this has happened over and over again but the educators won’t teach you that, but it really can’t be argued. People remember the Iron Curtain. People remember the barbed wire fences. Those people that were on the oppressed side of the Iron Curtain had their future in their hands but they let those that seduced them into believing that they had their best interests at heart have their future. In every case, people got the government they thought they wanted. In every case, they didn’t get what they wanted. That, my friends is socialism.

Soros wants an orderly decline of the dollar, not only because he’s betting against it, which he is, but it makes things tougher on the working class. Our nation spends money it doesn’t have, which makes the dollar worth less. We print more money to help fund the payback of our debt which really makes the dollar worth less. Does that help the working class? Obviously not. Their money isn’t worth as much and they don’t have as much as rich people. Sure some rich people come out saying they are wanting to be taxed more, but none of them actually do it. They could voluntarily donate money to the IRS, but they won’t because they don’t want it to actually be their money. Warren Buffett, the third richest man in the world, keeps saying he wants to be taxed more, but he has actually been fighting the federal government for a decade on taxes with his company Berkshire-Hathaway. His company owes nearly one billion dollars in back taxes. Why is he fighting this if he wants to be taxed more? The Patriotic Millionaires came out saying they were for being taxed more, but most people that were in the original pledge I looked into had DIRECT ties to Soros. They could donate their money to the IRS, and were challenged to do so, but refused. GE, who helped elect Obama through NBC paid no taxes last year. Their CEO Jeffrey Immelt sat less than ten feet away from the First Lady at the Obama speech to the joint session of congress. Immelt is also the head of Obama’s “jobs council”. Obama railed against businesses that ship their jobs overseas, but that’s what Immelt has done by shipping jobs and technology to China. Some technology was taxpayer-funded for NASA. Are these things adding up for you?

One of my best posts “Stay Above The Fray”, I said that it is after the collapse that will address who you are as a person. I really couldn’t have put that better. There are people right now ready to go out into the streets and tear the city streets down that pretend they are representing the working class. Unions will also be out there raising Cain. Young people with no brains and high energy will be very useful to the elite revolutionaries. Those people will be the new generation useful idiots. That isn’t my term for them. That is Lenin’s term for them. Those very same people that propelled him into power. He couldn’t believe they couldn’t see through his rhetoric of “looking out” for them.

All of these horrible things that will surely come is to form a New World Order, which will be disguised as “world fairness”. Soros, the great Kenite of our time is very power-hungry, as Kenites are genetically. Soros was taught and knows that in order to remold the world into his liking, it must go through horrific things. Heat up the Earth and then pound it into what he wants it to look like. Soros was the president of the Fabian Socialists Society in college. The founding members of the Fabian Society came up with a stained glass window where two of the members were hammering a heated Earth with a caption above them saying “Remould It Nearer To The Heart’s Desire”. Between the men (H.G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw) and the caption is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is why the Soros media picked Obama and attacked Hillary relentlessly during the 2008 primaries. Obama was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Hillary was not.

During the course of the next several months, congress will commit suicide. The members of congress are wanting to render itself impotent. There can be no congress as we know it if there is to be a New World Order. The Super-Committees most likely were formed to highlight the impotence of congress. The dems want stalemate to garner dislike for the entire body. Laws and proposals are brought forth purposely to not be passed while our nation teeters on the edge. What will happen is that the conservatives will be to blame, namely the Tea Party people. Soros has done this in other nations. Cause problems, blame the wrong people for the problems, then pose solutions to the problems he purposely caused. This is the most important part of his strategy. Mark my words, Obama’s rhetoric will become more and more heated as the months come. I could have predicted his speech to the joint session of congress nearly in verbatim and knew the tone. He’s setting up the villains for the future collapse.

People keep thinking that politics is what Obama’s worried about the most. They haven’t the slightest clue. When his highest adviser David Plouffe said the 2012 election won’t be based on jobs or the economy, conservative pundits laughed him to scorn. They said “what planet is he on?” Maybe Plouffe knows something they don’t know. Did they ever think of that? Politics is just the fuel for the engine.

Of all my posts I’ve done on Soros, this is the one that would anger him most. It is this post though that outlines nearly his whole plot and how certain people will become the villains. How congress will render itself extinct. And most importantly, what comes after. Over the next year and a half, we will live out my prediction. God bless.

Note: To look up what I have written about Kenites, type “Kenites” in the search bar in the right-hand column.


This is one of the greatest mysteries of all the Bible, but I must preface the answer to this question by explaining what happened long before the flood. I’ve written in a few posts that there were other races there with Adam. Sure it says Adam was the first man, but it doesn’t mean he was alone. If five fingers touch the table at the same time, no one can argue that either finger wasn’t the first. Adam’s own name gives credence to my assertion. Adam in the Hebrew means “ruddy complected”. Why was God pointing out his skin color? God wasn’t only pointing out Adam’s skin color, but Eve’s as well. In Genesis 5:2, it says God named THEM Adam. If you then look at the rest of Genesis 5 at the generations listed, then you get to Noah to King David, then you look at Matthew 1 at the generations listed from David to Jesus, they were all Jewish. They were all of the ruddy complected race. Many things in the Old Testament are told simply from a Jewish perspective. Adam was not alone, but he was the first Jew. Eve is the mother of all living Jews. Nowhere does it say that God changed the skin of people. Some people believe that happened after Nimrod made the Tower of Babel and God divided the people and confounded the language then, but they assume too much thinking that it meant God also changed their skin. One of the crimes Nimrod committed was that he tried to make everyone that existed the same. This must have been the reason why God confounded the language and divided the people. Now if everyone had the same skin color then, why would he try to make them all the same? God was offended because He wanted to preserve the race of the ruddy complected, because that was the race that would bare His Son.

It is from a point of view of the time that people must also take into account this story of the great flood. Noah was told to build this great ark by the Lord God. He was then told to gather not two of every animal, but two of every kind (actually two of every unclean but seven pairs of every clean kind). This is very important. People assume it was two of every animal, but the only two animals that were listed was the raven and the dove. Two of every kind means that there were also two of every race that existed then that were also to be put on the ark. The original Hebrew word for “kind” actually meant “flesh”. Before God divided the people, all races were in much closer proximity than they are now. Noah gathered two of every race, male and female to come on the ark to start over again.

This is where it gets even more difficult to understand, but if you keep in mind the Jewish point of view of the time, you will have an easier time accepting my doctrine. The great flood wasn’t a worldwide flood. It was a great flood of that region of Earth. Now it says “earth” in the scripture, but that doesn’t mean planet Earth necessarily. We think of earth as in the planet Earth because we’re aware of other planets. Moses didn’t know of any other planets, so to him the word “earth” had a different meaning. The original Hebrew word “erets” really means dirt, or land. He wasn’t thinking of earth as a planet. It was just a word for land. It flooded the whole land, not Earth the planet. Noah was told to gather two of every kind in that region of the world. Every living thing in that region that wasn’t on the ark drowned. Again, one must keep in mind the OT being written from the point of view of that time. Here is another example of the word “earth” which couldn’t possibly mean the whole planet: In Genesis 41:57, it says the KJV that people from all countries came to Egypt for grain, because of the famine. The Hebrew word was mistranslated and didn’t mean “countries” at all, but it was the very same word “erets”, which means land. Also in the previous verse it says the famine was over all the face of the earth, that too was “erets”. Now if Moses meant “erets” as in the planet Earth, it would not make sense at all. People wouldn’t be hearing in China or Japan that Egypt has food or would travel that far to get it, nor would there be enough food for every nation that existed. This was after the story of Nimrod, so the people were separated by the time of the famine and Joseph. This is a very clear case where the word “erets” did not mean our whole planet.

Obviously this isn’t any kind of traditional doctrine, but this is the only answer, and it’s quite easy if you reflect with some patience. As for my doctrine being a bit of a stretch, it would be a much bigger stretch to think Moses meant the planet Earth when he wasn’t aware of any other. The great mysteries of the Bible that plague people often are either from mistranslations or the failure to dissect to the Nth degree what is written while assuming nothing. The mystery of the great flood isn’t anywhere near the only one that falls under that category.

For those that mock about the Jewish/Christian belief in the flood, I have given you a direction and an explanation. Ricky Gervais in a comedy act pointed to this particular mystery on why the Bible was “rubbish”. Well genius who couldn’t come up with something so easy to figure out, I have a clear explanation. I would like some of my own from you, if you may. The legend of the flood is a worldwide one. As I’ve stated before in previous posts, the Chinese have their own legend of a great flood long ago and a ship that carried them to safety. The reason why they have this legend also is because they were there. Well, two of them were anyway. There is also scientific evidence of a great flood in that region of the world in the approximate time the Bible stated there was this flood. Also there are satellite photographs of something that is definitely wooden sticking out of the ice on Mount Ararat. Where did the Bible say the ark of Noah rested? Mount Ararat. While many around the world also have the legend of the flood, only the OT says precisely where it’s at.

How Noah was able to fit all of the animals on the ark was that he brought all of the animals of that region onto it. How they were peaceful to one another isn’t that big of a mystery. It is written in the next age that animals we see as being predator/prey will live peacefully with one another. God put this spell on them during their trip and probably for a time afterward so they can repopulate. Noah couldn’t have fit all of the animals that existed then onto the ark. That would have been impossible. Instead of ignoring that bit of information and sticking your head in the sand, perhaps you should try actually finding an answer to it. The world was a much bigger place back then. The world they knew was quite different than the world we know. The legend of Noah’s ark was told from their perspective. I believe strongly that near the end of this age, the ark of Noah will be revealed to the world. The mystery of God will be finished at the sounding of the seventh and last trump. Perhaps this is one of the shoes that drops. God bless.


Yes he does. I know a lot of unbelievers, so-called believers, and those who profess to be so educated love to nuance tiny bits of information that they come to know and act like they’ve solved an entire mystery, but they ultimately look foolish when the whole picture comes to focus. I’ve heard many on the net who think they know so much say that the Hebrew word “Satan” just means “opponent” or “persecute” and that’s that. Like there is only the definition and not the being. Their desire to prove that their disbelief is founded in the Bible itself shows their ignorance. There are a lot of names of actual people in the Bible that also have a definition. Just because the name has a definition, that doesn’t mean the being doesn’t exist. Jesus’ real name in the Hebrew was Yeshua (or Y’shua), which means “God saved”. There’s a definition and yet Jesus/Yeshua really existed. Even most “educated” atheists now admit that Jesus existed, which they used to put forth that He did not. The land of Israel has a definition from two Hebrew words. Put together, the words mean “God will prevail” or “He shall rule as God”. Mary’s real name “Maria” means “bitter” in Hebrew. My name Jesse in the original Hebrew is pronouned (yee-shah-ee), which means “God exists”. My name has a definition, but I’m also living and breathing. Satan does mean “opponent” and also in other instances in the OT means “persecute”, and yes he exists as an actual physical being. His name wasn’t always Satan.

Some will say his name used to be Lucifer, while again some who think they know so much will say the original Hebrew word there was “Helel”, which means “brightness” or “lightbearer” is all there is to the name. It’s only a definition about a former king of Babylon. I will prove this is nonsense later. It’s true that the original Hebrew word there in Isaiah 14:12 was Helel, which means “brightness”. It’s true that Isaiah was speaking about a king of Babylon, but was this a king of Babylon from the past? Long before God created us, and our souls are much older than our bodies, He created the angels. One of them was named Helel. He was the angel of light. The light bearer. He was also the morning star. Lucifer is the Latin translation of Helel. The Catholic Church translated the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament into Latin with the Vulgate. The King James Version is the English version of the Vulgate. There was some wisdom with the Catholic Church translating the word Helel into Lucifer, because it says “Oh Helel/Lucifer, son of the morning…” Lucifer was also the Latin word for the morning star. Pretty good wisdom with the translation, even though I would have personally left it at Helel. Helel committed a great crime in the eyes of God, so God sentenced him to everlasting punishment. God decided to hold off that punishment because He needed Helel still. While the angels pledged their allegiance to Helel’s plot or God, our creation has not fully made that decision yet that God is satisfied with. Good thing for most of us. As I said, our souls are much older than our bodies. God is using Helel to weed out the unfaithful from the faithful in this age, and will again at the end of the next age as well. That is what Rev. 20 is about. The next age. The reason Helel is going along with God’s plan is because his hatred for our creation and the day we were created is unlike anything we have ever seen from man. Imagine the examples of hatred men have showed and think about how he must hate all of us. He wants to take as many of us down with him as he can. He knows there is no way out, so he’ll take his outrage on us since he cannot take it out on God. After God made His decision about what to do with Helel and our creation, He also changed his name to Satan. He used to be the angel of light and the morning star, now he’s the opponent/adversary, and has and will persecute our creation. In some cases in the OT, Satan can mean “persecute”.

Now to the king of Babylon part of this story. True there have been many kings of Babylon, but there will also be one more king of Babylon in the future. In Revelation it reveals that the future king of Babylon will be Satan. Isaiah was talking about the future king of Babylon and explained how he fell when he was an angel of God. It’s actually all pretty simple if you know the original definitions and not decide you know everything when you actually know little. Prophecies throughout the Bible are written in the past tense because those prophets were taken into the future to see those things. Those things they saw were the past to them, not to us. This causes a lot of confusion to even the most educated Christians of all denominations. Again, it’s pretty simple if you’re willing to not blind yourself and examine possibilities as to what certain things can mean.

Revelation 20:2 shows that Satan is a being that will one day be in the bottomless pit. This is probably the biggest prophecy of the future that people have interpreted that was sometime in the past. The bottomless pit was described as something that can be seen, and his stay was supposed to be for a millennium. There isn’t at this time any visible bottomless pit. This prophecy was written two thousand years ago, which means Satan must have been released a thousand years ago if they are correct. Obviously they are not. The bottomless pit will be opened when Satan and the fallen angels (the nephilim) are kicked down to Earth by Michael and his angels.

French poet Charles Pierre Baudelaire said “the greatest trick the Devil pulled off was convincing the world that he didn’t exist”. Great quote and almost true. The greatest trick Satan played has yet to be played. The greatest trick Satan will ever play will be to convince the world that he has their best interests at heart. That he’s a humanist. That he is our god. That will be the greatest trick the Devil will ever play.


This is a unique take about a person that is written of in the Bible that never had a name, but was a disciple as was Peter and all the rest. He is the unknown Prophet. While there were twelve disciples, Judas possibly replaced this man to fulfill Christ being betrayed to be crucified. He was a prophet nonetheless, and it’s about time to give this man his glory from another man. God has already glorified him, but I wish to as well.

The twelve disciples were to represent the twelve tribes of Israel, but Judas probably wasn’t a Jew. He was probably a Kenite (one of those that Jesus said in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 that say they are Jews, but are not). I have written a lot about Kenites at my site, especially here lately so I urge you to check them out so you know who the Kenites are and how they came about. Very interesting reading. Jesus probably knew Judas was a Kenite, which is why He knew Judas would betray Him. Kenites have a long history of collaborating with the enemy of the Jews, even though they claim to be Jews themselves. It was done in WWII and will happen again in the future. It’s actually happening right now as some powerful so-called Jews are working with Muslims to take on Israel. The socialist and revolutionary movements in the Arab World are being orchestrated by Kenites.

Who is this mystery man? Mark 9:38 says John approached Jesus saying there was a man casting devils out of men in Jesus’ name. He said that he and the other disciples forbad him because he didn’t follow them. Jesus replied “Forbid him not because he eho is with us is not against us.” Such a small, hidden verse in the Bible means so much to me. This could not be some ordinary man to cast out devils and most likely also healed others in Jesus’ name. He had to have been as Peter or John was. This nameless man was the prophet Judas most likely replaced so Christ could die for our sins.

While he is nameless in the Bible, we will all know him in the next age. We’ll know his name then. Who knows what he was able to do afterward? Who knows if he wound up being named later in the Bible, perhaps in Acts. I have no idea. What I do know was this man was quite special. It is time for man to give him his due. Glory to the unnamed Prophet.