The mystery of the relationship between Elijah and John the Baptist is confusing to say the least. This is an advanced lesson, but I thought it would be safe to share. Elijah was one of two people in the Bible who did not experience death, the other being Enoch (Genesis 5:24). It says in 2nd Kings 2:11 that Elijah was taken into heaven by a whirlwind. Generations later his spirit would be put into the flesh of a different being. Elijah is the only one written to have been born twice in the human flesh. His soul went into the womb of the mother of John the Baptist. The soul of Elijah and John the Baptist are one in the same, as Jesus said in Matthew 7:14. Jesus said prior “if you will receive it” meaning receiving them as the same spirit, thus their words and deeds. John wasn’t received by most, but still a great number did.

I don’t surely know if John knew he used to be Elijah or not, but he most certainly had his wisdom. We all have a past before this human flesh and none can remember beforetime. We aren’t allowed to. Our souls are older than our bodies and there is no denying this biblically. Perhaps it was the same when the soul of Elijah was put into the body of John the Baptist that there was no memory of his previous life.

It is written that one of the two witnesses of Revelation will be Elijah. I believe the other will be Enoch since he also never died in that flesh. When Elijah comes back, he won’t be born again. He will be in the same flesh he left here by the whirlwind, conscience and all. Elijah’s soul, the greatest prophet of them all will suffer death twice by the hands of those he was sent to help.