Because of the traditional teaching of men, most people assume that when the Bible speaks of going to heaven, then that equates it with everlasting life. They also assume since in the New Testament when it says one must go through Christ to have everlasting life, that they can’t get to heaven without going through Christ as well. Don’t be so quick as to make these assumptions. Why would God send a soul to a bad place after their death when they were unaware of Christ or didn’t have much of a chance to make that choice? Answer is He wouldn’t. God wouldn’t punish a soul for that. God does speak of innocence and how He does not punish those who are not held accountable for what they don’t know.

After this age ends, which is when Jesus returns, there is a new age to begin. Proof of that is in Matthew 24:3 when the disciples privily ask Jesus what the signs of His coming and the end of the world are. That word “world” really isn’t world at all. In the original Greek, the word there is “αίων” (ah-KHEE-own) which really means age. The disciples were not only asking for the signs of the end of the age, but were also saying when Jesus returns that ends this age. There is a whole thousand year period written of in Revelation 20 where Jesus and His saints reign on Earth while Satan is imprisoned in the bottomless pit, right? It’s been there the whole time. Why do men forsake this writing? Once that millennium is over, Satan is loosened from his prison to deceive the world once again. Once that period of temptation is over, then that age ends as well. THEN the books are opened. THEN judgment is given. Not beforehand. Read without the influence of men and see that I’m right on this.

Paul discussed in Romans 2:12-29 that Gentiles who were ignorant of Moses’ laws were still in effect judged by them. The law of loving your neighbor falls on everyone, wise and naive of the Word. Those ignorant of Jesus and God’s laws are still judged by loving one’s neighbor because God has written that law in all of our hearts, but many compromise that law. No excuse to not abide by that law.

So what is the next age for? A last chance? For those who were not given the opportunity to make the right choice? To reward those who made the right choice? All of the above are correct. That isn’t everlasting life though. That’s not eternal. Someone who has lived an evil life will have punishment after their death unless they repent. This is beyond a doubt, but that too is temporary. It is only those who at the end of this age who choose wrongly despite them knowing who the real God and Christ are that will be punished forever. After the earthquake which takes place after the two witnesses are taken into heaven, the whole world gives glory to God-at least temporarily. This is the lifting of the spirit of slumber. No excuses after that.

Jesus said that heaven shall pass away, but His words will not. Heaven shall pass away- everlasting life. These two conflict directly. Heaven as it stands now is just a temporary resting place for those souls God finds worthy of it. As revealed in the book of Enoch, before Jesus’ defeat of death, people were divided into three crevices within the Earth. After His defeat of death, the kingdom of heaven as we know it opened.

Everyone either in this age or the next must choose Christ in order to have everlasting life. At the end of this age, everyone will know Jesus is the Messiah and that the Bible is genuine. The elect of this age will be kings and queens in the next one. They will be charged with preparing those who still need to make a choice to make the right one at the end of the next age, as well as getting the rewards they deserve. For those who make the right choice in this age or the next one, they will have everlasting life. For those who make the wrong choice in the next age, they will have everlasting punishment.

So when someone comes to you and says “what if a person lived a good life but wasn’t a Christian, can they still get to heaven?”, now you have an answer. Everyone though, will at some point have to choose Jesus whether it’s this age or the next one, but everyone will know what the right choice is. It will be up to them to show some strength and make the right choice instead of choosing the one that plays on their temptations masterfully.


In Revelation 8:10-11 it says “And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.” So what is “Wormwood”? This is one of those exciting things that once you learn it, it may open your eyes. The word “wormwood” in the Ukrainian language is the word “chernobyl”. Yes, it’s true. Go ahead and look it up. Do an internet search and type in “wormwood” and “chernobyl” and click the search button and see what you come up with. Pretty incredible, huh? Now replace the words “wormwood” in those verses with “chernobyl” and it makes some sense, doesn’t it?

The Chernobyl reactors, which meltdowned in 1986, were discarded. Many people died and had deformities because of radiation leakage from the reactors in the Ukraine. Even though the reactors were taken down, what happened to the nuclear waste? Where did the Russian government put the radiological poison? Do you trust Russia to dispose of this in the correct manner? I don’t. It could just be Chernobyl-like. It could be just relative to Chernobyl. This is just a possibility, but it is something to keep an eye out for. Perhaps it’s just God warning us of the impending time. A sign, if you will.


Many Christians in this generation are amped up awaiting God to send His angels and rapture all of the believers away before things get really bad, or sometime during the great Tribulation period. Christians seem to be waiting with their bags packed like God is going to take them away so they don’t have to be here to make a choice. “Don’t worry about the bad times ahead. We’ll all be gone!” I hate to say it to those who believe in this, but you’re wrong. Not only are you wrong with your beliefs, but your teachers are committing a great sin in teaching such a thing.

In Ezekial 13:20 it says that God will tear the flock away from those who teach their flock how to fly. Can’t get anymore direct than that. That is exactly what the teachers who teach the rapture are doing. Teaching their flock how to fly is the rapture teaching, and it’s wrong. It says it there plain as day. He’s not saying “don’t teach them how to fly a plane”. What else would it mean to speak against those who teach their flock how to fly? You rapture teachers and believers, explain that one to me. After the rapture timeline passes, the flock will go elsewhere to be taught except for the true fools who are loyal to teachers even after they are proven wrong time and time again. They deserve to be deceived.

“So why does it say in Luke 21:36 ‘Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.’?” Well there’s three things there to get to. One is how many of those who believe in the rapture taking them away have actually tried tracing such an important verse back to the Greek? The New Testament was originally written in Greek, afterall. In the original Greek, the word “escape” is the Greek word “εκφεύγω” (ek-FYOO-goh) which literally means “to flee”. Second thing is notice it says “these things”, plural. It doesn’t say “this period of time” or anything that can be interpreted as such. If that’s what Jesus meant to say, then it would have been written that way. Third, to stand before the Son of man(Jesus), He will come here, so those who are accounted worthy of surviving these judgments will be able to stand before Jesus. He’ll be here.

“What about 1st Thessalonians 4?” Well in 2nd Thessalonians, Paul clarifies what he said previously to them in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 and 3. He said to not misinterpret his previous letter about an impending change until the son of perdition is revealed to be the son of perdition. There is no change until then.

In Revelation, it says that when the sounding of the seventh and last trump sounds, the mystery of God will be finished. All will know the truth when it comes to the existence of God and the authenticity of the Bible. If all of a sudden millions of Christians, and only Christians suddenly vanish, wouldn’t the mystery be gone?

Much of the Bible, and certainly the NT is there to prepare one’s spirit for troubled times and the end times. So why would all of these things be written just so the believers can escape? Here’s something to think about as well. In the last generation there will be more prophets and those of the elect living than at any time in this age’s history. That is a fact. The prophets and the elect will stay here to speak of God’s true word and to act as a counter to the Antichrist and those aligned with him of their misinterpretations of the word of God. The prophets will be here and go through most of this time, so what makes a person who’s not a prophet to think they just get to escape it all? Why do people who God chose to be His prophets before the foundation of this age have to be here, but those who just chose Jesus in their life get to escape?

Does this mean there is absolutely no rapture? No, it doesn’t. Only the elect will be taken, also known as the Church of Philadelphia. The Church of Philadelphia will not be here for the hour of temptation. The days of tribulation will be shortened for the elect’s sake, and only for the elect. God will send His angels to gather together His elect from the four winds. The taking of the seven thousand reserved elect is part of the seventh trump, which will begin the hour of temptation- the last five months of this age. The reason why the elect will be taken is because only they have been judged before this life, according to Romans 8:30. Their decisions have already been made in a permanent fashion. This time will separate the true Christian from the fair weather Christian.


Millions of Christians and Jews throughout the centuries felt that the sin of Onan was the mere act of him spilling his seed and wasting it. This interpretation is not correct and I will prove it as much as I possibly can. In Genesis 38 it explains that two sons of Judah, Er and Onan were punished by God. For Er, it simply says that he was wicked in the sight of God, so God slew him. Er was married, but had no children, therefore not lot. Judah told Onan to take Er’s widow and marry her and to have children with her, but those children were to be Er’s lot, not Onan’s. Verse 9 says “And Onan knew that the seed should not be his; and it came to pass, when he went in unto his brother’s wife, that he spilled it on the ground, lest that he should give seed to his brother.” So why did God’s word repeat itself within that verse? It already said that he knew the seed should not be his, so why repeat that at the end of the verse? The reason was God was making a point. God was telling us what Onan’s sin actually was. It wasn’t the act of spilling his seed. It was why he did it that was the sin. It then says this thing displeased the Lord so He slew Onan, too. It’s true it was the act that sealed his fate, but without the act there would be no sin. As Jesus asked the wicked scribes and Pharisees in the Gospels, who does the will of his father: the one who agrees to do the task but doesn’t or the one who refuses to do the task, but repents and does it? It’s like how it’s been said that Lucifer’s/Helel’s fall was because of pride. Pride alone does nothing. It’s what pride had him do that made Helel fall.

If nearly everyone is right and I am wrong, then God’s word clashes later on then. In Hebrews 13:4 it says “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” What this says is that whatever a man and a woman does in their bedroom is fine, as long as they’re married. If everyone is right and I am wrong, then Hebrews 13:4 would clash with their interpretation of the sin of Onan.

There are some things to consider though with what is right between a husband and wife. Obviously privacy is an issue, but there are other rules that even married couples must take into account. A woman cannot wear the clothes of a man, which means a woman can’t play the role of a man. That includes sexually. Men and women wore the same things back then, so one must realize this wasn’t a literal statement. Men also cannot be effeminate. Those two things must be abided by even married couples. Privacy is another issue. Putting videos on the internet or elsewhere would obviously be a sin.

Because humans are naturally squeemish when it comes to matters of sex, this helped with their misinterpretation. There are many more misinterpretations I will list in later posts, but this one plays with the consciences of many people. Just read Hebrews 13:4. That’s all you need.