I’ve said in the recent past that I most likely was done with writing posts here because I’ve covered everything I know God wanted me to cover as far as doctrine goes. For questions like “how did Noah fit all of the animals on the ark?”, “how did Cain marry a woman?”, and “why did Jesus say on the cross ‘my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?'”, I have answered those here at my site conclusively and beyond any possible contention. Look them up. I urge all to. Being that there has been a lot of race-baiting going on, I thought I’d expose the real culprit of the disharmony and why he’s doing it. This again will be beyond any real contention because of his own words and history.

George Soros, as I have written many times here is a monster who has funded revolutions and collapsed countries through economic crisises that he perpetuated and then blamed the wrong people so the populace would rise up against them. Soros is a convicted felon in France for insider trading, but that is the least of his crimes. Read what he did in Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. They don’t exist anymore thanks to his Velvet Revolution, not to mention the Rose and Orange revolutions. There was also Black Wednesday in 1992 in Great Britain where Soros bet against the sterling and manipulated it by shortening it causing investors to panic and also sell. He made reportedly from one to two billion dollars while England took years to recover. He allegedly did the same thing in Japan, Russia, Indonesia, and Malaysia. There are many nations he bled dry and has even caused regimes to fall. Now he’s in America betting against the dollar and saying “the US should stop fighting the orderly decline of the dollar.” That should help those who don’t have much, huh? That should also remove any question as to his intentions here.

Soros has said on video that he funded revolutions and used subversive activities and he found it fun. Recently, Soros has had these videos swept from the internet where he let things slip due to his ego. These videos are getting harder and harder to find, but I assure you they exist because I’ve seen them. Glenn Beck in his three-part special on Soros aired many of these videos where there would be no possible positive context, so don’t believe the “he was taken out of context” line his allies would push forth. I’ve been studying Soros myself for a long time.

So what are subversive activities? Well, they vary. The one thing they are all aimed at though is distrust for the government. Create distrust and disharmony for people so they can be taken advantage of when they look for a way out of disharmony. Among Soros’ seven steps of revolution is to take advantage of a crisis around an election. Keep your eye on this one here. In most countries he used subversive activities though, there really was only one race. In marxist revolutions which they used basically the same gameplan, they didn’t have minorities either except for the Jews, who were the haves. The one percent as Soros’ useful idiots like to point out here. In this country, we have different races to take advantage of. They can say “you were oppressed” to blacks, latinos, and native americans. There are representatives from these races that speak for them not only to make them feel like victims to keep them down, but so they can be taken advantage of. This idea comes from none other than Margaret Sanger, who was no friend to black people or any other race other than elitist, progressive caucasians. Sanger is a hero to the left who try to hide her history and came up with the term “birth control” as a nicer way to say “population control”. She hoped to use sterilizations and abortions to keep the numbers of minorities down. I saw one ridiculous leftie at some news site say that she got caught up in the eugenics frenzy. Caught up? I bet they don’t give the Founding Fathers the excuse of getting caught up in owning slaves. What do you want to bet? She wasn’t caught up in it. She was the most vocal proponent of eugenics and even spoke before the KKK. Yeah, she got caught up in it. Now there are Planned Parenthood offices in every minority community, which the founder was none other than Margaret Sanger. Her idea in the meantime when they can get rid of all blacks, Jews, and other undesirables was to have a few black people speak for all black people to keep them in the box they want them to be in. She wasn’t alone with the eugenics movement. The NAACP was founded mostly by white progressives who were the ones pushing population control and eugenics. They even said that anyone that didn’t believe in eugenics and population control was dumb. Scientists were also saying that eugenics and population control needed to be done. Does this sound familiar to you? Global warming?

If a person is made to feel victimized, then they feel the world is against them and they have no chance of making it out of their situation alone. Even the President has pushed this message as early as today. How did he get to be president? Nevermind. If a person is given a few crumbs to sustain them, then they are less willing to try to get out of that situation generally. This works for the elites in two ways: one, the government spends money it doesn’t have. Two, the people who want to reform this will look like the villains. Subversion.

The case of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin tragedy is very similar to the Duke LaCrosse case. White guys victimizing a poor black stripper. The media portrayed that side of the story and even most of the Duke faculty signed a petition condemning them. She said she was sexually assaulted by these rich, white boys. It came out later that she wasn’t sexually assualted. Oops. Again, the media were all over George Zimmerman saying he was racially profiling a black kid for wearing a hoodie and shot him in cold blood. By the way, did you know George Soros gives money both openly and secretly to the so-called mainstream media? Don’t pay attention to that though, you know, the subversive activities. They edited a phone call on NBC where Zimmerman seemingly said out of the blue that he looked black. They edited out that the 911 operator asked him what color he was. Now NBC is doing an internal investigation. Yeah, right. Some token punishment will be given, but you know the heads wanted that phone call edited to make Zimmerman, the WHITE hispanic look like a racist. Yeah, the same Soros-paid media called Zimmerman a white hispanic. Why the “white” part? I know, George. I know. Bet you also didn’t know that Zimmerman tutored black kids on the weekend, unless you watch/listen to a media outlet not run by George Soros. Then the video came out, which they put forth “there’s no marks on Zimmerman! He’s a liar! Arrest him!” ABC wound up enhancing and clearing the video, which should have never come out, showed that Zimmerman had two obvious cuts on the back of his head and redness around it. Why did ABC do this? Probably due the fallout of NBC editing that phonecall. “We better not hide this one.” Let’s also not forget on MSNBC when the Tea Party was gaining in popularity that at a rally they showed video of a guy with a gun, and the female anchor was expressing her concern for the President’s safety by these horrible, racist white people. What MSNBC didn’t show was the man that was carrying the gun was a black man. Where was the internal investigation into that? By the way, why has AG Eric “Stedman” Holder not pressed charges on the New Black Panther Party or its members? The ones that put a bounty on Zimmerman’s head. The same group that Holder/Stedman dropped charges in that voter intimidation scandal where two of its members were at a polling station on election day 2008 holding clubs. Obvious case of voter intimidation which was on video. The same group that then Senator Obama marched with in Selma, AL 2007. There are pictures.

Are minorities being fooled and taken advantage of? YES! YES! YES! I know, that’s a racist statement to make, right? That’s what Soros’ pals and useful idiots will say. Here’s my coherent and inarguable reply to that. How many black people were fooled and taken advantage of in eastern europe, Russia, and China? How many? Close to none if it’s not none. Were people fooled in those countries? YES! Those were all worker’s revolutions, right? And the workers won, right? Did the workers get what they bargained for? Hell NO! How did the have nots win those revolutions but yet lose? Because they were fooled. In eastern europe, it was the supposed fault of the haves (many of them Jews) that they were in such dire straits. They were the one percent, and the ninety-nine percent could be manipulated if they coveted the things the haves had. “Thou shall not covet your neighbor’s possessions.” Why is this in the Bible? This is why. The elites who spoke for them and riled their anger gave them their working orders during the revolution. If the haves didn’t play ball, then kill them. Remember the slogan “kill the rich”? That started with the Russian Revolution. The haves that didn’t play ball were either killed or fled the country. The haves that played ball got on the side of the elite revolutionaries, not the have nots. That’s because the elite revolutionaries that were leading the have nots weren’t on the side of the have nots either. They were on their own side. Eastern europe as well as Germany, Italy, and China did the same things. Once the haves agreed to the doubleplaying elite revolutionaries, the elites with the power and money of the haves clamped down on the very same manipulated have nots that put them in power. This is the true history of marxism. Anyone that denies this, I have some questions you cannot answer with content. How did the Iron Curtain come about? Why were there barbed-wire fences that didn’t keep people out, but kept people in? How come when the workers won those revolutions that they really lost? Why did Lenin call those young people who were out there threatening and killing the rich “useful idiots”? Lastly, if Marx was so much into helping out the poor, why did he want to control the press? When I think of social justice, I think of controlling the press. Please answer with some integrity. This should tell you Marx had evil intentions, and so did his disciples.

In this country, they have minorities to play with. It definitely makes it easier for them. Soros in no question has said and is intent on taking down America so a New World Order can come. This intention also cannot be argued against because I’ve seen him say this on video. He has said that the “US was in the way of forming a New World Order.” That “the days of America being the great power are coming to an end”. Now he has been funding the dems in America because they represent the have nots. They know what he’s said and done. How to get it done is what he wants to keep secret. This is one aspect. Racial disharmony. It will get much worse. This I guarantee. Stay above the fray!

I really wish someone with more popularity will start seeing through these things the allies of Soros are doing. We have his words and history, and he’s obviously using the same plans. Even those who claim to know his history don’t read through stories like George Zimmerman and tell you why it’s happening. I’ve yet to hear it anyway, but it’s obvious. The repeated rushes to judgment on things that could be divisive is for subversion. The media, Congressional Black Caucus, Obama, and the professional race-baiters were all out there to commit subversive activities. The class warfare stuff is not political. It’s simple subversion that has been used time and time again in other countries throughout history. Someone else with a platform, please stop claiming you know George Soros, but yet can’t seem to look beneath the surface on any damn thing. This is so easy to figure out, so why don’t I hear you???