Many years ago when I was first called to read, I came to realize quickly that the prophecies of the Bible would be fulfilled in my lifetime. Actually it was even before I started reading. I wasn’t raised in a religious home. Far from it. Even still I always had something in me that told me what time I was living in. I was at a friend’s restaurant when the Oklahoma City bombing happened in 1995. A great Greek family. Hours after the bombing, the father said “would you look at this ****”?!” I was horrified but of my mouth came “yeah, but it’s okay though.” He gave me an odd look to say the least. In response to his look I said “don’t you have the feeling that all of these bad things are building to a climax and that one day something will happen in our lifetime that will change everything?” Another person in his family said “I do”. Then he gave us both weird looks. At that time I couldn’t even quote John 3:16. I was very biblically illiterate. I was actually a self-professed atheist even though I knew there was a God, who He was, that Jesus was the Messiah, and the Bible was genuinely God’s word. I had no knowledge of the Word, yet I was calm and those words came uncontrollably from my mouth. In a very connective sense, Jesus Himself uttered those words. Don’t fear of the things to come because they must happen before He returns.

Soon after reading I found the proof of the things I knew. These weren’t matters of faith for me even before I found my proof. As I read what will happen to our creation, I still couldn’t imagine how it would happen. Just the way people would have to be. That state of panic, fury, coldness, and pride to provide a condition for the prophecies to be fulfilled. It’s astonishing if you really think about it. At least it was back in 1996 when I first started reading. Now I look at the great divide and there’s no question the conditions are right just from a humanistic perspective. The rage, hatred, and disrespect for fellow men even within our own country paints a picture of inevitability for what’s to come. Just within fifteen years I couldn’t picture how people could be that hateful to not seeing any way out of it. This has to come to a climax.

The nonbelievers who pridely say that believers are idiots, mentally weak, uneducated, or whatever else comes to their twisted minds show their own inability to think independently. The intellectuals who believe that those who want a smaller government are uneducated people that can’t think for themselves also show their lack of education. This is no political blog, but it sadly humors me to know that these “great minds” have all the history available to them of nations with big governments failing time after time with not one success story, yet they demean these Tea Party people for their apparent lack of education. Who really knows history? Who really is educated? Name one success story of a socialized country. Can’t do it because socialism wasn’t even designed for success. Those dumb people that don’t want a big government just don’t know how good it is to have a government take care of them? Please. To those intellectuals, your Utopia will come. When it comes, you won’t like it. Just like you, the love of the people around the world will wax cold. And please don’t tell me you’re looking out for disadvantaged people because the intellectuals who belittle Christians and Tea Party people for their beliefs are the most hateful people out there outside of terrorists. Let’s see how they are portrayed by the media for instance. Tea Party people are violent racists, yet there has not been one arrest at a Tea Party event in the country. When some rally or protest happens on the left, there often are arrests. Many times these events truly become violent, but you see how they are portrayed in the media. The lovers of Mother Earth find anyone despicable that does not buy into global warming, and yet when they rally (also at Obama’s Inauguration) they leave garbage as far as the eye could see. You can find pictures online easily of this. When Tea Party people rally, the place is left clean. That can also be seen easily online. Who really shows love? Who really is capable of violence? Christians or anarchists that want communism? That truly is an oxymoron, but is undeniable.

The wave is coming and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Don’t you dare say or believe when someone else says that Revelation is merely a warning to humanity that it will happen unless we straighten out. Fools, the lot of them. The Word is etched in stone. Individual souls will make their own decisions, but what is written will happen just as it is written.

Just as the case with any wave, to not be swept away to death one must look to higher ground. One must look to climb. If you are a fairweather Christian or a nonbeliever, then you are a bird with winter fast approaching. Some point soon, it will be too late to fly south. You will be utterly unprepared for what’s to come. That goes for rapture believers as well. You are a wingless bird that believes you will be able to watch the events unfold from the perspective of a great eagle. Try to fly away, Dodo. Nevermind the Word is meant to strengthen for a reason, just try to fly away. When those wings don’t take you to the stratosphere, you will be just as those you look down upon as the heathen. You will be utterly unprepared for the time to come.

There is room for everyone on this Higher Ground. Room for every soul. The mystery of God finishes at the sounding of the seventh trump, so all will know the right choice to make. Only out of fear and pride will people make the wrong choice. I fear that will take up many millions. When people hunger, their core is exposed. What will they be willing to do to eat? When people are disoriented, their core is exposed. Who will they be willing to listen to when they say they have the answer? When people see the wave coming, their core will be exposed. Who will they be willing to try to bring down with them? Who will they see as the enemy? The prideful intellectuals have made themselves conditioned to listen to certain solutions that will lead them to do terrible things. Just as Jesus said that the sheep know the voice of the shepherd, so do the prideful intellectuals. When they hear something that makes sense to them through their conditioning, they’ll be willing to do anything for the one that says he will take care of them. Nevermind those believers who are mentally weak and uneducated. An intellectual would rather rot in Hell than to be counted worthy with them. Such a sad, sad statement. There is not much that amazes me more than what a person is willing to believe to make themselves seem right. They’ll twist, turn, and nuance everything to the Nth degree to keep themselves from looking in the mirror to see the error of their ways. They’ll find any way to prolong their lives of self-gratification without any sense of having something to answer for. That life is just one big, pleasureful merry-go-round. They can’t be told what they are doing is wrong. They can’t listen with an open ear that the way they are living their lives is wrong. Their ears are only open to their logic where right and wrong have no roles to play. No prophet can set them straight unless they are willing to open their ears. You will see the blindness in their ears. We are at the door. Get ready for the wave.