Thanks to WordPress.com’s website, I can see what word searches lead you to my website. Some of those searches impress me quite a bit which says a lot about how some of you are willing to ask the tough questions even if it does go against your denominational doctrine teaching. Some of the searches are in form of questions, and since some of those questions aren’t fully answered by me in my blogs I decided to make a blog to answer those questions individually. This way if you find your way back to my site, you will get your answers. I will write down those questions and even date them for you. Just another way to help my viewers. I also wish for those who have questions about doctrine or anything that entails Christianity, this post is where you should submit them. I will answer them as best as I can and will document my answer for you. I appreciate your patience and diligence to find my site, so I thank you.

Feb. 2,3, 2010– Question: “What was the serpent’s/Satan’s purpose to beguile Eve?”

Answer: To bring sin and death to our creation before it’s due time. I did answer that Satan was the serpent, as was revealed in Rev. 20:2, and that someone was destined to eat of the tree of knowledge. Since Jesus is the foundation of this world and this age in particular, it means He was destined to die for our sins before Adam and Eve sinned. Since it was Adam and Eve that sinned, they were to blame for our creation’s ability to sin and die. Satan wanted to corrupt our creation as early and thoroughly as possible to show God that we aren’t worth His love and time. Satan also sees us as who to blame for his sentence so he wants to take down as many of us with him as possible.

Feb. 3, 2010– Question: “What was the meaning of Smyrna in Hebrew?”

Answer: Smyrna isn’t Hebrew. It’s the Greek word for “myrrh”, which the city in then Asia Minor was named after. Myrrh is a scented ointment. That city is now in Izmir, Turkey.

Feb. 6, 2010– Question: “Is Pope Benedict the False Prophet?”

Answer: According to St. Malachy, who gave names for the popes through his prophecies, the last pope will betray Christ and the Faith. After his time is over, there would be no more Catholic church. After Pope Benedict, there is only one pope left. His name according to Malachy’s prediction is to be Pope Petrus Romanus.

Feb. 8, 2010– Question: “How does the serpent convince Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge?”

Answer: By tempting her in telling her that she will learn new things and that she certainly will not die. It’s been a long human trait to want things that are forbidden. Eve was just the first.

Feb. 24, 2010 – Question: What is the meaning of εκλεκτος (ek-lek-tos) in the Greek?

Answer: Εκλεκτος in the Greek means “elected” or “chosen”. Such as what is written of God’s elect in the New Testament. The Greek word there for elect is indeed εκλεκτος.

May12, 2010 – Question: Who is Petrus Romanus?

Answer: According to St. Malachy, he will be the next and final Pope of the Catholic denomination. St. Malachy is the one who gave the names of future popes and prophesied about them. He has been incredibly accurate with his predictions. This is accepted by the Catholic faith. According to Malachy’s prediction, Pope Petrus Romanus (Peter of Rome) will betray the faith. After his tenure, there will be no more church.

July 11, 2010 – Question: Are women part of God’s elect?

Answer: Good question. It is written that also the daughters will prophecy in the end times. In times past, the election of grace may not have had women. Perhaps Sarah was one. Perhaps Deborah as well. I would have to say Mary was most likely one. I’m not one to say for sure unless I had a very good innate feeling about it. As far as the reserved elect for the last generation, I know for sure there are. Good question.

July 16, 2010 – Question: Which country was formerly known as Ephesus?

Answer: Ephesus wasn’t a country, but a city in then Asia Minor as is the case with Smyrna. It is also in what is known today as the Izmir province of Turkey.

July 26, 2010 – Question: Will the Antichrist know who he really is?

Answer: Very good question. Just as prophets knew they were prophets at some point, so will the Antichrist. There will be things that will not escape his thoughts and he will be driven to do certain things. At some point he will know.

Oct. 4, 2010 – Question: Did God give Satan another chance?

Answer: Perhaps He did, but it isn’t written. Satan used to be known as Helel, not Lucifer which is a Latin name. Helel’s pride is what allowed him to fall, but pride alone does nothing. It’s the actions that have consequences. Perhaps Helel’s pride did get in the way for a period of time and God gave him second chances, but it was Helel’s last crime that sealed his fate.

Oct. 5, 2010 – Question: Does Israel really mean James in the Bible?

Answer: Israel in Hebrew is actually a phrase from two Hebrew words “el” (ale) and the prime root word “saw-raw”. “El” means the Almighty, or God. “Saw-raw” means to prevail. In the Hebrew when you put those things together, Israel means “he will rule as God” or “God will prevail”. There is no James in the original languages of Hebrew and Greek. In the NT, the name for “James” was the Greek version of Jacob.

Oct. 8, 2010 – Question: What is the difference between the 144,000 and the 7000 elect?

Answer: The 144,000 aren’t of the election of grace. Only the 7000 are that are reserved for this last generation. When the election of grace are gone, the 144,000 stay here. There will probably be no Jews of the 7000, but the 144,000 are all Jews. They will be here to prepare the way for the Lord’s and the saints’ return.

Oct. 12, 2010 – Question: What does Jesse mean?

Answer: Jesse is the English pronunciation of the Hebrew name “Yee-shah-ee”. It means “God exists”.

Oct. 31, 2010 – Question: Does God’s elect have a destiny?

Answer: Yes, they do and only they. I have written many times about the misinterpretations of the election of grace, or God’s elect and have proven conclusively that it is misinterpreted. In the last generation, God will have 7000 of them live. Throughout the age, He has dispersed some who were of the election of grace but 7000 of them were reserved for the end. They have no choice but to not only answer their call, but to also do the jobs that God has appointed them from before Adam’s time. They can kick the can down the road, but at some point God will make them do what they are here to do. It can’t be avoided. There are some who have jobs to do but aren’t of the elect. Still though, by far most on Earth are here to make a choice. There is no destiny in that except for the last generation when they will be forced to make that choice. Only God’s elect have a point they have to reach at some point in their lives.

Nov. 3, 2010 – Question: Where did the church of Smyrna go wrong?

Answer: This question perplexes me since it is written in Revelation that Jesus was not against the church of Smyrna. The only other church Jesus found no fault in was the church of Philadelphia. Those two churches as they are written in Revelation do not exist yet, even though there were churches established there. As for the church of Philadelphia, only the reserved election of grace in the last generation will be members since only they won’t be here for the hour of temptation. The hour of temptation isn’t for them. Once their jobs are over, at the sounding of the seventh and last trump the angels will gather together God’s elect from the four winds and the remnant will be frightened and will give glory to God. That will remove the mystery of God and will also begin the hour of temptation. The church of Smyrna will be here for the hour of temptation, but the people that are part of this church will understand that the church of Philadelphia were sent by God and only they understood the doctrine of God. The other five churches Jesus finds fault with, including the church of Ephesus which He threatens to remove entirely as being a church of Christ.

Nov. 4, 2010 – Question: What is the Hebrew word for election?

Answer: The Hebrew word for elect (noun), as in God’s elect is “baw-khir”.

Nov. 10, 2010 — Question: Is George Soros the Antichrist?

Answer: I have gotten this word search a lot since I wrote my last blog, “George Soros: Author of the Future Collapse of America”. I will say from what is written in the Bible that George Soros isn’t the Antichrist, but I strongly believe that he will put the Antichrist into power. The most definitive description of the Antichrist comes from Daniel 2 and 7. It says the Antichrist will come from a reformation of the fourth empire to come, which was the Roman Empire. It says the Roman Empire will break up, but reform with ten nations. The eleventh nation will be the one the Antichrist comes from, according to Daniel 7. The European Union definitely fits the reformed Roman Empire. The tenth nation was Greece. The eleventh nation is either Spain or Portugal since they came in at the same time. The probability is that the Antichrist will come from Spain, since much of the power of the EU lies in Madrid. Also it says the eleventh nation will subdue three other nations into the reformation, which Spain did. I do know who the Antichrist is, but won’t reveal it. He was a man born into power, but is not someone most people know about. He’s a young, handsome man who would have to be born after the Jews took back control over Jerusalem. Jesus said that when the Gentiles time is done in Jerusalem, that this generation shall not pass. That happened in 1967. The Antichrist may have been born in 1968.

George Soros is not the Antichrist, but will in his own mind put him in power. It might be his physical decision that does it, but it’s not Soros’ job to give. Soros will want to remain to be the man behind the scenes, puppeteering the new world leader that every eye will see. At some point, the Antichrist will turn on Soros and others that put him in power. The beast will ride the harlot for a period of time. Soros will believe that he made the Antichrist, the leader of the world, but the opposite is true. With Soros’ wicked life opening his spirit up to the Wicked One, it is the Antichrist that will have made George Soros.

In the next few blogs, I will lay out the scenario of what will happen.

Nov. 23, 2010 — Question: When will the two witness of Revelation come?

Answer: When there is five months left of the first half of the Tribulation Period. They will be here for 42 months, which is three and a half years. It says they will be killed and lie dead in the streets for three days. They will then hear “come up here” and they’ll be taken away. At the same time, an earthquake will come taking the lives of the seven thousand God reserved in Romans 11. The rest of the people on Earth will be frightened and will give glory to God. That is the sounding of the seventh trump. As it says earlier, the sounding of the seventh trump will remove the mystery of God. The plague of the locusts is really the plague of the fallen angels, and they’ll torment the people on Earth by preying on every magnified human weakness. All will know what’s right, but it will be so difficult to do the right thing. The two witnesses will be gone and so will the elect. No one to counter the words of the nephilim (fallen angels in Hebrew). Their power lasts for five months, which will be the last five months of the Tribulation Period.

Nov. 25, 2010 — Question: Is George Soros a Kenite?

Answer: Very wise question to ask, and yes he is. For those that don’t know who the Kenites were, I will explain. When Cain went east into the land of Nod and married a wife, she had to be another race other than Cain. Their descendants were called Kenites. In the OT days, people were either named for their race or where they were from. The Kenites were a nomadic tribe, so they were their own race. Many, if not most settled in Midian. In Numbers when the Israelites were travelling through the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land, the Kenites became assimilated with the Jews. To do that, they had to be very similar to the Jews. The Kenites were even appointed to be scribes due to their abilities of interpreting the law and convincing people that their interpretations are correct. Having said that, the Kenites do have that gene in them of Cain, who killed his brother Abel. In Rev. 2:9 and 3:9, Jesus spoke of people who say they are Jews, but are not. That proves that not all those we think of as Jews are actually Jews. Jesus also was very wroth with the Kenite scribes when he repeatedly said “woe to thee, scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites!…” Being that these Kenites have an evil gene, one has to look at what they’ve done to decipher Kenite from Jew. That’s not saying that all Jews are great people, or all Kenites are evil. George Soros is an evil man that says he’s Jewish, but is not. It says in Revelation that a false Jew(s) will start the synagogue of Satan. This will be done by making the world government the religion. A Christian church will become part of this synagogue of Satan and their leader will be the False Prophet. Making a one world government is Soros’ number one plan.

Dec. 24, 2010 — Question: What was the race of the woman Cain married?

Answer: The blog you read “How Did Cain Marry a Woman?”, I explained that the woman had to be a different race other than the ruddy complected, which is what Adam means in Hebrew. Being that he went east from the Garden of Eden, most likely he married an Arab woman.

Jan. 9, 2011 — Question: What was James’ real name in the Bible?

Answer: The word “James” only appears in English in the NT, which was originally written in Greek. The Greek name was Ιακωβ or Ιακωβος (yah-koh-bohs), which is the Greek version of the Hebrew name Jacob. Jacob means “supplanter”.

Jan. 12, 2011 — Question: Are the two witnesses of Revelation here now?

Answer: No, not yet. The two witnesses, Elijah and most likely Enoch, will be here for three and a half years in a city that is known as today’s Sodom and Gomorrah. It says that after that period of time, Satan will make war with them and kill them. They shall lie dead in the streets for three days and no one will attempt to bury them. On the third day, they will hear “come up here” and they will be taken away. At the same very moment an earthquake will come and take the seven thousand God reserved for the last generation. It is that moment that all will be frightened and will give glory to God. That is the end of the mystery of God. It says in the plague of the locusts (really the fallen angels or nephilim) that they will torment men for five months. That will be the last five months. How they will torment men is to prey upon their weaknesses after they know there is a God, who He is, who His Son is, who the two witnesses were, and that the Bible is genuinely His Word. The fallen angels will make it hard for this creation to hold true. I strongly believe the two witnesses will come when there is five months left of the first half of the tribulation period.

Feb. 9, 2011 — Question: Are the Canaanites and Kenites the same group of people?

Answer: Not necessarily. Canaanites were named for where they lived, which was in Canaan, a son of Ham. The Kenites were a race of people that were descendants of Cain. My post “The Definitive Work on Kenites, Cain, and the Seed of Satan” will explain this in detail. Many Kenites settled in Canaan, but there were probably other kinds of people there. When the Israelites were moving through the wilderness to go to Israel, they fought with the Canaanites alongside the Kenites. The Jews and Kenites had similar enemies in those days. Most of the Kenites settled in Canaan and Midian, as Moses’ wife and father-in-law were Kenites.

Feb. 17, 2011 — Question: Were the Kenites descendants of Cain, and were they on Noah’s ark?

Answer: Yes to both questions. In the posts “How Did Cain Marry A Woman?” and “Rise Of The Kenites” I prove as conclusively as possible that the descendants of Cain were indeed the Kenites. As for the Kenites on the ark, they had to be. It is written not that there were two of every animal, which is what is thought of as common knowledge being on the ark with Noah. Truth is it says “two of every kind” which means there were two of every race that existed at the time. All of Seth’s descendants written of all the way to Jesus were all Jewish. It says nowhere that races were formed after a period of time in this age. Adam means “ruddy complected”, so God was pointing out his skin color for a reason. The legend of a great flood and a ship that carried people and animals to safety is a worldwide legend. There must be a reason why this legend is worldwide outside of the OT.

March 30, 2011 — Question: What is George Soros’ real last name?

Answer: His real name is Gyorgy Schwartz.

March 31, 2011 — Question: Are Kenites white people?

Answer: Some do have pale skin, but since they are closely related to Jews by way of Eve, they can also be ruddy complected.

May 14, 2011 — Question: Will the False Prophet repent when he sees Jesus at the end of time?

Answer: Doubt it. It won’t matter if he does. It will be too late. It is written that the False Prophet will be put in the lake of fire with the Antichrist when Jesus returns to end this age. After Satan is released from the bottomless pit after the millennium, he will join them in the lake of fire to be tormented forever. That position of False Prophet is already reserved for a certain soul, so it’s his destiny to become the False Prophet and be punished. As is written in the original Greek, when Jesus returns that ends this age. Not the world.

May 26, 2011 — Question: What does “Petrus Romanus” mean?

Answer: Petrus Romanus, the next and last predicted pope by St. Malachy, means “Peter of Rome”.

May 29, 2011 — Question: Is Barack Obama a Kenite?

Answer? No, he’s not. A Kenite would have to be someone who says they are Jewish but isn’t. Someone that claims to be Jewish and yet have an innate hatred for Jews and the state of Israel as well as Christians. Jesus spoke about those who say they are Jews but are not in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9. Those are Kenites.

August 2, 2011 — Question: What does the name Monoah mean in the KJV?

Answer: There is no word “Monoah”, so I’m assuming you mean “Manoah”. Manoah means “place of rest”.

Sept. 26, 2011 — Question: Are Kenites Chinese?

Answer: No, they’re not. They are among the groups of people who say they are Jews, but are not. That was spoken by Jesus in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9.

Nov. 1, 2011 — Question: What did Jesus mean when He said “pray that your flight not be in the winter or on the sabbath day”?

Answer: “Pray that your flight not be in the winter” is a reference to when birds fly south. What Jesus was saying was that if a bird is not prepared for the winter’s cold to come and fly south before it happens, it will be stuck in the cold. Even if the bird decides to fly south during the winter, it will still feel the cold. “On the sabbath day” is a day of rest. Before the Tribulation Period comes, there will be great turmoil on Earth. The peace covenant that the Antichrist confirms will bring peace to the world, so many people will be thinking we have solved everything. People will be at rest once again, but it will not last.

June 24, 2012 Question: What is the greek word for tree?

Answer: There are a couple words. One is “δένδρον” (den-dron). Another is “συκή” (soo-keé).

November 15, 2012 Question: Will anything happen on December 21, 2012 at 11:11PM UT (universal time)?

Answer: Who knows? I don’t think I need to explain the December 21st/Mayan calendar thing. At 11:11 PM UT the winter solstice will begin. I do think it’s at the very least an interesting thing we will experience. Not many years ago we saw the change of the millennium and all the paranoia that went with it. Time proved the “millennium bug” and other millennial fears to be foolish. Perhaps the “mayan calendar” fears will also. I do have to confess that I have had that 11:11 thing myself and wasn’t even aware there was this phenomenon. I do find that odd. Only about a few months ago was I aware of the 11:11 phenomenon. Who knows what will happen. With or without December 21, 2012, our world is changing and not for the better.

November 22, 2012- Question: What is the hebrew meaning of “soros”?
Answer: “Soros” as in George Soros’s last name isn’t hebrew. It’s an esperanto word that means “to soar”. Soros’ real last name is Schwarz. His father changed it during WWII, and was part of the movement to make esperanto a world language. A true Kenite.

February 11, 2013-Question: What does Petrus Romanus mean?

Answer: Peter the Roman.

March 28, 2013- Question: How many times does the Bible mention the word “Lucifer”?

Answer: Only once in Isaiah 14:12. Lucifer is the latin translation of the original Hebrew word “Helel”, which means “lightbearer” or “brightness”.

June 7, 2013-Question: Was Paul a Kenite?

Answer: No, Paul was of the tribe of Benjamin. (Romans 11:1)

June 27, 2013-Word search: “Why haven’t they sterilized minorities yet?”

My reply: Yes this was a real word search someone used to find my site, namely the blog “My Message to Minorities” which I spoke about the liberal’s hero Margaret Sanger who suggested as such as well as other early 20th century progressives. Whoever this person was, the world would have been well served if your parents were also sterilized.

July 29, 2013-Question: What was Satan’s father’s name?

Answer: Job 1:6 and 2:1 says the father of Satan was God.

September 4, 2013- Question: Is it wrong for a pastor to hunt?

Answer: No more wrong than it is for another person. If one hunts merely for the sport, then it is a sin for everyone. Animals weren’t put here for the fun of having them killed. If a person uses what he/she kills, then it is not a sin.

September 26, 2013- Question: Why did God demand the sacrifice of animals in the Old Testament?

Answer: For atonement. Even though man is higher than the animals, no man was innocent of sin until Jesus lived. Animals are sinless, therefore sacrificing them would be shedding innocent blood. Also the animals must have been without blemish suitable for sacrificing. Once Jesus died, we use the shedding of His innocent blood for atonement, since He died sinlessly for the sake of sin.

October 6, 2013- Question: How to punish Kenites?

Answer: Don’t anyone worry about punishing Kenites. That is the Lord’s job, not yours. What if a Kenite is faithful to God? Cain had the opportunity to be righteous, but he chose not to be. Cain was the first of all Kenites and God knew what he was. God told him if he offered good works, He would be pleased. There are God created souls within each and every Kenite. Being a Kenite simply means they have the traits of Satan, not that they are exactly like him. We all through the human flesh have our tendencies and impulses. Alcoholism is genetic, but it’s not a guarantee the descendant becomes an alcoholic. For Kenites who have gone in the way of their father, the best defense against them is light. For Kenites who have power, such as George Soros, looking for and exposing the true intentions behind the facade of what is in the public debate arena is the best weapon.

November 11, 2013- Question: Does God hate Kenites?

Answer: Not necessarily. Even though the Kenites come from Cain (proof being the original Hebrew in Judges 4:11 & Numbers 24:21-22 tying Kenites to Cain), there are God created souls within the flesh of Kenites. God did hate Esau but loved Jacob, Esau did help Jacob when he returned to him. Remember, the first Kenite, Cain had a chance to please God with his offering, but he chose not to.

December 29, 2013-Question: Is ‘church’ a mistranslation in the KJV?

Answer: The original Greek word was “έκκλησία” (ek-lee-SEE-ah), which are two Greek words put together. “εκ” means “origin”, and “καλέω” (kal-EH-oh) means “to call”. Put together they mean “origin of a call”.

January 9, 2014-Question: Were the Midianites of the seed of Satan?

Answer: As some know, Kenites come from Cain (as shown in the original Hebrew linking Kenites with him), and Cain was the offspring of Satan, not Adam. God did tell the serpent that his seed and Eve’s seed would have enmity toward one another. Cain’s murder of Abel was motivated by the same exact enmity God foretold. Kenites were nomadic, and many settled in Canaan and Midian. Not all Midianites were Kenites, though. Remember, there are God created souls within each Kenite. Anyone that tells you it’s impossible or near impossible to convert a Kenite or find a righteous one has no idea what they are talking about. The first Kenite was given a chance to do good by God Himself. Do you not think He knew what Cain was? What of Moses’ father-in-law? He was a Kenite, but also a Midianite priest. For anyone that says Moses father-in-law was not a Kenite by blood, and I had many debates about this, there is a mistranslation I found not long ago that proves he indeed was a Kenite by blood. Judges 4:11 should read “Now Heber the Cain, which was of the children of Hobab, the father in law of Moses, had severed himself from the Kenites and pitched his tent unto the plain of Zaanaim, which is by Kedesh.” Moses’ father in law was a godly man-a holy man, but of the seed of Satan. Jael, a Kenite woman killed a leader of the enemy of Israel in the battle against the Canaanites as he looked for her to hide him. She did more than hide him. I have written a lot about Kenites and their connections and motivations, but people need to realize there are souls Satan cannot create within them. They have certain tendencies and many give into them, but what of your tendencies? Who has the tendency not to sin? If there are Kenites in power who do evil things, you know what their motivations are and you can with some understanding expect what they will do next. Marx was a Kenite. Soros is a Kenite. Well, so was Jael and Moses’ father in law.

January 30, 2014-Question: Why don’t the Bible tell the truth that Satan fathered Cain and Abel and not Adam?

Answer: Are you accusing the Bible of lying, or just keeping things hidden? Satan did not father Abel. Satan’s descendant Cain murdered Abel with the same motivation God prophesied to the serpent Satan. God divided the two children in the prophecy by saying Satan fathered one of the two, therefore Abel was not Satan’s son. The Bible hides a lot of things purposely, so one must climb the rungs of wisdom to learn more things and solve more of the mysteries. This is why some of the easiest mysteries to solve evade the thoughts of the great personal geniuses of our time who think they know so much, but really know nothing.

February 8, 2014 -Question: Is the fallen angel Gadreel the father of Cain?

Answer: No, the serpent was the father, and as John revealed twice in Revelation (12:9, 20:2), the serpent was Satan. All descendants of the fallen angels in Enoch’s time were killed in the flood, except for maybe two of them. Two of each flesh was on the ark (two unclean, fourteen clean). Kenites survived the flood and according to the original Hebrew they were ancestors of Cain.

February 18, 2014-Question: Are Kenites part of the sixth day creation?

Answer: Not really. Their mother Eve was, but developed after she was with the serpent, Satan.

March 11, 2014-Question: Can people be turned into Kenites if they are not born one?

Answer: No, they cannot. Kenites are a bloodline, from Satan to Cain to Kenite. People can certainly be swayed by their ideas, but they can’t be turned into them.

April 24, 2014- Question: What does the Bible say about Kane (sp. Cain) coming out of the wilderness with a black woman?

Answer: It doesn’t.

May 24, 2014- Question: Are the Kenites and the Edomites the same people?

Answer: No, they’re not. Kenites are the sons of Cain, according to the original Hebrew, so they were around long before Esau, who was later named Edom. For example, Genesis 15:19 mentioned Kenites.

May 25, 2014- Question: Does Shepherd’s Chapel keep the Sabbath?

Answer: I do not speak for Shepherd’s Chapel, nor am I even a student of theirs. I vehemently disagree with much of their doctrine, although they are better than most I’ve seen. The only reason I am responding to this question is because this goes far past just Shepherd’s Chapel. Even before there was a Christian church, there were synagogues where Levitical priests worked on the Sabbath. Who is going to take care of the services if no one is working?

June 1, 2014- Question: Do only 144,000 people go to heaven?

Answer: Of course not. The 144,000 comes from Revelation chapter 7, but all that has to do with are people sealed in the very last days who will not be tormented by Satan and his angels. I don’t get where some people get these ideas from where they take one thing in the Bible and turn it into something that isn’t close to what the Bible says of it. Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t even take into account that all of those 144,000 are Israelites. It is written in great detail that twelve thousand from each tribe will be among these 144,000 people, saving the tribe of Dan. The tribe of Joseph will be represented twice through Manasseh.

June 2, 2014-Question: Was Moses a descendant of Seth or Cain?

Answer: Of Seth. In 1st Chronicles chapter one, it gives the line of descendants from Adam and Seth to the dukes of the Edomites. Within that chapter is written that Abraham came from Seth, then Isaac, and then Jacob (Israel). That is in verse 34. One of Israel’s sons was Levi, which Moses was a Levite, as was his brother Aaron (1st Chronicles 6:1-3).

June 11, 2014-Question: Did Satan used to be known as Michael?

Answer: No, he was not. I know some who are supposed to be teachers actually put forth that Satan was Michael before he fell. This is so far away from the Word that those who teach such things should no longer be teaching. It is one thing for a student to ask this question, but to have a teacher teach this is entirely different. How can Satan and his angels fight against his own angels? Revelation 12 says that Satan and his angels fought against Michael and his angels, but lost. How far from the Word can a teacher be? Satan was known as Helel, which Lucifer is the Latin translation of.

June 25, 2014-Question: Is there a difference between Satan and the dragon?

Answer: No, there is not. It is clearly written in Revelation 12:9 that the dragon was Satan.

June 27, 2014-Question: What is the difference between the dead in Christ and God’s elect?

Answer: They are just two different terms for certain people. The dead in Christ are those who died with their faith intact. God’s elect are people who God chose to be His servants before this age began (Romans 8:29-30).

June 29, 2014-Question: Is the church of Philadelphia and/or the church of Smyrna only written in Revelation?

Answer: Not really. The church of Philadelphia are the elect that live in the final generation. Jesus spoke about the elect having their days shortened, and that God will send His angels to gather together His elect from the four winds. As Jesus said in Revelation 3:10, the church of Philadelphia will be kept from the hour of temptation. Jesus also spoke of those of the church of Smyrna indirectly in the gospels, saying Christians will be put on trial for their faith, and tells them to not have any forethought as to what they will say in that hour because the Spirit will speak for them. He says some of them will even be put to death. This is at least indirectly targeted at the church of Smyrna because Jesus tells this church in Revelation 2:10 that they will be tried after suffering tribulation for ten days. He tells them to keep faithful even to the point of death.

July 13, 2014-Question: How could Moses marry a Kenite?

Answer: He wasn’t told he couldn’t. All of the Israelites were in Egypt, because that is where Joseph was taken, who then brought his father Jacob (Israel) and his eleven brothers (the twelve tribes of Israel). Being there was no Israelite in Midian where Moses wound up, he was allowed to marry a Kenite daughter. Not all Kenites were evil. As is written, Jethro was a priest.

July 15, 2014- Statement: Satan is the strong angel in Revelation 5:2.

Reply: Satan is not the strong angel. The original Greek word for strong was “ισχυρός” (is-khoo-ROHS), which means “forcible”, but can also mean “boisterous”. Being that this angel shouted with a loud voice, the best definition there would be boisterous. He was a boisterous angel who was in heaven with God, which omits the possibility that it could be Satan.

July 22, 2014- Question: Were God’s elect among the first earth age?

Answer: Yes, but so was everyone else. The elect were the ones who never failed.

July 26, 2014-Question: Was the Cain in Joshua 15:57 the same Kenites who slew Abel, or a different Cain?

Answer: The same, at least ethnically, not necessarily spiritually. The Kenites did help Israel fight the Canaanites, and they inhabited the land of Judea as Israel established itself. Not all Kenites are evil. It wasn’t one person listed in Joshua 15:57, but Kenites as a whole. At least twice in the Hebrew, the word “Cain” pertained to all Kenites.

July 31, 2014-Question: Did Cain really try to stop the ark?

Answer: I am assuming you’re asking because you saw the movie “Noah” starring Russell Crowe. The character was Tubal-Cain, who was a descendant of Cain. There is nothing written of him trying to stop or takeover the ark in the KJV, or in the book of Enoch, which is an authentic book of God that the movie did make some use of.

I have just seen the movie for the first time recently, and I wasn’t pleased with it at all. I realize it’s for entertainment purposes and there is nothing stopping someone from giving their own take on the story because God’s word is not copywritten. I heard some criticism that the movie didn’t mention the word “God”, and replaced it with “Creator”. I had no problem with this because in the book of Enoch, “God” is replaced by “Creator” many times. The movie made mention of the Watchers, and they were punished for helping mankind. The Watchers being angels. This is nowhere near what they were punished for. Angels, such as Azazel and Semjaza lusted after women and conspired to take some as wives and have children. As crazy as that sounds, this is alluded to in Genesis 6:1-4, but spoken in great detail in the book of Enoch. Jude made mention of the book of Enoch in his epistle, verse 14, so Enoch is a true book of God. Anyway, the children of the union of men and angels became giants, or “nephilim” in the original Hebrew, which means “fallen ones”. They were the children of the fallen.

Another criticism of the film was that the Creator brought on the flood because of the environment, and that eating animals was a sinful thing. The film did a good job in showing that resources were scarce, which was definitely true, as the book of Enoch also illustrates. Everyone lived in much closer proximity to one another. This was before God divided the people and confounded the languages. The giant children used up the resources and then turned onto the weaker men, and even ate them. This is the full story why God brought on the flood. As far as the animal eating goes, the film does subtley push that claim, and it wasn’t just inside the ark where Tubal-Cain ate animals Noah was trying to preserve. Tubal-Cain, the antagonist telling Noah’s son Ham that men were given dominion over animals is interesting because he is quoting what God said of men, but this was the antagonist-the bad guy. This does give pause as perhaps the director was making a political statement, but who knows for sure? I will say it is written more than once that God made animals to be there specifically as for meat for men. Now obviously that isn’t their only purpose, but this is clearly written that it’s moral to eat animals, and immoral to preach against it (1st Timothy 4:1-5).

My biggest problem is the second half of the movie, where the director/screenwriter(s) turns the righteous Noah into a rabid lunatic thinking that his purpose was to ensure mankind would be fully exterminated, including his family. Noah planned it that the younger would bury the older incrementally until Japheth would just die alone. When he finds out that his son Shem’s wife is pregnant, Noah says that if it is a boy, then he can live and be the new last man on earth. If it is a girl, then he will kill her to ensure mankind is extinct. The righteous Noah, which is clear as to why he was chosen to build the ark, becomes a man ready to murder a baby girl. When his daughter in law gives birth, she has twin daughters, which he is ready to kill. He has a moment of weakness and stops himself. If Noah is righteous, then why is he ready to murder his granddaughters to make extinct this creation? Stupid. The first half isn’t accurate, but entertaining. Once the flood comes, it becomes one of the worst movies I have seen. Sad, because I do like the work of Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly.

August 4, 2014-Question: Hamos- are they the same as the Kenites?

Answer: I’m assuming you mean Hamas. No, they’re not the same. Kenites say they are Jews, but are not. Hamas is a terror group comprised of Palestinians. The Palestinians were known as the Philistines in the Bible, an Assyrian tribe. For more on who the Kenites are, read my post “The Definitive Work on Kenites, Cain, and the Seed of Satan”.

September 6, 2014-Question: Was Job a Kenite?

Answer: Most likely not. It is written that Job was from the land of Uz, which was named after a son of Aram, son of Shem (Gen. 10:22-23). Most likely, Job was of the sons of Shem, which would mean he could not be a Kenite because they came from Cain.

October 29, 2014- Question: What is the difference between the ark of the covenant and the ark of His testament?

Answer: Nothing. God’s testimony was the ten commandments given to Moses, which was put in the ark of the covenant. The ark of the covenant, as is revealed in Revelation 11:19, is not on earth, but in heaven.

November 6, 2014- Question: If Cain was fathered by Satan, was he a giant?

Answer: Not necessarily. I don’t remember actual angels being described as being much bigger than men, so the mixing of the two I wouldn’t think would make their descendants giants in of itself. Perhaps their descendants became giants because God wanted to make the distinction between true men and the nephilim.

November 12, 2014- Question: Why mention Cain’s descendants?

Answer: Good question. It was to show how the line of Cain differed with the line of Adam through Seth. God told the serpent that his seed would have enmity with the woman’s seed, and according to Revelation 12:9 & 20:2, the serpent was Satan. According to the original Hebrew, Eve had Cain and continued to give birth and had Abel. Also according to the Hebrew, Kenites are the children of Cain. This is why the two lines are separated.

March 12, 2015- Question: Are the Palestinians descended from Ishmael, son of Abraham and Hagar?

Answer: No, they’re not, although many claim it to be. I believe the Quran also states this, but don’t quote me. The Palestinians were the Philistines, who were an Assyrian tribe. They existed before Ishmael (Gen. 21:32).

March 19, 2015- Question: Did Cain marry a cavewoman?

Answer: Absolutely not. Such ideas come from teachers who have no explanation for why there are dinosaur bones and our supposed ancestor bones because they have done no studying of the Bible in its original languages. The Bible clearly states in Romans 8 that there was a time before this where God judged those called the elect in this life. According to the original Greek, there will be an age after this one, as revealed in Revelation chapter 20. Despite what some teachers say, there were no dinosaurs in the days of Adam. They were in existence in the previous age.

April 13, 2015- Question: Did Cain know his father was Satan?

Answer: Most likely not. It was Adam who raised Cain.

April 22, 2015- Question: Was Cain one of the elect?

Answer: Absolutely not. One of the elect would not do anything so reprehensible as what Cain did. Cain is referenced throughout the Bible in a very negative light, even saying he was of that wicked one.

April 23, 2015: Question: Who are the tares in Matthew chapter 13?

Answer: Those who are not in the Book of Life and those who omit their names from it. At the end of the age, the angels gather the sinners to be thrown into everlasting fire, then those who are judged as righteous are given their gifts. This is not the great white throne judgment, however. That comes after the end of the next age. All of those who are not in the book already have had their judgment, and those who see the end will have the choice forced upon them, being that the mystery of God will finish in their lifetime, thus bringing the hour of temptation. Unlike prior generations, those who see the end will be judged permanently, one way or the other.

April 26, 2015: Question: Does God reserve only the 7000 elect to go to heaven?

Answer: No. Remember, there are 144,000 Israelites who get sealed. Also, heaven where it stands now is temporary. The kingdom of heaven which comes to earth lasts forever.

April 27, 2015: Question: What did the churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia teach (preach)?

Answer: The churches mentioned in Revelation chapters two and three are not churches that necessarily existed at that time, as those two churches are example of. Those two churches, and for the most part all seven churches are churches that exist in the latter days.

May 14, 2015: Question: What is the difference between Armageddon and Megiddo?

Answer: Nothing.

May 29, 2015: Question: Was Judas elect?

Answer: If you mean “elect” as in God’s elect, then no he wasn’t. Was he chosen to betray the Christ? Perhaps. The gospel of John said Judas pilfered from the moneypurse. This is something one of God’s elect would not do. I’m not saying the elect do not sin, but stealing under those circumstances with the Christ being there? That’s a devotion to mammon, not God. I’m not sure if he was destined to betray Jesus, but of all the disciples, he was the most likely.

June 9, 2015: For those who have been lately using search terms like “Lucifer is father of whites”, you’re all idiots. Oh by the way, Jesus was not black. Go wipe your tears.

June 9, 2015: Question: Did Elijah not sin even once?

Answer: Yes, he sinned. It isn’t written that he did, but Revelation does explain this indirectly. In Revelation chapter five, a question is asked, “Who is worthy to open the Book (of life)…?” No one was found worthy but the Christ. If Elijah was sinless, he would have also been worthy. Elijah, however, was one of the greatest prophets. A true hero.

June 17, 2015: Question: What land did the Kenites originally come from?

Answer: From the land of Nod, east of Eden, which is where Cain went, and according to the Hebrew, Kenites came from Cain.

February 25: Question: Who is Balaam according to Rev. 2:14?

Answer: The biggest failure of a prophet of all time. He lived during the time of Moses. When the Israelites were on their trek through the wilderness, his job was to tell the kingdoms to leave them alone. The kings saw the Israelites as a threat, although they were greatly outnumbered by each of their kingdoms, but they could still do some damage. Three kings knew Balaam spoke to a powerful god, so they enlisted his help to bring a curse upon them. Balaam spoke to God and God told him to leave them alone because He was with them. He told the kings he could not do anything against God’s will. So far, so good. The kings told Balaam to try again and they would meet the Israelites in battle on a certain day. Balaam should have told them, “I wouldn’t do that. You will lose.” He didn’t do that, but no big deal. He talked to God, and again God told him to leave them alone, and DO NOT RIDE OUT TO THE BATTLE. Balaam met with the kings again and failed to warn them. Again, no big deal to God. On the day of battle, Balaam disobeys God and rides a donkey to the battlefield. While he is in a narrow path between rock formations, God sends an angel to stop him. The angel only appeared to the donkey, in front of it and switchings sides with Balaam’s shoulders and legs rubbing up against the rocks, but he wouldn’t stop. Finally the angel comes at the donkey in a threatening manner, forcing the donkey to stop abruptly, throwing Balaam over. He then starts to beat the donkey. The angel takes possession of the donkey and tells Balaam he was sent to help him after he was told not to ride out to the battle, and God was doing him a favor. The next thing written of Balaam is in Joshua where Gold told Joshua to tell the Israelite army to make sure they kill Balaam. Balaam is the one who told the kings to send their women to Israelite men, because Balaam knew they were forbidden to marry foreign women, thinking he could force God’s hand and curse Israel. Revelation spoke of Balaam also causing Isralites to break other laws. This angered God greatly. God tried time and time again to keep Balaam from falling but he fell in incredible fashion. Balaam was not a false prophet. He was a failure of a prophet. He had an important job, but it wasn’t ‘Paul important’ or ‘Jonah important’, or else he would have been forced to do his job like they were. If he didn’t offend God with his arrogance and stupidity he would have been just fine. He failed. No other prophet has been such a big failure, but one. She will remain nameless.


  1. LISA says:

    You are really just a Calvinist.To
    say you are elected to be saved
    eliminates free will, and so you are saying
    you are of a special group that God chose to be

    • Jesse Norman II says:

      I don’t believe in Calvinism because then this life would mean nothing. I have stated this at my site numerous times. I don’t subscribe to any organized belief system. I simply learn on my own and trace the Word back to the original languages. I, as I’ve stated numerous times, don’t belong to any denomination because they are all flawed. Romans 8 does describe people who have destinies because they have already been judged. Are you going to deny that is written? I don’t believe that everyone has a destiny and have written this as clearly as I could. I am fully aware that God isn’t puppeteering every move of His elect, but the path they will follow will be inescapable. I won’t explain how I know I am one of His elect, but the conclusion in my mind is undeniable. I will let my understanding and what I’ve written in other posts be the evidence.

  2. Phil Conrad says:

    New question to Jesse Norman I think.
    Do you know what Trumpet we are at? Also A-BAD-DON is who , do you know who he is and is he here as someone all the world knows? I’m pretty sure I know but I need to what you thing. Please answer ,Phil Conrad.

    • Jesse Norman says:

      We aren’t at any trump, nor has the tribulation started yet. As is written in Revelation, the tribulation lasts seven years, and is divided by two-three and a half year periods. The Antichrist in Daniel confirms a covenant with many that is also supposed to last seven years, and is also divided in half; for it is written the Antichrist will break this covenant in the middle of it. These are the same seven year periods. In Daniel, it shows the first half of the tribulation will mostly be peaceful. A covenant would not bring about war. This peaceful part of the tribulation is what Jesus spoke of when He said “Pray that your flight not be in winter, nor on the sabbath day.” The sabbath is a period of pause. See, there will be some very bad things that will happen to set up this ‘covenant with many’, and once the covenant comes, the world will think we have solved all of our problems, much like after WWI. That will be the sabbath Jesus spoke of. Abaddon in Hebrew means “destroyer”, and is a common name for the Devil. Satan is Abaddon and Apollyon in the Greek, and the locusts are his fallen angels. I hope this answers your questions.

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