When people have seemingly a natural inclination to ask God why people and children get serious diseases and afflictions, the blame does not rest upon His shoulders, but ours. Many generations ago, God told His chosen nation, the Israelites, that if they abided by His rules, they would never get sick. They did not abide by them. As a matter of fact, it took forty days for them to completely cast aside this covenant they made with Him. The Lord God then told them the effects of their sins would come upon them, and all the way up to the third and fourth generation of the sinner (Exodus 20:5, 34:7). Instead of blaming Him for these effects, one might with wisdom present ask what would happen if the effects of sin did not manifest with afflictions?

When one sins, it brings about a negative reaction all around and Satan’s hold becomes stronger. Not just on that sinner, but in the area of the sinner. This was the purpose for the harsh punishments to give to sinners in the Old Testament when Israelites were to enter the land He promised them- to push the effects of sin away long enough for the Messiah to be born, live life as an adult, and die sinlessly for the sake of our sins. This is why Jesus said as an adult “I have not come to destroy the Law and the prophets, but fulfill.” It was now time to forgive the sinner since He could handle the sacrifice.

Sin is like air that fills a balloon. The more sin there is, the closer that balloon is to breaking apart. If no air is let out to relieve the pressure, the balloon- the world would pop. Affliction visited upon the sinner and their generations relieves the pressure of sin, allowing the world to go on. Since sin in this day is so rampant, this world is about to burst. Hence, we are in the last days awaiting the next age. It is time.


2 comments on “THE EFFECTS OF SIN

  1. mwrkmn33 says:

    Thank you for your teachings. When I learned of the truth you write about here it bought peace to my soul and increase my love for The Father. I have a question off the subject I was wondering if you could help me with. Which Nation is the Father calling Babylon in Jeremiah 51 : 7 ? Thanks

    • Jesse Norman says:

      I thank you for the compliment. This is my purpose, for now. Jeremiah 51 corresponds with Revelation 18. Babylon is not a nation, but a city, often named “that great city” throughout Revelation. The original Greek word for city was “πόλις” (POH-lis), which does mean city. It was written in this city was found the blood of the saints and the prophets (Rev. 18:24). Jesus said this of Jerusalem. It is important to note that there is the abomination of desolation where the Antichrist sits where he ought not, which would be in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. When this abomination happens, Jesus tells those in Judea to flee to the mountains. The woman clothed with twelve stars (the twelve tribes) also flees into the wilderness because the dragon Satan comes after her. Economically speaking, because there is great riches at this Babylon, there is the future law that one must take the mark of the beast in order to buy, sell, and trade. Jerusalem is a divided city, and I very strongly believe that at least part of Jerusalem is this Babylon. God bless.

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