The adoration of Barack Obama hasn’t seen these heights since Jesus entered into the walls of Jerusalem where people were shouting “Hosanna to the Son of David: Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest!” No one can really compare the two. Jesus performed miracles. Obama can speak well. He doesn’t actually say inspiring things, but as an orator he inspires the zombie masses. During the campaign people were passing out at his speeches. Woman after woman would cry. Did Martin Luther King do such things with his voice? No, he did not. There is no comparison as to who the better orator is. King is heads and shoulders above Obama. King also inspired people with actual words. Not just the same mantra of “hope, change, rainbows, purple horseshoes, and lucky charms”. What is this spell people are under that make them so infatuated with an ordinary man?

I have learned more from Obama than nearly anyone else has. Since I really study people, his rise to power had me fascinated. On that I studied every nook and cranny the man and his followers. The intellectual and atheistic followers of Obama have opened my eyes widely with their reactions to him. Some people have called it a mental delusion, but I beg to differ. I think it’s their spiritual emptiness that is evident at their fawning. These people have no inner core. Many of these same people, if not most will belittle a Christian for their faith at least if they hold true to God’s ordinances. Many believe they’re above believing in a man that God sent to die for our sins. Their disbelief in God makes them look smart in their circles. Because they think they’re smarter than they actually are, they have to put down the ones that would provide the smallest bit of backlash: the Christians. There is no repercussion but acceptance into a personal genius club that intellectuals have founded. These same people who make fun of Christians for their beliefs have shown me they too are very capable of accepting someone to be their god. They have so little recollection of their own soul, or even the denial thereof, that they are open to someone sweeping them away. Look at what has happened. A man with not a very impressive resume and not many accomplishments took this country by storm. How? Let’s face it, his background and things that we knew about him are things that should raise red flags. There was only a slight showing of negativity during the campaign about these things. What he did work hard at is being ambiguous. For Americans, that was good enough to elect him.

When hearing about people who either cover him or talk about him, their eyes open widely and they act as if they just saw the Supreme Being. He can speak! He can bring people together! He will save our country! He will rescue us! He will bring hope to fruition! He can dance! He will bring salvation! He can inspire us to become better Americans! He can play basketball! Well, he can’t bowl. In their eyes, he is no man. Some have said he’s the Antichrist. He’s not the Antichrist. He has shown me however that this world is ripe for the taking when the real Antichrist comes. The Antichrist will be a human being with the spirit of the fallen angel Satan inside him. Barack Obama is just Barack Obama. Obama is just the comet that acts as the harbinger of the true evil ahead. Never before has it become so clear to me how ready this world is for the Antichrist to take them to their dreams of Utopia. He’ll have all of their answers and a bag full of goodies. He will unite their anger towards the Christian and the Jew. The cult of the spiritual empty will indeed have their god and will happily do his bidding. Yes, I have learned much from Barack Obama. The supposed smartest people in the world are ready for the taking. The ones who think they know it all will show their ignorance. If anyone doubted that people would accept someone as their god even with the scripture being there pointing out who he really is, look at what lowly Obama has achieved. God’s Word is written in stone, no matter what some Christians might say. There aren’t prophecies that are written we can change or delay. It will happen just as it says. They will bow to the Wicked One, and it will come soon. It is written, so shall it be done.


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